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Basic pointers brand ambassador


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basic pointers as to why a endorsement is needed and how to shortlist. also some old indian endorsement ads

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Basic pointers brand ambassador

  1. 1. Brand Endorsements
  2. 2. Why Brand Ambassadors?- Instant awareness and recall- Greater credibility- Favourable evaluation of product- Positive purchase intention- Boost in the brand image and life cycle
  3. 3. A) Fit with Brand ImageB) TG matchC) Associated valuesD) Product matchCompatibility test - ambassador
  4. 4. E) Risk- Conflicting image- Overshadow the brand- Multiple endorsements- ScandalsF) Physical attractivenessG) CredibilityH) Prior Endorsements
  5. 5. I) ProfessionJ) PopularityK) Availability and Cost
  6. 6. Some Old Indian Endorsement Examples
  7. 7. Thank You.