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Croissance Consulting Presentation V2

  1. 1. Your Journey from“Potential to Pinnacle”
  2. 2. Path of Least Resistance Imagination is more In physics, the path of least resistance is always taken byimportant than knowledge objects moving through a system. For example, water flowing downhill follows the path of least resistance as it is pulled downward by gravity. Electricity flowing through a circuit behaves similarly; while every available path has some current through it, the amount of current through each path is inversely proportional to its electrical resistance. Atmospheric disturbances (storms) flow on the path of least resistance by flowing toward zones of low barometric pressure, where lower air density offers less impedance to the storm system than higher pressure zones. The entire world functions on this fundamental principle – how can human behaviour be any different. So businesses are also guided by the same principles. In business, maturity models are ever evolving towards finding the ―Path of Least Resistance-POLR‖. We believe that successful organizations are able to move to their respective POLR, earlier."I have no special talent. I am only passionately Most businesses struggle because they try to flow against the POLR, albeit unknowingly. At Croissance we realize this and ourcurious." - Albert Einstein aim is to continually strive with our offerings which help seeking businesses, discover this path.
  3. 3. Our Journey ―Croissance‖ is a French word meaning Growth Our Business: Assist IT companies to traverse the journey from their 2012: A year of innovation ―Potential to Pinnacle‖ through high Added IT Consulting to quality yet simple, business skills and the Service Portfolio in 2011 innovation Turned profitable in 2011 1000% YOY growth in 2010 Formed in 2009“The First 25 Million Dollar Business For Us in the making”
  4. 4. The Leadership at CroissanceAshish Bhatnagar Chaitanya KagalSkills SkillsDynamics result oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in Chaitanya is a result oriented leader with a strong track record of performancenew ventures and high paced organizations. Utilizes keen analysis and in high paced organizations. He utilizes keen analysis and insights to driveinsights and team approach to drive organizational improvements and organizational improvements and implementation of best practices. Chaitanyaimplementation of best practices. Superior interpersonal skills, collaborative possesses superior interpersonal skills, collaborative style of working, and isstyle of working, capable of resolving multiple and complex issues and capable of resolving multiple complex issues. Additional areas of expertisemotivating staff to peak performance. Additional areas of expertise include: include:• Strategy, vision & mission planning • Strategic planning• Sales & marketing leadership • New Product Launch in new markets.• Negotiations & strategic alliances • Strategizing large and complex sales opportunities• IT & Business Application consulting • P&L management• Software Development, Delivery & Support • Channel development & management• Policy & procedure development • Field management• Team building & performance improvementEducation Education• MBA – Finance & Marketing: XLRI Jamshedpur • Post Graduate Degree - Management in Sales & Marketing: Prin.• B. Tech , Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Welingkar‟s Institute of Management, Mumbai, India • Bachelor in Commerce with Honours (University of Mumbai)Relevant Experience Relevant Experience• Croissance Consulting: Founder Director • Croissance Consulting: President – Global Sales• Microsoft Corporation: Director – Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM • Jamcracker Inc.: Director Sales – APAC Region• Navision India: Director – Large Accounts & Technology • Infor Global: Director – Sales Direct Accounts• Ernst & Young EMEA: Principal consultant – IT & Process Improvement • SAS Institute: Industry Manager – Retail & Manufacturing• Ramco Systems: Program Manager and Sales & Distribution consultant • IS3C Consulting (now called Quinnox Consulting): Various roles • The BaaN Company: Regional Manager – Strategic Accounts & Channel Development • Mastek Limited: Various roles
  5. 5. Our Strategic Alliances Activation and Growth Readiness Delivery Other Business Lines Programs • Dynamics Partner Academy • Packaged training + coaching • Marketing Services Bureau curriculum program • Partner Business Consulting • Business, sales, presales, • 24-month engagement marketing, project management • Project management support • Offered to selected • Offered to all partners New/Inactive and Existing • Presales support Partners • Localization and distribution of • Scheduled class delivery • Based on Dynamics Partner ISV solutions • Basis for Sales and Presales Academy accreditation Croissance is the India office for 2win Global ( addressing the APAC, India and Middle East & Africa markets. We help companies that sell complex solutions win more business through a series of customized workshops focused on skills and strategies to improve their value positioning, discovery and demonstration skills in customer facing events. Our services target everyone in your organization who touches a customer or prospect, including your salespeople, pre-sales people, and services teams. Croissance partnered with AIM International to provide international channel expansion capability for the US & Canada markets. AIM provides ISVs and SIs with the essential services to realize their business growth potential by utilizing the market knowledge and insights gained over 25 years in business development at Microsoft, HP, Intel, Compaq and DEC.
