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Offshore employee


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Hire an Offshore Employee, Remote Employee with ICO Web Solutions and save 50% of your cost. You can hire both fulltime offshore employee and part time offshore employeee. Fulltime offshore employee will work Monday to Friday 8hrs Daily and Part time Offshore Employee will work Monday to Friday 4 hrs daily. You can Monitor daily, weekly and monthly performance and can interact with your offshore employee over dedicated phone line, chat etc. Your offshore employee will work as per your time zone.

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Offshore employee

  1. 1. SAVE 50%,HIREOFFSHORE EMPLOYEE ICO Web SolutionsICO Web Solutions 408-705-2608
  2. 2. Types of Resources PHP Developer Opensource Developer ASP Developer Web Designer Graphic Designer Mobile Phone Application Developer SEO, SEM Expert Content Writer Data Entry Resource ICO Web Solutions 408-705-2608 2
  3. 3. Benefits of hiring offshore • Save 50% of your cost • Resouces working as per your timezone dedicated for your work. • Options to hire both full time and part time • Always be in touch with the offshore staffs and monitor their daily / weekly performance. • Communication on dedicated phone line, Chat and other alternatives • Save the cost of staff, equipments and technology and allow to concentrate more on the business part. • No longer worry about staff benefits, personnel management, pensions, health and safety ICO Web Solutions 408-705-2608 3
  4. 4. Hire a fulltime Offshore Employee resource Hire a Dedicated resource fulltime BENEFITS Monday to 8 HRS 40 HRS Friday DAILY WEEKLY ICO Web Solutions 408-705-2608 4
  5. 5. Hire a parttime Offshore Employee resource Hire a Dedicated resource parttime BENEFITS Monday to 4 HRS 20 HRS Friday DAILY WEEKLY ICO Web Solutions 408-705-2608 5
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