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Life Buoy IIM C Presentation

Final ppt

  1. 1. Lifebuoy Group A7 • Aditya Rikhari • Aditya Raj • Ashish Anand • Sanyal C • Siva Sahoo
  2. 2. Snapshots from the history• World’s first health soap, named as the “royal disinfectant soap.”• Carbolic Acid gave it the distinctive scent that it has.• Name due to its life saving associations• Initially had a lifeguard in its packaging and communication• Imagery was relevant at that time• Concept of mother, the health doctor• Rising importance of the mother as a decision maker in buying• The idea was to connect with the female audience• Portraying her as doctor of the family, one who protects her family • Rise in incomes and a need of people to improve their lifestyles • Lifebuoy for first time in history came with the concept of B.O. • Campaign focused not just on ability to fight germs & keep clean • It also focused on the prevention of embarrassing body odour.
  3. 3. Lifebuoy in India• Promotedhealth, hygieneand an activelifestyle• Active lifestyleand health wasclosely associatedwith sports• Where there islifebuoy, there ishealth• One variant, redbrick shape,carbolic soap Before and 2002 2005 2011during1990s
  4. 4. • Lifebuoy’s sales Lifebuoy in Indiadeclined by 15%in 2001.• Competitionfrom other toiletsoaps which hadbetter scents andshapes• Brandextensions• Repositioneditself as toiletsoap for thewhole family• You will not fallill if you useLifebuoy Before and 2002 2005 2011during1990s
  5. 5. Lifebuoy in India • Life without fear • Focused on rewarding the protected • Laddering up by offering the emotional benefit • Started coming in the new curved shape after 109 years Before and 2002 2005 2011during1990s
  6. 6. Lifebuoy in India• Lifebuoy cameup with theingredientactive 4• Reason tobelieveingredientpromised agood handwash in 10seconds Before and 2002 2005 2011during1990s
  7. 7. Brand value and insights upon which it stands Healthy and Cleanliness Hygiene Health active lifestyle. Hygiene was a very big problem in industrial revolution time; diarrhea deaths were commonThe core brand value of assuring a healthy and active life style has always remained withLifebuoy over time and different markets Active life style/sports It was believed that highly associated with “Cleanliness is Godliness” health
  8. 8. Brand Articulation• Brand Name Lifebuoy means life preserver such as buoyant ring or a jacket Name associates with a life saver/caretaker Due to low penetration of English, literal meaning held limited significance for the masses (target consumers) However, brand name has become a household name as a result of strong brand building & marketing• Brand Color Till 2001, the soap was a brick-red colored bar After the repositioning in 2002, the color was made slightly more pinkish In 2004, Lifebuoy’s variant was launched in white color Soap’s color symbolizes heritage, strength & trust• Brand Design Till the 1990’s, the soap was a coarse chunky brick-shaped bar Later, Lifebuoys classic red brick shape replaced by signature Lifebuoy shape New soap  thinner and curved for better grip with soft rounded edges
  9. 9. Brand LogoTill 2002, the After 2004, thesoap’s logo was The ‘+’ sign is name Lifebuoydisplayed as considered a was in italics andsimply Lifebuoy on symbol of purity, encapsulatedthe soap pack auspiciousness within a ‘+’ sign,After its and holiness in to emphasizerepositioning, the India total protectionname was made The good The ‘+’ signslimmer and health symbol ‘+’ conveys gooditalicized to augments the health &provide a modern brand promise of connotes with thelook Lifebuoy medical usage
  10. 10. Packaging Simple Red2002 Pack with Name New cover A toilet Soap pack with2002 name Coined Mildcare, Nature tags Repositioned attached2004 as Family Soap Germs, Odors, Total2006 Family Health Protection Soap Depiction Variant Rear of Cover of Health packs in showing Pre and Happy diff. and Post wash Family colors affects
  11. 11. Role of Advertisement In 1992, ads had catchy jingle “Tandarusti ki raksha karta hai Lifebuoy… Lifebuoy hai jahan, tandarusti hai wahan…..Lifebuoy” Masculine, triumphant & victorious context of cleanliness In 2005, after repositioning, ads featured the jingle “Koi darr nahin…” which means ‘no fear’ Laddering: Hygiene  Health  Freedom  Happiness Ads conveyed that the consumer could rest assured that the onus of total cleansing & protection against germs fell on Lifebuoy Ads in 2004 built around the concept of showing how high scoring intelligent school-kids were able to deliver excellent results by bathing with Lifebuoy and letting the soap take care of their health Ads, for the first time, showed mothers of kids being advised by doctors to adopt Lifebuoy for their kids The ads now primarily centered on the housewives and their kids/families – showing that Lifebuoy provided good health & hygiene which subsequently resulted in the family enjoying a healthy lifestyle
