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N star football sms

  1. 1. nSTAR Resources Football SMS Alerts – News & Live !Page  1
  2. 2. 2011/12 Season and Tournaments Includes.... English Premier League La Liga Serie A Bundesliga UEFA Champions League Europa League FA Cup African Cup of Nations 2012 UEFA Euro 2012 qualifiers .....and much more ! Page  2
  3. 3. For Football Fans …. Having Excitement Likes Quality SMS content It is important to know about Key Moments in Real Time Page  3 Loves Direct on Mobile
  4. 4. Available Alerts Team Alerts Player Alerts Tournament Alerts League Alerts Live Match scores and action Alerts Page  4
  5. 5. Text Alerts – How it works ? Customers subscribe by sending a keyword (example: ManU) to a short code number to receive Team, Tournament, Player or League SMS alerts 1.Team Subscription Customer receives Text alerts for All games the Team plays and can include following key action; Goals, Yellow/Red Cards, Half Time/Full Time scores AND Customer will receive, up to 3 Text Alerts every day with the Teams latest news such as injuries, transfers and signings 2. Tournament, League or Player subscriptions Customer receives up to 3 Text Alerts every day for every subscribed item i.e. per chosen player, league or tournament, with the very latest major news Page  5
  6. 6. Team Alerts The following team alerts are available now for the new 2011/12 season Manchester United Arsenal Manchester City Barcelona have arrived Chelsea in England ahead of Liverpool UCL Final to avoid ash Tottenham Hotspur cloud Barcelona Real Madrid Valencia Sevilla Real Mallorca Inter Milan AC Milan Juventus Roma Sampdoria Palermo Page  6
  7. 7. Tournament Alerts News alerts on the following tournaments are available UEFA Champions League Carling Cup FA Cup Switzerland Coach African Cup of Nations 2012 Ottmar Hitzfeld is Europa League relishing the ‘tough UEFA Euro 2012 Qualifiers challenge’ against England Copa del Rey Page  7
  8. 8. Leagues News Alerts for the following Leagues will be available English Premier League Serie A (Italy) Bundesliga (Germany) Olympiacos have Ligue 1 (France) sacked coach Ewald La Liga (Spain) Lienen after their shock Europa league exit Page  8
  9. 9. Player Alerts We deliver the latest updates and news on a superstar selection of the best and most recognised players Didier Drogba Zlatan Ibrahimovic John Terry Xavi John Terry – England Wayne Rooney Christiano Ronaldo captaincy returned to John Terry after Javier Hernandez Kaka Ferdinand injury trouble Andrei Arshavin Aritz Aduriz by manager Capello Robin Van Persie Juan Mata Fernando Torres Adriano Steven Gerrard Luis Fabiano David Silva Borja Valero Carlos Tevez Gonzalo Castro Lionel Messi Samuel Eto Andres Iniesta Wesley Sneijder Page  9
  10. 10. Player Alerts We deliver the latest updates and news on a superstar selection of the best and most recognized players Julio Sergio David Beckham Real Madrid star Kaka Ronaldinho returns to action after two months out with a Antonio Cassano knee injury Giampaolo Pazzini Fabrizio Miccoli Edinson Cavani Diego Forlan Abedi Ayew David Villa Francesco Totti Page  10
  11. 11. Live Match Alerts Live Match Alerts for all the top teams can be provided with alerts for action points such as: Kick Off Goals Yellow Cards Red Cards Half Time Score Full Time Score Example Live Match Alerts (provided when User subscribes to a Club or Clubs): Man Utd – MANU 0-0 CHE: The game kicks off! MANU 1-0 CHE: GOAL Hernandez (MANU) 38’ MANU 1-0 CHE: Half Time Score is 1-0 MANU 1-0 CHE: Second half Kicks off! MANU 1-0 CHE: Yellow Card: Drogba (CHE) 58’ MANU 1-0 CHE: RED Card: Drogba (CHE) 69’ for second yellow card offence. MANU 1-0 CHE: Full Time score is 1-0. MANU win! Page  11
  12. 12. How to start …. Would you be interested Pl share the following details and your ideas... Billing – MO or MT, multiple charging and subscription options including recurring. Ability to create bespoke charging solutions Scheduled Delivery – bespoke scheduling of News alerts to fit with time zones Available Connectivity – HTTP or SMPP Localisation - Serving specific supported languages Alert types – System set up in secular modular system allowing for parsing and delivery of subsets Alert packages – allows for specific alerts to be subscribed to independently or as bundles Business Case – On expected business on Subscription on each type and tentative End user price for each package Marketing help by Operator – Operator readiness for Promotions by SMS, Advertisement and / or any other means Target Date - to start testing / implementation and Go Live Page  12
  13. 13. Pl connect to info@nstarresources.com Ashish Navinchandra Bavishi +91-9833994266 Linkedin.com/in/ashishbavishi Skype : ashish_bavishi Thank you!Page  13