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Erp microsoft dynamic ppt


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classical touch ppt enjoy......

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Erp microsoft dynamic ppt

  1. 1. Presented by:Ashish Porwal9:25 PM
  2. 2. Introduction9:25 PMMicrosoft is the industry leader and World’s largestsoftware maker company.It support wide range of products and services related tocomputing.Microsoft Dynamics can easily work with the systemscompanies already have in place.It has 3 product division Windows Division, Server and Tools, Online ServicesDivision Business Division Entertainment and Devices Division
  3. 3. 9:25 PMMicrosoft dynamics comes under businessdivision which is an ERP software.Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions on-premises or via the cloud.It provides the complete package to thecompanies with the product and the servicesalso that includes the implementation of theproduct.
  4. 4. 9:25 PMMicrosoft Dynamics ERP software, combinedwith software from specialized Microsoftpartners, can deliver targeted, cost-effectivesolutions that meet the specific needs of verticalbusiness.With Software-plus-Services for MicrosoftDynamics ERP you can make cloud computing aflexible component of your ERP solution.
  5. 5. 9:25 PMMicrosoft Dynamics ERP solutions work with or run on thelatest Microsoft products and technologies such as Microsoft Office 2010 Microsoft Communicator Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Windows 7 or windows 8 Microsoft BizTalk® Server 2009 Windows Server® 2008
  6. 6. Microsoft Dynamics ERPoffers several solutions9:25 PM Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed to help organizations operate acrosslocations and countries by standardizing processes, providing visibilityacross the business, and helping to simplify compliance. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you connect business processes, gaininsight with robust reporting and business intelligence tools, meet industry-specific needs, and adapt your solution easily and cost-effectively. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is fast to implement, easy to configure, andsimple to use. Available in more than 40 country versions, the solution canhelp organizations streamline specialized business processes. Microsoft Dynamics SL is specialized to help project-drivenorganizations manage people, projects, and profitability and is particularlysuited for professional services, operations, field services, and constructionmanagement companies.
  7. 7. 9:25 PM
  8. 8. Introduction Microsoft Business Solutions released of Microsoft® BusinessSolutions “Solomon 6.0 ” in 2004. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution developed tomeet the unique needs of midsize project, service anddistribution-driven organizations. Microsoft Solomon have feature new customer benefitsincluding improved usability, greater efficiencies and self-service options through Microsoft Business Solutions BusinessPortal 2.5, enhancements to project management and accountingfunctionality, and additional analytics and reporting options.9:25 PM
  9. 9.  Microsoft Solomon is allow customers to simplify theirbusiness management experience with an enhanced productinterface and access to integrated, Web-based data andfunctions. New capabilities for managing projects anddistribution deliver a powerful and comprehensive solution forproject-, service- and distribution-driven organizations. Microsoft Business Portal 2.5, used with Microsoft Solomon, provides all the functionality of the Solomon Desktop as wellas new modules, including Key Performance Indicators andadvanced payroll features.9:25 PM
  10. 10.  With Microsoft Business Portal 2.5, employees is be able tobuild a centralized project desktop that consolidates previouslydisparate aspects of project, management and accounting tasks. Microsoft Solomon users are able to store, share and editMicrosoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other documents in theMicrosoft Business Portal, which has Microsoft Windows®SharePoint® Services as the underlying structure.9:25 PM
  11. 11. What Microsoft Says9:25 PM "After listening closely to our customers and other midsizebusinesses share the experiences theyve had with their ERPsolutions, we developed Microsoft Solomon to address thechallenges they face conducting business in an increasinglycompetitive, complex marketplace." "Microsoft Solomon will allow customers to simplify theirbusiness management experience with an enhanced productinterface and access to integrated, Web-based data andfunctions. New capabilities for managing projects anddistribution deliver a powerful and comprehensive solutionfor project-, service- and distribution-driven organizations."
  12. 12. Significant New and Enhanced Features ofSolomon 6.09:25 PM Improved, Role-Based Menu Interface :Empower people acrossorganization to navigate Microsoft Solomon systems more easily andbe more productive than ever before. Integration to Business Portal 2.5 : Access the information inSolomon system securely via an Internet browser. Review a snapshotof key performance indicators about your business, enter time cards,query data, and export it to Microsoft Office Excel for furtheranalysis. Unified Project Desktop: Heighten organization’s productivity withanytime, anywhere access to Solomon information and processes viaMicrosoft Business Portal 2.5.
  13. 13. 9:25 PM Resource Assignment Capability – Easily allocateassignments for people and other resources (such asequipment) with new Project Controller processes thathelp managers and team members improveproductivity and profitability. Consolidated Invoicing – Delight your customers byallowing them to specify the way that they want to bebilled (by shipper, contract, purchase order, addresses,and more)
  14. 14. 9:25 PM The following list summarizes the business needs thatSolomon is designed to meet: Project management Financials Payroll Inventory and order processing Field service Analytics and reporting E-commerce Manufacturing
