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Ashish Tandon Career Road Map 1992 2012 Infographic


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Ashish Tandon Resume in Infographic presentation

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Ashish Tandon Career Road Map 1992 2012 Infographic

  1. 1. Ashish Tandon’s career road map 1992- 2012Sales Representative 1992 B.S Chemistry Sales & Distribution undergraduate degree- Delhi Management University Demand Generation Channel Management B2C Consumer Market Activation Sales Budgeting and st 1 MBA planning degree- IMI Business Development German language course- IIFT District Sales Consultative sales Manager 2000 Chemicals, plastics & Solution Sales Executive B2B Packaging Manager Corp C-Level engagement accounts Marketing collateral 2003 Business B2B Marketing consulting Manager Consulting 2004 Solutions outsourcing B2B Chemicals, plastics &Sales Manager- Packaging Profit maximizationKey Corporate 2007 Business process improvement Accounts P&L responsibility B2C Consumer Project Management Business Manager Marketing Management Marketing strategy- ISB Operations and cost optimization 2011 HULT MBA 2012 graduate 2nd MBA degree- HULT
  2. 2. I am a business management professional with 18 years experience; 10 years in CPG businesses,essaying B2C roles, 6 years in consultative solution sales in B2B customized solutions businesses, engaging with C-Suite decision makers, and 2 years in B2B,C-Suite engagements in marketing consulting assignments.My cumulative 18 years professional experience can be further assigned to; 7 years of marketing experience, 18years of sales management and business development experience and 5 years of operations, manufacturing,recruiting, sales training, sourcing, and logistics experience.From 2007 till 2011, I have led and managed the entire consumer products business for a large German family ledconglomerate with P&L responsibilities; as its Profit Center Head, my responsibilities to the business includedMarketing, Sales, Finance, operations, Quality Assurance/ISO -9000 2001,Supply chain & Human resources. Duringmy tenure as the profit center head of the consumer business, I managed projects, essayed role of internalbusiness analyst for the division, developed technology RFPs, and successfully implemented IT projects within thecompany and across the 10 branches.Over the last 18 years I have seamlessly made successful transitions from consumer businesses to print andpackaging, to chemicals and consulting. This has been possible due to my ability to transfer skills from onebusiness vertical to the next, from one geography to the next, and to adapt when required by the demands of thejob. I confidently believe that I will be successful in transitioning to any mid-senior management role in any businessvertical, and quickly assimilate new skill sets that will enable me to deliver on the expectations of the organizationsenior management team.A specialist in go-to-market strategy and execution in emerging markets, new business verticals and niche domainsin mature markets, I particularly thrive in and am driven by ambiguous and challenging markets, where the rolehas been vast and ever-changing.I possess a wide range of experience working in and with a variety of business types: high-growth startups,proprietor-owned business, Fortune 100 companies, Social enterprises, non profits and premier businessassociations.Extensive contemporary coursework and practice in Strategy, Corporate Finance, Digital Marketing, InboundMarketing, IT management and Global management have prepared me to take on new assignments, comprehendthe challenge and the broad business objectives and work with the team to address those objectives. Mycumulative practical management experience will definitely assist me in achieving those objectives within anyorganization and in any business vertical.An entrepreneurial executive with honed ability to identifying business needs and getting things done in allcapacities: autonomously, in leadership, and in physical or virtual teams.MBA, Aug 2012, Hult International Business School;MBA, May 1998, International Management Institute (Delhi);B.S. in Chemistry, Delhi University.Contact details:Email – atandon2012@student.hult.eduLinkedIn profile SKYPE : ashishtandon3091+9811561047 (India Mobile) / 1+6179965281 (US landline)