Scrum Evangelist- Accelerating Scrum


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  • Ericsson is shaping the way world communicates Employees 90,261 worldwide The majority of Ericsson’s Business Unit Multimedia’s portfolio, where I work, is software-related. About 2,300 R&D engineers work with Agile practices.
  • Hi , I am Ashish Mahajan. Around 5+ years of software development. For the last one year
  • Recognized as Agile Guru Organization within Ericsson First Successful implementation of Scaling Agile, where a compound requirement is spread to 30 parallel teams. Increase throughput by 200 %
  • 2 dedicated coach to organization Spread Agile Way of working and mindset , primarily using scrum. Help in removing organizational impediments in adopting Agile practices.
  • Provide support to the Scrum Teams. Inspire teams to take the next level of Agility. Drive Passion about Scrum.
  • 3 Role – PO , SM , Team,. 3 Artifacts , Sprint Backlog, Product Backlog, BurnDown 3 Ceremonies , Demo, Stand-ups, Reviews..
  • Educate them on the role, Pair up with them, provide feedback. Build a community of SM across teams, to help them share their experiences. Inspire them to be the AE of their team.
  • Coach Them on the PO role Ensure we have well defined US with DoD and Acceptance Criteria Coaching of why and what over how .
  • Facilitate Scrum Meetings. Conducting Scrum Workshops. Work as a Guide towards Self Organization.
  • Release Planning Agile Steering Group support Leaders over Managers (Macro over Micro Management)
  • Hours Burndown SP Burndown No Burndown
  • Visible on White Board Unplanned, improvements, impediments
  • Main reqs to Epics, US Team PO / Scaling them
  • Timebox facilitation Yesterday’s Weather (Velocity Trends)
  • Limit Tech Discussions Update task board Update impediments, improvements
  • Always demo even when sprint deliveries are not met Provide Demo Feedback Only working software /No Code
  • Facilitate , encourage SM to participate effectively Actions Plans for improvements Different Retro Techniques
  • How do we use velocity Effectively Inflow / Outflow Roles Self Organizing teams– Dysfunction Model
  • Increased Quality Increased HCI Increased Throughput
  • Scrum Evangelist- Accelerating Scrum

    1. 1. Scrum Evangelist: Accelerating Scrum pecha-kucha Style Scrum India Meet 22 June 2011 @Xebia ,Gurgaon Ashish Mahajan Agile Evangelist Ericsson
    2. 2. Intro to Ericsson
    3. 3. About myself
    4. 4. Why Scrum
    5. 5. What Agile Evangelist Do
    6. 6. What do we Aim
    7. 7. This is what we do
    8. 8. Scrum Master
    9. 9. Product Owner
    10. 10. Team
    11. 11. Stake Holders
    12. 12. Burn Down
    13. 13. Sprint Backlog
    14. 14. Product Backlog
    15. 15. Planning Game
    16. 16. Stand Ups
    17. 17. Demo
    18. 18. Retrospective
    19. 19. Challenges
    20. 20. Success
    21. 21. Questions ?