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Evolution - Mobile phones

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Evolution - Mobile phones

  1. 1. Evolution of Phone
  2. 2. 1983: 1st 1993: 1st mobile 1999: 1st mobile mobile phone with SMS with GPS Dialer phones 1999: 1st with 1992: 1st smart WAP Phone (IBM) 2001: 1st with built in camera 2001: 1st with blue tooth2001: 1st SP with 2001: 1st mobile touch screen 2001: 1st with music 2001: 1st with radio with color screen 2003: 1st 2005: 1st 2007: 1st Mobile from with Games Roaming phone a web company 2003: 1st Black berry 2007: 1st Mobile from computers manufacturer 2011: 1st 3D Mobile