  6. 6. Our Consulting Portfolio Information Technology (IT) Strategy Business Case Justification for IT Investments IT Business Solution EvaluationConsulting Pre-implementation readiness Services Program Management Post Implementation Assessment Application Re-engineering Business Skills Enhancement Workshops Solution Demonstration best practices – Demo2Win seriesConsulting Building your Cloud StrategyServices to IT Applications/Services Portfolio PlanningIT Industry Selecting your off-shore partner in India HR Services – Recruitment for IT Leadership positions
  7. 7. Low AdoptionRatesIn a typical ERPimplementation on average46% of licensed seatsare unused. Failed Implementations 28% of CRMLong, Costly implementations fail to go live.Training PeriodsUp to 60% ofimplementation costs arespent onuser training. Low Penetration 15% of employees have licensed seats.IT Consulting Services
  8. 8. Draft Your IT Strategy Business Scenario Our Approach Business Value• You consider IT as a Understand business • Clear identification of drivers, needs and cost issues critical IT investments over next 5 years• Do not perceive any value out of your IT Define level desired • Alignment of IT investments to deliver investments to business needs & issues• Previous experience with IT not too • Better cash flow Assess Current IT positive capabilities management through staggered IT• Makes you think – investments Why to invest into IT? Gap analysis of current vs desired • Improved ROI &• You have limited delivery payback from IT awareness of IT tools investments for your business Roadmap short & long term capabilities • Improved customer & & deliveries vendor & employee satisfaction levels
  9. 9. Business Case for IT Investment Business Scenario Our Approach Business Value• Are you clear of your Understand the business, • Ensure that any IT investment business needs and growth levers and pains you make is capable of supporting your business and issues to be addressed its operations in the longer by IT? Perform a PAIN CHAIN Analysis term• Limited knowledge of • Gain Higher ROI on your IT who all are impacted Quantify business benefits if investments within your organization pains are addressed • Justify your spend through with business issues gaining insight on the payback• Low confidence level in Assess and create Buying period, cash flow, internal rate Vision of return etc. Investing into IT due to various factors such as • Improved employee, supplier adoption, cost, time, lack Forecast cost budget for the solution and buyer satisfaction rate of knowledge etc. • In terms of bridging the gap, understanding the current• Unawareness of the Run relevant metrics through business drivers and our ROI calculation tool potential benefits of challenges will improve the introducing/enhancing IT quality of the remaining steps infrastructure to support Draft a business case for the specific IT investment and probability of overall your business processes success
  10. 10. Evaluate Business Solutions (ERP/CRM/HRM/SCM) Business Scenario Our Approach Business Value• You have clearly stated the Understand the • Expertise to shortlist solutions business needs that should Business Case for Solution Prioritize Your Requirements for ―your‖ industry be addressed by the IT • Customized evaluation criteria solution, have the based on your forecasted ROI and have a industry, budget, maturity & vision for a solution Issue RFP to Shortlisted Define Evaluation culture Vendors Criteria & RFP• You are now at a very • Get the real total cost of important stage where you ownership through our ability need to select the right IT to unearth hidden costs of Solution & the right vendor Evaluate & Rank Tabulate & solutions to implement the solution Live Demonstrations Compare the quoted costs • Get to know what sales people• You are unclear of the do not state about their available options and their strengths & weaknesses relative strengths & Review license Verify weaknesses & services references & • Optimization of business risk agreement vendor viability• You are unable to select the • Mitigate critical appropriate vendor – the implementation risks through a most successful is mostly structured evaluation of THE RIGHT IT not the best for you since to SOLUTION + service delivery capabilities cultural differences VENDOR
  11. 11. Pre-implementation Readiness Business Scenario Our Approach Business Value• Your organization has justified We shall conduct a two day Higher probability of project an IT spend and presented to workshop at your office premises completion on budget and on-time its leadership, and the same covering the following aspects of implementation: Internal expectation management has been approved by the leadership team • Implementation methodology Improved adoption due to effective change management• Your company has limited • Your risks in implementation experience on how to Better control on implementation implement a business • Project organization partner tasks application • Your role & responsibility Improved expectation mismatch from a• How will the application be process perspective implemented? • Project controls• What are the risks? • How to manage internal change• What are my responsibilities? • Project plan• What are the implementation • How to manage scope creep partner responsibilities? • Go live strategies• Who is required when and for • Data migration strategy what? • Project documentation• How do I manage internal resistance?
