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Talent crunch in indian it companies

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Talent crunch in indian it companies

  1. 1. Talent Crunch in Indian IT Industry
  2. 2. Group Members • Snehal Bendre • Aditya Chaubal • Srikant Mahajan • Ashish Mathew • Nikita Padate • Nikhil Rathod• Dhanshree Padave
  4. 4. STEM
  5. 5. DemOgRAphiC pROFileS
  6. 6. Demographic Profile of Industry
  7. 7. Generational Profile of Industry
  8. 8. Gender Profile of Industry
  9. 9. ASiA pACiFiC SCeNARiO 2012
  10. 10. STATE WISE ITSErvIcES profIlE
  11. 11. Employability in IT Servicesacross States & UTs
  12. 12. Top Five Employability States
  13. 13. Strategies to overcome• Flexible Work arrangements• Additional Compensation• An easier workload• Opportunity to change field/learn a new field• An ability to integrate family, community and work commitments• Promotion / job advancements
  15. 15. rEquISITESKIllS & GApS w.r.t. IT JoBS
  16. 16. IT Industry – DeliverySoftware Engineer• Inability to ‘deep-dive’ into a particular language/technology platform• Inadequate soft skills• Inadequate knowledge of corporate culture
  17. 17. IT Industry – DeliveryProject Managers• Inadequate domain/business knowledge• Inadequate mindset when interacting with customer• Inadequate process knowledge
  18. 18. IT Industry – DeliveryBusiness/Group Heads• Inadequate manage large transition from a Project Manager to a Business Head position• Less negotiation interfacing with customers
  19. 19. Specific to Pre-Sales andBusiness AnalysisBusiness Analysts• Insufficient ability to understand customer requirements• Inadequate ability to understand specifics of other markets – regulations, compliance requirements• Inadequate proposal presentation skills.
  20. 20. Specific to Pre-Sales andBusiness AnalysisProduct Developers• Insufficient knowledge of market regulations and other areas specific to the product• Less than adequate depth in domain knowledge and process flow.
  21. 21. KPOsExecutives• Inadequate domain Knowledge• Poor aptitude• Inability to do repetitive work• Lack of adequate writing skills.Domain Specialists and Team Leads• Inadequate project management skills.
  22. 22. Trends impacting skill requirements• Continuous demand for a skilled workforce• Continuous transformation from IT Services to include IT Consulting• Ability to Innovate• Increase in Project Migration• Green IT and Cloud Computing
  23. 23. Trends impacting skill requirements• Increase in share of other business verticals• Change in Infrastructure Management Services• Larger share of newer markets• Evolution of newer pricing models
  24. 24. You StillHave aChoice !!!
  25. 25. Potential Areas for Skill buildingin IT and ITES industry
  26. 26. Talent Crisis - Insights
  27. 27. Talent Crisis - Insights
  28. 28. Talent Crisis - Insights
  29. 29. Talent Crisis - Insights
  30. 30. "Use what talent you possess:the woods would be very silent ifno birds sang there except those that sang best" - Henry Van Dyke
  31. 31. Thank You !!!