  15. 15. SYSTEM AND SHARED INFORMATIONENHANCEMENTS9:25 PMProvide people across organization with enhancementsthat increase productivity by improving users’navigation, data entry, and database administrationexperiences. Enhanced Menu Interface: An intuitive MicrosoftSolomon Home Page menu builds dynamically foreach user, allowing them to navigate through thesystem easily. And because the menu builds fromindividual access rights, users see a simplified list ofonly those screens and reports specific to their roles.
  16. 16. 9:25 PM Simplified Data Entry: For easy identification, any requiredfields within a screen or report are now highlighted in theuser’s color of choice, offering graphical alerts to users aboutwhat data is required before a record can be saved. Streamlined Database Maintenance: Back up and restore thedatabase without leaving Microsoft Solomon, using the newDatabase Maintenance screen.
  17. 17. 9:25 PM Group Customizations: To accommodate a newlevel of customizations for groups or departments ofusers, a customization Select Level has been addedthat allows administrators to deploy configuredscreens to all the users in a group at the same time.
  18. 18. ACCOUNTS, CASH MANAGEMENT ANDPAYROLL ENHANCEMENTS9:25 PM Accounts Payable Prepayment Application andReversal – Keep your payables records up to date.Microsoft Solomon Accounts Payable now offers theflexibility that lets you make a prepayment to a vendorbefore receiving their invoice.
  19. 19. 9:25 PM Improved Flexibility in Payroll Management: Tomeet specific regulatory needs, you can now definethe order in which each employee’s deductionsshould be calculated. Improved Flexible Union Reporting: New reportformats support the most common union reportingneeds Now you can produce not only the actual hoursan employee worked, but also represent any overtimepay, weekend pay, holiday pay, or other pay types tomeet union reporting requirements.
  20. 20. 9:25 PM Portal-Based Timecard Entry – Enable youremployees to record their own time worked withMicrosoft Solomon Time & Attendance within MicrosoftBusiness Portal.
  21. 21. Project Management and Accounting9:25 PM Resource Assignment Capabilities: Gaingreater visibility and control of valuableresources. The new Resource Assignmentcapability and corresponding Task List helpsmanagers and team members to assign projectsand tasks. Unified Project Desktop: Access Solomoninformation and processes via MicrosoftBusiness Portal 2.5 for a complete picture ofproject financials, timecard and expense reportentry.
  22. 22. 9:25 PM Enhanced Financials Integration with ProjectManagement and Accounting: Maintainaccurate views of each customer’s receivableposition on a project by using AccountsReceivable or Cash Manager modules to recordthe receipt of payments against project invoices. Expandable Help Topics: Provide employeeswith additional information about how to useMicrosoft Solomon applications more effectivelyto help reduce training costs.
  23. 23. Field Service Management9:25 PM Service Contract Change History and Audit Trail: Track andreport contract value changes from inception to completion usingthe new Service Contract History and Service Contract ChangeLog.
  24. 24. 9:25 PM More Modules Offered in Microsoft Solomon Standard:Add the flexibility of Flat Rate Pricing to your SolomonStandard deployment. To provide a better solution for specificindustries, Microsoft Solomon Standard now includes FlatRate Pricing in its list of available modules.
  25. 25. INVENTORY AND ORDERMANAGEMENT ENHANCEMENTS9:25 PM Consolidated Invoicing: Include multiple shipperson a single invoice with Consolidated Invoicing, anew feature in Order Management that allows you todefine invoicing rules by customer. Improvements in Distribution Efficiency andPerformance: Microsoft Solomon 6.0 offersimproved allocation of inventory from allmodules, lot and serial tracking, and negativeinventory tracking.
  26. 26. 9:25 PM Credit Limit Holds: Eliminate the possibility ofoverextending customer credit limits. Microsoft Solomon canhelp better manage cash flow and prevent difficult situationswith your customers by stopping the acceptance of new ordersfrom customers whose credit limit has been exceeded. Integrated Invoice Sequencing: Number invoices in OrderManagement in sequence with Accounts Receivable invoices,instead of in separate sequences for each module.
  27. 27. Analytics and Reporting9:25 PM FRx Report Manager 6.7 – Combine Microsoft FRx reportsand other information such as Microsoft Excel, MicrosoftWord, or Microsoft PowerPoint® documents easily withReport Manager.
  28. 28. 9:25 PM Support for Crystal Reports 10: Use new featuresand capabilities to review, edit, or design compellingdata views via Microsoft Solomon support for thelatest version of Crystal Reports. FRx Drilldown Viewer™ and Printing Options:Enable quicker export of reports to the FRxDrilldown Viewer, enhance printing options, andprovide a more stable reporting environment.
  29. 29. 9:25 PMSuccessful Implementationof Microsoft Dynamics
  30. 30.  Organization ProfileMacKay & Sposito provides a full array of consulting services, including civilengineering, planning, land and construction surveying, landscapearchitecture, and construction management and inspection. SituationTo thrive in the challenging economic climate, and facing intensecompetition for new contracts, the firm needs to direct its businessdevelopment efforts very precisely. This requires a deep understandingof the business knowing which projects and segments are mostprofitable and the ability to apply this information to sales andmarketing activities. The company requires an enterprise resourceplanning solution that can be tailored to its unique project managementmodel while closely aligning business management, generalaccounting, and operational functions.
  31. 31. 9:25 PM Solution:MacKay & Sposito relies on Microsoft DynamicsSL for both project accounting and financialmanagement, including custom reports thatprovide the intelligence that executives need tonavigate the problems Microsoft Dynamics SL toalign more closely with the way MacKay & Spositodoes business.
  32. 32. 9:25 PM Benefits Streamlined accounting Better insight into company performance Improved cash flow and profitability
  33. 33. 9:25 PM