  12. 12. Program Management of IT Deployment Business Scenario Our Approach Business ValueThe sheer size and complexity of Our project management experts bringERP implementations makes in the knowledge and experience tomanaging these projects difficult. ensure a realistic project timelines,There are really two basic sides to effective monitoring of tasks & costs,ERP management, people andtechnology. identification & mitigation of project risks, adherence to the implementationAccording to the Eden Prairie, methodology of the solution vendorMinnesota Gartner Institute (a spin-off of the Gartner Group), the gap and effective communication to ensurebetween the promise of a system project success.and the business value actuallydelivered once the project has  Achieve the project goals andbeen deployed is great. objectives as decided earlierRobbins Gioia Survey  Optimize your Resource Utilization51% viewed their ERP  Integration of inputs necessary toimplementation was unsuccessful meet pre-defined objectivesConference Board Survey  Avoid any unexpected costs andImplementation costs were found to time to ensure highest possibleaverage 25% over budget ROIKPMG SurveyMore than 75% blew theirschedules by more than 30%
  13. 13. Post Implementation Audit Business Scenario Our Approach Business Value• Has your IT deployment lived Review Actual v/s • Know the actual cost & ROI from up to the expectations laid out Plan the project • Functional scope in the business case • Geographical • Could further training or coaching justification? scope Assimilate the actual costs of the project improve the degree of benefit • Project objectives• Is the required functionality • Documentation – being generated? project & technical available? • User training • Are there further functional• Are the procedures properly improvements or changes that documented, published and would deliver greater benefit? known about? • Are specific improvements• Have users received adequate required in training and coaching to take procedures, documentation, suppo advantage of the new facilities? Assess the ROI rt, etc.? Assess User level forecast and evaluate• Is data integrity being satisfaction the actual ROI for the • What learning points are there for maintained within the system solution future projects? and in relation to other integrated or interfaced systems?• Does the system have the Identify areas of improvement for an capacity to deal with the actual enhanced ROI peak loadings as encountered and foreseen?
  14. 14. Re-engineer Your IT Deployment Business Scenario Our Approach Business ValueA few years back, you decided and • Turning IT project failure - orstarted off an implementation potential failure - into a powerfulproject of a new IT business developmental catalyst, becauseapplication. the failure of an IT project revealsWell thats it then, you went live, internal weaknesses reachingtemporary staff and vendor always beyond ITrepresentatives left and the old • Capitalizing on thesystem was switched off. financial, professional, relationalHowever, the stakeholders do not and emotional investmentperceive their objectives delivered, • Addressing the organizationsthe users are not comfortable withthe new system and sigh wistfully weaknesses that have ultimatelyfor how things used to be, the new brought the IT project "in difficulty"system does not support working so as to achieve true synergypractices and there are errors or between IT andissues outstanding. organization, because IT project failure is but a revealer of weaknesses calling for a holistic therapy encompassing IT, organization and business strategy.
