Internet Marketing And Web Marketing Is Passé


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The definition of Digital marketing

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Internet Marketing And Web Marketing Is Passé

  1. 1. Internet marketing and web marketing is passé…its all about Digital marketing!The terms internet marketing, web marketing and digital marketing have been used interchangeably bymany marketers without really understanding the subtle differences that actually exist in eachdefinition.Let us begin with the word “web”. In tech terms, the word web would denote the World Wide Web, alabyrinth of globally interconnected communication servers that enable devices that are connected tothese servers to talk to each other devices that are within the network. This network is nothing but whatwe today call the INTERNET, and therefore the words WEB and INTERNET are often usedinterchangeably.Therefore WEB MARKETING and INTERNET MARKETING are both synonyms.Now what is INTERNET MARKETING- Use of the Internet as a medium, to establish a point of contactwith the consumer using appropriate communications and creative collateral, to elicit the desiredresponse from the consumer is described as Internet marketing. Now, as a marketer, one can use boththe push marketing initiatives like email, IM, voice broadcasts, RSS etc or the pull marketing programslike banner Ads, pay per click Ads, games, Webinars, Podcasts etc on the Internet, and thus create acomprehensive Internet marketing program. BUT….This is limited to just a simple PULL and PUSH marketing program.Marketers have aspired to optimize every dollar spent on marketing- the objective is simply – maximumBANG for the BUCK!!This aspiration is now possible thorough the application of algorithm driven proprietary technologiesthat can track the consuming patterns of the online consumer. This enables the marketer to study theconsuming habits of his target consumer and by drilling down to the last detail of this consumer, tocustomize the marketing campaign that is “served” to this specific consumer, with the sole objective toelicit the desired response ( BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!) that will help the marketer accomplish his objectives(MORE REVENUE THROUGH ONLINE PURCHASE BY THE CONSUMER)The weaving of these technologies into Internet marketing program, gives the marketer to create micromarketing initiatives that are like precision guided SMART Munitions, meant to exact maximum impactwhen served to their target (Consumer). This then constitutes Digital marketing.Therefore the definition of DIGITAL MARKETING may be thus- It is a marketing initiative through whichproducts, services and solutions are promoted to the targeted consumer, using consumer data,consumer analytics, in a timely, relevant and effective manner via the Internet.The key attributes of Digital marketing are that it provides instant feedback to the marketer, enables themarketer to adapt his communications and programs in real time , based on the feedback received andconstantly keep pace with the needs of his target consumer.The maturing of online marketing , from Internet marketing to Digital marketing was a foregoneconclusion, with the explosion of the internet usage , especially in the developing economies. With the
  2. 2. deluge of data rising due to strong penetration of social media platforms, BIG DATA was just around thecorner, till marketers realized that this BIG DATA holds tremendous opportunity, not only to drill downto their target consumer’s specific needs, but also to enable the maximize the returns on the marketingbudgets.This is the age of Digital marketing!