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Internship presentation


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Internship presentation

  1. 1. A Project Study Report Presentation On Truck and Bus Radial segment Title “Major Challenge for tyre Industry” Submitted in partial fulfillment for the Award of degree of Master of Business AdministrationPresentation By :- Ashish Jain Presentant To :- (MBA PART 2nd ) Dean 2011-13 (MAIET-FMS)
  2. 2. •To find the major challenge for tyre industry•To find out market share of JK Tyres.•To understand the marketing strategy of JK Tyres.•To focus on the Marketing mix of JK tyre•To evaluate the limitations of JK tyre.•To analyze the customer’s needs regarding the product and police formulation by the company.•To find out the brand image of JK tyre.
  3. 3. Introduction to the IndustryAbout tyre A tyre is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protectfrom schok when wheel contact with ground and give better performance.The earliest tires were bands of iron, placed on the wooden wheels used on carts and wagons.First Pneumatic tyre develop in 1845 by Robert Thomson.The first pneumatic tires for cars were brought out by the MichelinBrothers in 1895.Radial ply tyre invented by Michelin in 1913 and and firstintroduce steel belted radial tyre in Europe in 1946.JK TYRE Pioneer in Radial Tyre in Indian market, launched in 1980.
  4. 4. About Indian Tyre Industries :- The origin of the Indian Tyre Industry dates back to 1926 when Dunlop Rubber Limited set up the first tyre company in West Bengal. Transportation industry and tyre industry go hand in hand as the two are interdependent. 10% growth YOY Basis.  In 2010-11 record CAGR 22.5%. And expected 17-18 % growth in next five year Currently, the size of the Indian tyre industry is estimated at Rs. 300 billion (0.5% of Indian GDP), as of FY2010-11. The truck and bus tyre segment accounted for 15% of tyres produced in India in FY2011. Industries Average net profit margin is 4%. Out of the 119 million of tyres, 3.7 million units worth Rs 2,877 crore were exported.
  5. 5. 2004 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2010 –CATEGORY 2005 - 06 05 07 08 09 10 11Truck & Bus 11092 11941 12367 13137 12839 14811 15668Passenger 11862 13605 14264 16437 16571 20047 26201CarJeep 1462 1272 1368 1467 1469 1402 1500(L.C.V.) 3945 4529 4820 5320 5298 5739 6029Tractor 1311 1383 1754 1814 1842 2386 2595FrontTractor Rear 1096 1134 1296 1234 1315 1634 1777Tractor 408 596 823 886 758 903 1051TrailerA.D.V. 197 325 381 409 281 294 311Scooter 9992 9519 9643 11604 10882 13558 20140Motor Cycle 18127 21053 26079 27921 30148 35664 43118Moped 124 55 0* 0* 0 0 0Industrial 377 514 635 733 568 538 616O.T.R. 89 106 115 141 136 161 191TOTAL 60082 66032 73545 81103 82107 97137 119197
  7. 7. Key Issues of tyre Organization Introduction to the industriesJK’s Brief Profile JK Tyre was incorporated in West Bengal in February 14, 1951.J K Tyre was named on the name of Lala Juggilal Singhania and Lala Kamlapat Singhania. 3rd largest tyre company in India and 16th largest company in the world. Annual turnover around 4810 crore. No.1 position in Truck and Bus Segment (22% share) Pioneer in Radial tyre in India.
  8. 8. Mission & Vision VISION:-To be amongst the most admired companies in India, committed to excellence. MISSION:- Be a Customer Obsessed Company. No.1 Tyre Brand in India. Most profitable Tyre Company in India. Deliver Enhanced Value to all stakeholders.
  9. 9. Research MethodologyThe study is relied on primary. The primary data is collected through personal interviews using structuredQuestionnaire.Sampling Methods: Observational Survey methodUniverse: -The research work was accomplished in JAIPUR AREA(T.P Nager, S.C Road & VKI, AjmerRoad, Mansarover.Saganer,Tonk Road, Kanakpura ISD). So this is my universeSample Size: -Sample size was 250.Research Instrument: -For this study, for the collection of various data requirement, structured questionnaire is used. Thisquestionnaire contains qualitative and quantitative information of the customers. The questionnairecontains of both open-ended and close ended questions, which would help to know the situation prevailingin the market.Statistical Tools UsedFor the purpose of data analysis, Percentage Method is used for calculation and result was interpreted. No. of Respondents Percentage = ---------------------------×100 Total Respondents
  10. 10. Analysis &interpretation
  11. 11. Are you use Unbranded &Chiness Tyres in your Truck? Yes 9% NO. 91%
  12. 12. What kind of tyre you most use? RADIAL 42% BIAS 58%
  13. 13. Do you think high tax rate ismajor problem for tyre industry ? NO 21% YES 79%
  14. 14. Do you think government should reduce tax from tyre ? NO 21% YES 79%
  15. 15. Is tyre companies provide after sale service? YES NO 49% 51%
  16. 16. Do you think that company full fill responsibility toward customer and Dealer ? NO 28% YES 72%
  17. 17. Are you satisfied with present tyre life ? NO 5% YES 95%
  18. 18. Mobile company develop collection centre for collecting old mobile phone for recycle, as like tyre company should do same? NO 0% YES 100%
  19. 19. Do you think company should openAligment center for maintenance of tyre? NO 11% YES 89%
  20. 20. Do you think government shouldtake action against “Price pool” of tyre companies ? NO 12% YES 88%
  21. 21. Which of the favorite company of you? OTHER 11% J.KTYRE MRF 15% 45% APOLLO 25%
  22. 22. Fact’s &Finding’s
  23. 23. Challenge for Tyre industryIn Jaipur market 9% people use chiness tyre.Customer are not happy with after sale service’s of tyre company.Customer complaint against price of tyre.Customer unsatisfied with tyre company monopoly.Customer complaint continuous down grade quality of tyreJK Radial Tyre In major transport area, JK RADIAL TYRE success to make position inmarket and beat competitor. In kanakpura, VKI and Ajmer road Transporterappreciate jk tyre with respect to claim settlement Better mileage, fleetmanagement service’s
  24. 24. Recommendation and suggestion1. Some customers are not satisfied with the claim policies. as it is not properly clear to the customers why the claim has been rejected.2. Today more people prefer guaranteed tyres*.3. Need to increase relationship with customers.4. Need to provide tyre maintenance training to truck driver.5. Manage Credit Facility to Small Transporter .6. Strong the Product Mix.7. Increase Tie up with automobile companies.8. Make foreign collaboration for increase export.9. Open Service Center for proper maintaince of tyre.
  25. 25. BibliographyBOOKS:1.Philip Kotler, “Marketing Management” 11 ed2.Harper W. Boyd, Jr. Ralph Westfall, Stanley F. Stasch “MarketingResearch” 7
  26. 26. My Learning During Training•Know about Tyre industry Customer.•Know The Basic of tyre marketing.•Familiyer with Major transport are of jaipur.•Know about fleet management.•Learn about tyre fitment.•Learn about basics of radial Truck tyre.•Understand the Customer Demand Pattern.•Learn about customer Welfare Branding•Learn about Tyre Supply Chain Management.