  15. 15. Consulting Services to IT Industry
  16. 16. Business Skills Enhancement Business Scenario Our Approach Business Value• A large, untapped market exists Marketing • Improved forecast accuracy for integrated IT business • Improved ROE on business solutions investments Sales• Horizontal solutions have Management • Improved customer satisfaction become a commodity • Improved profitability• Prospects value vertically specific solutions provided by Pre-Sales • Enhanced Employee morale trusted, capable experts • Reduced employee turnover• You need training, guidance, and systems in order to achieve Delivery • Reduced customer churn growth• Your company need an ability to differentiate their capabilities to customers• Are you doing the right things? – Mission, Vision & Strategy• Are you doing them the right way? – People, Processes & Technology Workshop Delivery Model
  17. 17. Solution Demonstration – Demo2win Business Scenario Our Approach Business Value• Your offer IT solutions and / or • Our Demo2win workshops help Understand your Solution and its services in your market business value to your customers you gain the 2% advantage over your competition (In any judged• Your solution and/or service are event, the difference between the high value and experience gold & silver medal is just 2%) longer sales cycles Get your best presales expert to demonstrate the solution to us & • This helps you win more orders• You face stiff competition from video record it with the same headcount of sales other solutions and service & presales providers that offer similar or same solution or service • This implies an improved return on Review the demonstration for• Presentations & solutions structure, value & demo crimes your sales & presales investment demonstrations are key to • Success leads of an enhanced success morale of the sales & presales• Our presales experts emphasize Impart skills to your presales expert team & get him/her to Re-demonstrate the a lot of features & functionality of same solution with video recording • This also implies the need for a the solution and technical lesser number of qualified aspects of your service opportunities for the target• Your win ratio from solution Prepare the content for the customer acquisition # due to the demonstration stage to order is workshop & develop role play improved conversion rate content below the industry average• Your cost of sales till the demonstration stage is more than 35% of the total cost of Conduct the Demo2Win workshop sales
  18. 18. Build Your Cloud Strategy Business Scenario Our Approach Business ValueThe Cloud is here and it is real. The cloud transformation demands that a The workshop will cover real-time decisionAccording to a study recently completed CXO-level decision-maker envision their where you can expect to leave with an actionby Everything Channel‟s IPED Research organization in a new way and commits to plan on critical changes required in yourdivision, by 2012, at least 50% of all proactively embrace this change, as well as business to take advantage of the boomingcustomers will have some form of a cloud guide the entire organization through it.solution underway. Cloud market. You would get valuable insights on:The Cloud is the most disruptive shift you We have designed Business Modelhave ever experienced because it is not Transformation workshops to provideonly about a technology shift, which guidance on the required business model  Realize the Pros and Cons of venturingmany of you are accustomed to, but a evolution to be successful in the cloud. The into the Cloud businessfundamental change in your business objective of the business model  Understand the readiness of your businessmodel. transformation workshops are: to enter the Cloud world:• How do you market effectively to • Provide thorough understanding of the  Investments new/and or existing customers in fundamental business drivers that your  Human Resource terms of cloud services? organization must be aware of when  Infrastructure• What are the deal economics of cloud planning their evolution to the cloud.  Support services and how does it impact your • Model and help you to clearly understand  Sales & Marketing business? the cause and effect of the business• How do you make money selling cloud drivers on your P&L. • Provide an understanding of the changes  Create the right cloud product/solutions services? to the services delivery model, and how portfolio that aligns to your business and• How do you compensate my sales your organization will need to adapt. its goals – Maximize ROI staff? • Learn what has to change in marketing• What metrics should you measure? and sales for your organization to drive a• How do you make my services profitable and sustainable cloud based offerings around cloud competitive? business.