  12. 12. PromotionsSwasthya Chetna (meaning "Health Awakening") campaign• Started in 2002, the aim is to create awareness about disease causing germs & to promote basic hygiene practices like washing hands with soap as a preventive measure• Swasthya Chetna has touched the lives of 70 million Indians across 18,000 villages• Unique communication tools like flip chart stories, glow germ demonstrations, germ mask games, health rallies/message stenciling & other community activities employed• In 2006, the programme extended to an additional 10,000 villages• Expanded into a marketing programme with a strong social cause of improving the health and hygiene of rural India• Unilever, through Lifebuoy, a founding partner of Global Hand-washing Day• Guiness World Record in Bangladesh for most people washing hands with soap at the same time
  13. 13. Social Brand Mission Set challenging ambition as contribution to Millenium Development Goal 4 – Reduction of child mortality by 67% by 2015 Aims to change hand washing behavior of 1 billion people by 2015
  14. 14. Brand Personality• • A healthy soapchanged to a sleeker one Red brick bar• • The Red Soap changed to a pleasant one Carbolic smell• • Complete Protection Core Message : Effective against germs • Never endorsed by a celebrity except in 2008 • Brand Imagery changed from a men’s soap to a family soap • Red brick bar changed to a sleeker one • Carbolic smell changed to a pleasant one • Core Message : Effective against germs • Underwent a change in its Logo to align with its brand perception as a Family Doctor • Alignment with the global logo of Red Cross • In Indian context it meant purity and Holiness
  15. 15. Brand Symbolism Depiction Changed as a Family from Doctor carbolic to pleasant one Family Soap Complete Protection AntiGermicidal Soap
  16. 16. Brand Positioning Target Mass Families(as a Customer Markets family Soap) Change in Functional Emotional Advertising Positioning Positioning themes Variants launched Points of Parity Points of DifferenceLifebuoy Total, DeoFresh, Lifebuoy Nature and Lifebuoy Gold Care New refreshing Germicidal property, family fragrance, Family Doctor, soap Target : Premium Brand ladderingCustomers, Mass Markets
  17. 17. Brand BuildingRoot strengthProvide affordable & accessible hygiene and health solutions that enable people tolead a life without fear of hygiene anxieties and health consequencesDiscriminatorLifebuoy provides hygiene and health solutions for families through a range of barsoaps, hand wash liquids & liquid shower gelsNew Lifebuoy introduced with new curved shape twice as good as other soaps ingerm protectionBenefitsAfter revamp to toilet soap in 2002, Lifebuoy was no longer just a carbolic soap withcrystalline perfumeIt gives the message of health for consumers from the ‘traditional, male, victoriousconcept of health’ to a more responsible concept of health for the entire family’Lifebuoys pioneering Health Education programme – the single largest privatehygiene education programme in the world
  18. 18. Brand Building Contd.Brand Essence• Brand essence of “Life without fear”.• Stayed true to its promise of meeting health and hygiene concerns• Core promise of protection & commitment to support life through unbeatable protection is at the heart of the brand name itselfReasons to believe• Extensive UV-glow germ promotions• Laboratory-based fact that Lifebuoy is twice as good as other soaps in germ protection• Seal of trust from Indian Medical Association in ads
  19. 19. Brand AppraisalCompetitive AnalysisLifebuoy is the undisputed leader in the soaps market of India, with 18.4% shareOther popular & premium brands include Lux, Cinthol, Liril, Rexona, Hamam andNirmaToilet soaps are more or less a low involvement product categoryFragmented nature of market attracts intense competitionConsumer InsightsHygiene  Health  Active Lifestyle  SportsLater, consumer perception changed byHygiene  Health  Active Lifestyle  Life without fear
  20. 20. Consumer AnalysisInitially, Lifebuoy was targeted at the middle class segment but expanded to everyhouseholdLifebuoy’s variants were targeted to different segments: Lifebuoy International (Plusand Gold) targeted to upper end of the marketNew Lifebuoy was targeted at todays discerning housewife with a more inclusive"family health protection for my family and me" positioning Brand Extension• Lifebuoy is the classic example of brand extension• Lifebuoy, the parent brand, was extended to target different consumer segments by the launches of Lifebuoy Plus, Lifebuoy liquid and Lifebuoy Gold.• It has Brand Extension to Lifebuoy bar soap, Lifebuoy body wash, Lifebuoy Hand wash, Lifebuoy for men’s range, Lifebuoy clear skin, Lifebuoy hand sanitizer.
  21. 21. HUL Home & Personal Care Personal Wash Lifebuoy Liquid Hand HandSoap Body Wash Men’s Range Talc Clear Skin Wash SanitizerTotal Protect Total Total Protect Total Hydrating Family Talc Mildcare Care Vita Protect Care Deodorizing MoistureNature Pure Nature PlusActive Fresh Active Fresh Active Fresh
  22. 22. Future Steps• Cautious brand extension• Need for innovative and attractive packaging• More effective advertising campaigns to reach premium customers• Introduce smaller SKU’s for gaining a competitive edge in rural segment• Understand the rural consumer in a more effective manner• Rural Market is the next boom for lifebuoy
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