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Android OS


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android os, applications & many more about android....

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Android OS

  2. 2. 2 What I am going to Discuss . . . 1. What is OHA ? 2. What is Android ? 3. Foundation Of Android 4. Versions History Of Android 5. Features Of Android 6. Android OS VS iPhone OS 7. Android Devices 8. Smart Phone OS Market Share-2014 9. Reference
  3. 3. OHA (Open Handset Alliance) 3 What is the Open Handset Alliance (OHA)? In 2007, a group of manufacturers, wireless carriers & software developers formed the “Open Handset Alliance”
  4. 4. 4 OPEN HANDSET ALLIANCE cont. Aim is to develop open standards for mobile devices Members have promised not to lock their Android phones Members T-Mobile, HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung, Sony and many more . . Nokia, Microsoft, RIM (BlackBerry) are only major companies to not align with OHA
  5. 5. 5 OPEN HANDSET ALLIANCE cont. Members are:
  6. 6. What is Android? 6 Android is a operating system for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. Based on the Linux kernel Android specially developed for applications. 1.3+ million apps(as of August 2014) The Android is an open source.
  7. 7. 7 HTC Dream (October 22, 2008) FOUNDATION OF ANDROID Android, found in Palo Alto in California,United States by Andy Rubin. - October 2003 Google acquired Android, Inc. – August 2005 The Open Handset Alliance, a group of several companies was formed - 5 November 2007 Android Beta SDK Released - 12 November 2007.
  8. 8. VERSIONS HISTORY OF ANDROID Android 1.0 (Astro) 23 September 2008 Android 1.1 (Bender) 9 February 2009 Android 1.5 (Cupcake) 30 April 2009 Android 1.6 (Donut) 15 September 2009 Android 2.0-2.1 (Éclair) 26 October 2009 Android 2.2-2.2.3 (Froyo) 20 May 2010 Android 2.3-2.3.7 (Gingerbread) 6 December 2010 Android 3.0-3.2.6 (Honeycomb) 10 May 2011 Android 4.0-4.0.4(Ice cream s.w.) 19 October 2011 Android 4.1-4.3.1 (Jelly Bean) 13 July 2012 Android 4.4-4.4.4 (Kit Kat) 3 September 2013 Android L late 2014 8
  9. 9. 9 FEATURES Current features and specifications: •Handset layouts The platform is adaptable to larger, VGA, 2D graphics library, 3D graphics library based on OpenGL ES 3.0 specifications, and traditional smart phone layouts. •Connectivity Android supports connectivity technologies including GSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC and WiMAX. •Multiple language support Android supports multiple languages. •Media support Android supports the following audio/video/still media formats: MP3,MPEG-4, WMV,AVI,AAC, WAV, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP etc.
  10. 10. 10 •Additional hardware support Android can use video/still cameras, touch screens, GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, dedicated gaming controls, proximity sensors, thermometers, accelerated 3D graphics and many more.. FEATURES cont. Current features and specifications: •Multi-touch Android has native support for multi-touch. •Multitasking Multitasking of applications, with unique handling of memory allocation, is available
  11. 11. 11 •Screen capture Android supports capturing a screenshot by pressing the power and volume-down buttons at the same time. FEATURES cont. Current features and specifications: •External storage Most Android devices include micro SD slot and can read micro SD cards formatted with FAT32, Ext3 or Ext4 file system. •Tethering Android supports tethering, which allows a phone to be used as a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot. Before Android 2.2 this was supported by third-party applications or customizations
  12. 12. 12 Android OS VS iPhone OS Android just drag and drop for syncing by using USB cable on computer While Google charges for Android developers only $5 Android OS have Flash support iPhone syncing only with iTunes Apple charges for the App developers $100 While the iPhone only has html5 support
  13. 13. 13 SMART PNONE OS MARKET SHARE - 2014
  15. 15. ONLY FOR SMART PHONE ?? 15 Manufacturers are making many devices not limited only to Cell Phones. Android OS is now running in : • Cell Phones, • Tablets, • Android cars, • HDTV, • Desktop phones, • Microwave oven, • Washing machine, • Set-top boxes for satellite and CableTV.
  16. 16. 16 A Desktop Home or Office phone running Android ANDRIOD DEVICES cont. World’s First HDTV that runs on the Android operating system
  17. 17. 17 ANDRIOD DEVICES cont. India's first Android based Micro Oven. January 7, 2010 World’s First Android Car Roewe 350
  18. 18. REFERENCE : 18 &q=android+tutorial android-history-infographic#awesm=~ocx3EhN3rqzNc4s
  19. 19. THANK YOU 19