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Solutions Marketing In The Flexible Packaging Industry


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Solutions marketing within the leading flexible packaging solution providers

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Solutions Marketing In The Flexible Packaging Industry

  1. 1. "A combination of products, services, and intellectual property focused on a specificbusiness problem that drives measurable business value. The solutions componentscan be from either the vendor or one or more partners, and the solutions implementercan be the vendor, the partner, the customer itself, or a combination of the three.""A combination of products (Flexible packaging laminate, pre-formed pouches), services(Art work development, printing plate development, gravure printing drum development),and intellectual property (Lamination technology, knowledge of multi-layer laminates,Knowledge of materials, chemicals and adhesives) focused on a specific businessproblem (Client’s specific challenge in developing the right packaging for his productthat meets his product performance requirements) that drives measurable businessvalue (Customer saves in economic value terms by using less packaging material,through down gauging, superior barrier with innovative materials). The solutions components can be from either the vendor and one or more partners,and the solutions implementer can be the vendor, the partner, the customer itself, or acombination of the three." Solution development in the Flexible packaging industry Packaging Film suppliers, Specialty lamination adhesive suppliers, Ink suppliers Flexible packaging converter CLIENT Consumer