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  • Technically even American Idol.. Who selects the winner.
  • Crowdsourcing

    1. 1. CrowdsourcingAshish Singh B10007Amit gore B10013
    2. 2. You take the good. You take the bad.You take them all and then you have.Crowdsourcing !
    3. 3. Presentation Journey• What is it? When did it start?• Who is using it?• What are the benefits of using it?• Examples of Crowdsourcing• Types of Crowdsourcing• Crowdsourcers
    4. 4. What is it?1Fansourcing CrowdcastingOpen SourcingOpen InnovationMass Collaboration Collective Customer CommitmentWikinomics Collective IntelligenceCrowdsourcing
    5. 5. What is Crowdsourcing ?The practice of obtaining needed services, ideas, orcontent by soliciting contributions from a large group ofpeople, and especially from an online community,rather than from traditional employees or suppliers.Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model"Crowdsourcing is channelling the experts’ desire tosolve a problem and then freely sharing the answer witheveryone.Term Coined by Jeff Howe !!
    6. 6. Common CrowdsourcingApplications Open Sourced Software (Linux) Product voting Google Play-store Suggestion Boxes
    7. 7. When Did it Actually Start? 4 Wikipedia Rent-A-Coder
    8. 8. Crowdsourcing-who are workers ?EVERYONE !!
    9. 9. Crowdsourcing: The Benefits Companies Get 5 Improved qualityand productivity Feedback Good Exposure Minimum ofCost People Get 6 Incentive Cash !! Recognition Sense ofaccomplishmentamong peers Make Life Better Linux
    10. 10. Good Examples of CrowdsourcingMIT 100K Competition
    11. 11. Modern MethodsCrowdsourcing has transferred mainly to the Internet. The Internet providesa particularly good venue for Crowdsourcing since individuals tend to bemore open in web-based projects where they are not being physicallyjudged or scrutinized and thus can feel more comfortable sharing.Crowdsourcing can take two route :Explicit :users can evaluate particular items like books or WebPages,or share by posting products or items.Implicit :standalone and piggyback. Standalone allows people tosolve problems as a side effect of the task they are actuallydoing, whereas piggyback takes users information from athird-party website to gather information
    12. 12. Types of CrowdsourcingCrowd Voting:Crowd voting occurs when a website gathers a large groupsopinions and judgment on a certain topic.Crowdsourcing creative work :Creative crowdsourcing spans sourcing creative projects such asgraphic design, architecture, apparel design, writing, illustration,etc..
    13. 13. Types of CrowdsourcingIdeas Crowdsourcing and Crowd funding :Crowdfunding is the process of funding your projects by amultitude of people contributing a small amount in order to attain acertain monetary goal.Goals may be for donations or for equity in a project.A well-known crowdfunding tool is Kickstarter, which is the biggestwebsite for funding creative projects.It has raised over $100 million, despite its all-or-nothing modelwhich requires one to reach the proposed monetary goal in order toacquire the money.
    14. 14. Types of CrowdsourcingWisdom of crowdWisdom of the crowd is another type of crowdsourcing that collectslarge amounts of information and aggregates them to gain acomplete and accurate picture of a topic, based on the idea that agroup of people is, on average, more knowledgeable than anindividual.This idea of collective intelligence proves particularly effective onthe Internet because people from diverse backgrounds cancontribute in real-time within the same forumsMicroworkMicrowork is a crowdsourcing platform where users do small tasksfor which computers lack aptitude for low amounts of money.Amazon’s popular Mechanical Turk has created many differentprojects for users to participate in, where each task requires verylittle time and offers a very small amount in payment
    15. 15. Types of CrowdsourcingImplicit CrowdsourcingImplicit crowdsourcing is less obvious because users do notnecessarily know they are contributing, yet can still be veryeffective in completing certain tasks.Rather than users actively participating in solving a problemor providing information, implicit crowdsourcing involvesusers doing another task entirely where a third party gainsinformation for another topic based on the users actions
    16. 16. Crowdsourcers There are a number of motivations for businesses to useCrowdsourcing to accomplish tasks, find solutions for problems, orto gather information. Crowdsourcing also has the potential to be a problem-solvingmechanism for government and non profit use. Crowdsourcing systems provide these researchers with the abilityto gather large amount of data. Researcher can collect data from populations and demographicsthey may not have had access to locally, but that improve thevalidity and value of their work
    17. 17. Buyers of crowdsourcers gain Getting Tasks done at a cheap price More Bang for your Buck Convenience No need to look for employees Excellent tool for outsourcing
    18. 18. Crowdsourcing Participants High cash Compensations Equal playing Field Flexible work Hours Enhance your professional Portfolio
    19. 19. CrowdSpring marketplace for logos, graphic design and naming.