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Ankabut conference sep 28 pres


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A discussion about the way that lecture capture and videoconferencing should be used to improve the learning experience.

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Ankabut conference sep 28 pres

  1. 1. Catching Their Eyes<br />Reaching Out to Our <br />YouTube Generation<br />Ashi Sheth<br />Director of Information Technology<br /><br />
  2. 2. Why Does It Matter?<br />YouTube<br />YouTube is the competition. alone has 490 million unique users spending an average of 5.91 hours per month on the site. Our students are definitely using the technology…let’s use it for our own gain<br />Extend the classroom<br />Professor Michael Sandel – Harvard. Series of Lectures titled ‘Justice’ opened the doors of his ethics and philosophy course at Harvard for the world. Open Courseware<br />We know it works<br />Khan Academy (hosted on YouTube) – 2,600 videos, 67 M visits. If it works there – why not implement it for ourselves.<br />
  3. 3. Why should we do it?<br />Studies show the increase in student retention<br />Observing grade data, 24.2% of students without the videos failed the course. This rate dropped to 6.8% for the sample group with the videos available – a substantial improvement. [Brecht and Ogilby]<br /><ul><li>A vendor (Tegrity) conducted a survey of and found that 72% of the respondents indicated their grade increased because of the availability of video captured lectures</li></li></ul><li>Why should we do it? (cont’d)<br />The students use it to help themselves<br /><ul><li>Survey is out of 640 students across multiple institutions by lecture capture vendor Echo360
  4. 4. Study done in 2010 at University of Massachusetts – Lowell shows that over 90% of students wanted more lecture capture options available on campus</li></li></ul><li>What Does it Change?<br />Student involvement<br />Students don’t have to spend as much time taking notes during class and can instead focus on the flow and information<br />Faculty preparation<br /><ul><li>If they choose to pre-load, changes the dynamic of the week, but also allows them to save content for re-use
  5. 5. If they don’t choose to pre-load, they also have to remember that the camera is part of the class and should give it attention as well</li></ul>Ideas instead of details<br />Faculty members don’t have to worry about writing out all the details on the board if the lecture is pre-loaded and has the information<br />
  6. 6. Reasons to Not Change<br />Attendance<br />The biggest concern that faculty have is the belief that students will stop attending class. In this same study by Echo360, out of 640 students, 65% were absent less than 2 times per semester. 97% of those who were absent were able to utilize the stored lectures to catch up on missing info.<br />
  7. 7. What is happening at AUS?<br />2006 <br />Early Video Streaming <br />built in-house using open-source and free software to begin basic streaming services<br />2009 <br />New Video Portal<br />Engineering Lecture Hall<br />Converted to Cisco Show and Share<br />2010<br />Faculty Development<br />The Faculty Development Center begins using the capture technology from Cisco to minute speakers and events<br />2011<br />School of Business Building<br />NSBM planned with multiple classroom capture locations (5 lecture halls and two executive rooms) partnering with Cisco/Tandberg and CyViz<br />
  8. 8. Questions?<br />Contact:<br />Ashi Sheth<br /><br />
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