The shoppingpro deck-v6.05


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The shoppingpro deck-v6.05

  1. 1. Concept Note
  2. 2. Team
  3. 3. TeamAshish Gupta• Alumni - IIT, Delhi (2001)• Partner – Tekriti Software (Acquired & amalgamated into a public company – Kellton Tech)• Co-Founder – (Acquired by Educomp)• Six Sigma Black-belt• Core Expertise: Product, Technology Management & Business Development
  4. 4. TeamLavesh Bhandari• Alumni - IIT, Delhi (2011)• Technical Analyst – Royal Bank of Scotland• Core Expertise: Building across platforms and interfaces
  5. 5. Introduction
  6. 6. VISION Analyze USER BEHAVIOR for delivering PERSONALIZED & LOCALIZED tools in anAUTOMATED MANNER to make the shopping process EASY & REWARDING
  7. 7. The Shopping Process Today
  8. 8. TheShoppingPro Way
  9. 9. Product Strategy
  10. 10. FeaturesThe Enablers• Recommendation Engine• Cashback (Multi Layer)Hot Sauce• Business Intelligence For Retailers• Targeted Localized Marketing• Product Discovery (The “Google Now” of Products)• Partnerships
  11. 11. PlatformsPlugin Pivotal medium for Mobile Expected to be the tracking user primary medium of behavior & pushing consumption in truly differentiated coming times services Website Essential platform for initial engagement & SEO / Social strategies
  12. 12. Plugin Strategy GATHER DATA on EMPOWERUtilize AUTOMATED user search, browse & RETAILERS to setup transaction behavior ACTIVATION to targeted campaigns deliver ease of use for ACROSS ALL SITES based on user analytics;enablers; enhance with to power the product POWER discovery for users & SOCIAL TWEAKS business intelligence for PARTNERSHIPS via retailers plugins/widgets
  13. 13. Mobile StrategyLaunch a specialized SHOPPING BROWSER for monitoring the Backup browser with an APP to user behavior and delivering the deliver services PULLED by user.DIFFERENTIATED SERVICES (PUSH)
  14. 14. Market Sizing
  15. 15. Market Size• Affiliate Marketing Spend US* : $ 4 Billion• Affiliate Marketing Spend UK* : £ 5 Billion “Nearly every Internet Retailer Top 500 merchant has an affiliate program; and while it differs from one merchant to another, affiliate-referred sales tend to range from Geno Prussakov 10% to 40% of all their Organizer, Affiliate Management sales” Days * Source: Forrester
  16. 16. Unit Economics• The financial model is based on affiliate commission. High level unit economics provided below: – Average Transaction Size : USD 70* – Transactions Per User Per Year : 12 – Affiliate Commissions : 2.5% – Revenue Per User Per Year : USD 21 – Revenue Passed On (MLM/Cashback) : 67% – Margin Per User Per Year : USD 7 It is very likely that our initial product mix will be much higher value but lower transactions per year * Source: Comscore
  17. 17. The Story So Far
  18. 18. Screenshot Of The CurrentProduct View On A Partner Site
  19. 19. Screenshot Of The Current PluginView On A Non-Partner Site
  20. 20. Preview: Mobile BrowserGet 4% Cashback Go 20,890 @ Go at Jabong
  21. 21. Screencast: Current Mobile Browser User launches TSP browser as a regular browser User enters the site of interest All the relevant information will be shown right there as the site loads (cashback in this example) Clicking “Go” sets the tracking cookies by refreshing the page. Now all purchases will be eligible for cashback.
  22. 22. Current RelationshipsAffiliate tie ups with about 40 key retailers The fact that I can not only win more business but also understand what my consumers are doing outside of my site makes me ask only one question: When are you guys launching? Prashant Tandon, Founder & CEO TheShoppingPro’s ability to help me get traffic from my competitor’s website makes it really exciting!! Pearl Uppal, Co-Founder Fashion & You
  23. 23. Pre-Alpha (DONE)The main goal of the pre-alpha was to validate the ACCEPTABILITY OF THE PLUGIN & EASEOF USE that it brought. Some results shared below (under 100 users across India & US): Tested the overall system out and made some initial (albeit miniscule) revenues
  24. 24. Plan
  25. 25. AlphaFocus on the PLUGIN & BROWSER• Test for adoption• Prove effectiveness when used• Prove social strategies work• Show practical value of Business Intelligence, Targeted Marketing & Partnerships
  26. 26. Alpha Launch Plan LAUNCH…• with enablers within 2 months and have the hot sauce ready within 8 months. GET TRACTION…• and prove hypothesis over a period of 18 months FOCUS ON THE INDIAN MARKET…• during this phase but undertake trial runs in US & UK to confirm reproducibility of the model
  27. 27. Sneak Peak:Business Intelligence For Retailers
  28. 28. Business Intelligence Sneak PeakComparing Traction Vs Competitors (category, geography slice & dice)
  29. 29. Business Intelligence Sneak PeakViewing User Loyalty (category, geography slice and dice)
  30. 30. Business Intelligence Sneakinsights explaining reason for the spread)Relative Geographic Strengths (with Peak
  31. 31. Business Intelligence Sneakexplaining reasons for the spread)Relative Category Strengths (with insights Peak
  32. 32. Business Intelligence Sneak with competitor mapping)Understanding Sales Losses (product level Peak
  33. 33. End Notes
  34. 34. Plugin Inspiration Crossrider Acquired by for $37mn in End 2012 Claim to reach over 250 million users
  35. 35. Plugin Inspiration Invisible Hand Over 350K users across Chrome & Firefox
  36. 36. End Notes
  37. 37. Creating Entry Barriers USABILITY• The nature of the plugin makes it impossible for a user to use two competing plugins simultaneously MLM• Competitors may replicate the model but will find it hard to move an established MLM PARTNERSHIP• Partners will be reluctant to move as by doing so, they will miss out on the long term revenues from the purchases of consumers referred.
  38. 38. Leverage With Big Players LESS DEPENDENCE ON BIGGIES• The system does not require the host sites’ data in its database, so it is effective in taking traffic away from non- participant site. This consequently gives a leverage with big players