Business transformation success drivers


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Business transformation success drivers

  1. 1. Business Transformation: Success DriversINDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.1sAshish Gupta,Principal Consultant –QAIAshish.gupta@consultant.com9900084387
  2. 2. What is Business Transformation?• Business transformation is about making fundamental changes inhow business is conducted in order to help cope with a shiftin market environment.INDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.2
  3. 3. Why Organizations need Business Transformation?• Changed Competitive Situation• Threatened Financial Standing• Technological Trends• Internal threat• A new market• A CrisisINDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.3• A Crisis• A potential Crisis• New Opportunity• Any other urgent and important condition
  4. 4. Success Drivers: Powerful Leadership Team• CEO’s support• Critical mass of leadership supporting the Business transformation• Growth of Informal structure supporting the BusinessTransformation• Positive force building on its power base to defeat the opposingcoalition.INDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.4coalition.
  5. 5. Success Drivers: Vision for Business TransformationInitiative• For Business Transformation to succeed the core team must buildand agree on an ideal future state• Vision must be easy to communicate to all stakeholders• Avoid issues related to Lack of vision: a confusing set of activitiesand plans, program without a clear direction• Sense of direction should be clear to the organizationINDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.5• Sense of direction should be clear to the organization
  6. 6. Success Drivers: Communication!• Make sure that the vision is communicated to the organizationmultiple times• For employees to agree to the Business transformation they mustsee the direction and the benefits from the Business transformation• Use multiple channels for communication• Make the communication interestingINDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.6• Make the communication interesting
  7. 7. Success Drivers: Proactive Removal of Obstacles toBusiness Transformation!• Make sure that the barriers to Business Transformation Vision areremoved• Most of the times barriers are in the minds of the peopleINDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.7
  8. 8. Success Drivers: Quick Hits!• Business Transformation takes time• If there are no short term successes organization looses momentum• Identify quick hits!• Achieve Success!• Celebrate Success!INDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.8
  9. 9. Success Drivers: Execution• Devil is in the details• Great Plan are as good as their execution• Have:– Clear goals for everyone that are supportive of the overall plan– A means of measuring progress toward those goals on a regularbasis;INDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.9basis;– Clear accountability for that progress.
  10. 10. ABOUT QAIQAI is a leading global consulting and workforce development organization, addressing the space of “Operational Excellence”.QAI Global Services, the consulting division of QAI, addresses the space of Operational Excellence, which includes the areas of ProcessManagement, Quality Management, Innovation Management, Project Management, IT Service Management and others.QAI Global Institute, the workforce development division of QAI, focuses on creating international education and training products and services toaddress the competence development, assessments and certifications to cater to the large pool of manpower requiring skills for increasedemployability. e-Learning, VSAT based delivery and blended learning approaches have been taken.QAIs regional bases across the globe in the US, Singapore, China, Malaysia, UK, Canada and India helps to innovatively distribute and manageengagements across multiple locations. QAI clients include UST, Accenture, Wipro, Prudential, Genpact, American Express, Sony, Tata Motorsand 200 others across 30 countries.INDIAUSACHINASINGAPORE© QAI Global. All rights reserved.10© QAI All rights reserved. No part of this document may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without prior written permission of QAIThank You!