  19. 19. Your Solution & Services Portfolio Optimization Business Scenario Our Approach Business ValueYou have experienced growth over • Better understanding of yourthe years, and have invested Analyze & Understand the Develop “to be” current business portfolio: Identify direction, the Drivers and the Speed-bumpstime, resources and money into current state of the Business and objectives &expanding your offerings to the Portfolio goals • Reduce costs and improvemarket efficiency by aligning the rightDiverse portfolio of IT solutions & Define the criteria Categorize the number of resources for the right current solutionsservices that you offer to the for portfolio and services into offering selection such asmarket: grow, stretch, revenue and / or profit margins maintain and • Identify the offerings that are giving divest category• Trained technical/non-technical you the desired ROI, and the ones resources that have the potential to further Identify new solutions, service Align the new improve your P&L• Infrastructure s and solutions and technologies to services to business • Restructure or eliminate the• Support staff add to the portfolio objectives stagnant or dead offerings toSome offerings have grown along improve your ROI and reducewith the market, while some have costs Maximize the Prioritize theremained stagnant, or have slowly value of the portfolio based on • Accurate insights into the currentphased out portfolio constraints market trends and demandThe stagnant offerings are patterns creates a basket ofhampering the growth of the more potential new offerings that youpromising ones, and are impacting Finalize the can offer with minimal incrementalyour P&L portfolio of costs solutions and services
  20. 20. HR Services – IT Leadership Recruitment Business Scenario Our Approach Business Value• Information Technology function has Understand client’s strategy and goals • The right leader to take your IT grown to be a critical business support to define desired Identification of infrastructure to the next level function within your organization Roles and Candidates respective • Align IT to the business growth• Your current IT is just a technology tool candidate profiles drivers and address the business management organization pains• The role demands a visionary leader to head the IT function Presentation of Interview, Evaluation & • Improved ROI on your IT Client & Position to investments Selection of• Does the IT team have an appropriate Candidates Candidates structure and governance model? • Get ability to forecast IT• Does the IT team have a culture that investments to support your vision is aligned with the corporate vision, mission and goals, brings out the best Presentation of Client’s meeting of in individual leaders, and enables Short List to short listed Clients Candidates effective decision-making?• How can the IT team know its strengths and weaknesses and how can it can develop as individuals and as a team? Employment terms Reference Checks negotiation• Does the IT leadership team have the right people, competencies, and experiences to achieve the business mission, vision, and strategy?• Does the IT leadership team have Post-Employment disciplined and meaningful processes follow up to find and groom the next generation of executives for the top team?
  21. 21. Select Your Right Offshore Partner in India Business Scenario Our Approach Business ValueOffshoring to India offers many benefits. • Specialization and vendor • Speed your time to market sizeBut youll get those benefits only if you • Expertise • Lower development costschoose the right outsourcing partner—the • Business Modelswrong choice can leave you worse off • Methodologies • Spare your own personnel to Preliminary • Industry Knowledge focus on core competenciesthan before. Survey • General Company Background • Gain access to high-level talent without hiring hassles.But that key phrase, ―the right offshorepartner,‖ covers a wealth of details, any • Transparency With our in-depth expertise of the • Employeesone of which, if overlooked, can doom an • Communication Indian IT industry, we make sure weoutsourced project and put a business • Facilities AVOID :behind the eight ball at a critical point in Create the • Securityits go-to-market strategy. Shortlist • References • over-promising • under-staffingWhile choosing the right offshore • security breaches • High-level descriptions of thepartner, one needs to ensure that no business need and how the • culture shockimportant factor is overlooked, that the vendors solution meets it • Clearly-defined acceptance and many other factors that can turnvendor chosen matches your needs and criteria and procedures Project a dream of profits into a nightmare ofcan deliver on time and in budget. Overview • Project timeline andCCPL’s methodology comprises of three Document milestones cost overruns and deliverables that • Pricesimple steps that help you quickly focus (POD) • Legal and contractual issues fall far short of whats needed toyour efforts on the vendors most likely to deliver the competitive edge desiredsucceed, and select the one thats rightfor you.
  22. 22. Our Select Customers
  23. 23. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of CroissanceConsulting as of the date of this presentation. Because Croissance must respond to changing marketconditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Croissance , and Croissancecannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation.CROISANCE MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THEINFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.