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  • Godrej has recently merged its two businesses of Appliances and Complete Home Solutions into ONE.
  • Siemens to launch its dish washers in a big way.Top results when searched for L.C.D T.V- LG, Sony, Onida & SamsungRefrigerators- Whirlpool, Samsung, LGMicrowave Ovens- Whirlpool, Samsung, LGWashing Machine- LG, Samsung & GodrejA.C- LG, Samsung, Hitachi naaptol.com/mouthshut.com gives worst reviews for Godrej !
  • How do I need to change- I must tell them that I have been there since centuries because I am the BEST, I love my customers and value them the most. I need to communicate to them, tell them about the latest Appliances CATEGORY wise, I need to be in their Consideration set first. Once they have it in their minds that Godrej has a great technology and Design, they will look for me and I have to be available in GREATER variety than my competitor is offering.I have to drastically improve my after sales SERVICES offered. I should be present in all Media, especially Digital and TV. People should blog and comment positively about me.
  • Godrej

    1. 1. Godrej Appliances
    2. 2. Godrej Appliances• 1958- made its first refrigerator in India• Eon- brings cool & new features to meet today’s needs• Eyes 10% market share in LCD T.V segment by 2012 (At present its 5% )• Vision: Godrej appliance in every home and work place
    3. 3. The Agenda The task is simple : “Communicate & Solve the Problem” (Problem in this case is the Communication itself)Why & How is what I will discuss here…
    4. 4. Where are we now? The Net Profit for the year was `133.43 crore as compared to ` 80.92 crore in the previous year, a growth of 65%• In Central India, Godrej  not the first choice of consumers, sometimes it does not even make it to the consideration set of customers.• Words & feelings attached: Strong, Durable, Safe, trustworthy, Indian
    5. 5. Why are we here?• We are not often heard by in the appliances category• We are not in the top search of for T.V/Refrigerators/A.C/Microwaves• Customers want the best in every category, told individually & not with ‘we are best in everything’• Japanese/Korean technology is considered the best• “Bring home the latest in technology” is not what people have in mind for Godrej
    6. 6. 5Discoveries
    7. 7. 1 Category
    8. 8. Category What’s going on? Customers seeking Consumers are Smart more Convenience & retreating to the Appliances in Control over their recessionary Demand products mindset HOT WARM COLDTherefore: Premium yet affordable products should bemade available
    9. 9. Category Priority Shift from T.V to Laptop/P.C What’s New? Etc.More Aware & More Variety Growing Nuclear preferred over Educated Family Trend minor technological People advancesTherefore: Provide reasons to buy by giving more optionsto choose from & positive presence over Digital Media
    10. 10. Category What’s the competition up to? Focus onGreat presence Festive Season: Product featuresover internet + Free Gifts + & Advanced T.V offers promoted TechnologyTherefore: Best Product Design & After Sales Service mustbe provided
    11. 11. Category What’s changing ?T.V is still a hot Increase in buy in microwave sales No waiting for customer’s Shift towards Festive offers mindset Convenience anymoreTherefore: Smart Designs with convenience (ease of use)must be communicated
    12. 12. 2 Brand
    13. 13. Brand• Smart + Innovative + Convenient Products = Who Knows?Competitive Advantage: Indian, Trusted, Connected to lives of people since childhood, Innovative & Attractive Product DesignsAssociations: Hair Dye, Almirah, locks and furniture
    14. 14. 189 20117 Godrej has come a long way since 1897 and has grown big. In Appliances category, it has a strong hold in Indian market with a wide range of T.V’s, A.C’s, Washing machines, Microwaves, Water Purifiers & Refrigerators. Prospects are excellent for Godrej Appliances. Looking forward to have a good share in T.V market in India, which is growing and big.
    15. 15. Opportunities Strengths Growing nuclear family trendTrusted name in durability &safety Growing disposable incomeInnovative Product designs Growth in sales of high capacity modelsExtensive R&D Better Understanding of Indian Rural Market SWOT Threat Weakness Huge competition from the SouthStrong associations with Corporate Brand Korean and the Japanese Brands withmay lead to unacceptability by customers their frequent advancements andCommunication hasn’t been strong wider product range with extensive communicationPeople prefer Korean & Japanese Brandover Indian More Foreign players entering Indian market, realizing the growth potential
    16. 16. Brand• Appeal- Convenient and Smart products by growing younger with my customers• My Personality- A time-tested Indian, who is trustworthy and capable• I Appeal to- Housewives & Young professionals seeking extended convenience with modern technology• My Relationship with them- An ever young childhood companion who has always understood their needs better• Why Different- I strive for excellence and providing great value to my customers. I understand them better
    17. 17. Brand• How do I express myself- I tell them that even I am into making appliances & I try to design them in such a way that its convenient for you to use• How do I need to change- I must tell them that I am the BEST, I love my customers and value them the most. communicate to them, tell them about the wide variety of latest Appliances, CATEGORY wise, Godrej must be talked about everywhere- Internet, T.V, Radio, News Papers
    18. 18. Brand Challenge the CUSTOMERSTherefore: I provide great Service, I am the best you canget & I am for the SMARTER ones only
    19. 19. 3 Communication
    20. 20. Communications• Poor communication for Godrej Appliances• Mostly present in Business News• No consumer involving activity• No to Low recall rate of any recent campaign by customers• Nothing for people to talk about the Brand
    21. 21. Communications• Negative publicity on Internet• Not communicated as the Best Technology & Design by Curiosity• We also make other appliances than just Refrigerators is the only Advertisement recalled by some people, But this was not the right way of Brand communicationTherefore: We need to make some NOISE !!!
    22. 22. 4 Client
    23. 23. Client• Vision: Godrej in every home and workplace• Mission: Godrej Mission is to operate in existing and new businesses which capitalize on the Godrej brand and corporate image of reliability and integrity.• Values: Commitment to Quality, Customer Orientation, Dedication & Commitment, Discipline, Honesty & Integrity, Learning Organisation, Openness & Transparency, Respect/Care & concern for people, Teamwork TrustTherefore: We must focus on customer orientation andmake them believe about our Honesty & Integrity
    24. 24. 5 Consumer
    25. 25. Insight Most Housewives rely Consumer on customer service if they are not used to the product• Always attracted towards latest appliance• More appliances of a brand in store = Strong R&D = Growing company• Appliances: Stature = Proud consumer• Basics (Functionality & 5 Star and exchange) are mostly similar
    26. 26. Insight Most middle Consumer class families cover their Appliances with something• Design must be appealing and Warranty is important• Convenience is what women want in technology• Safe delivery at my doorstep (Everybody provides that)• Service (Company’s & Dealer’s promise should be kept)
    27. 27. Consumer• Motivators – Need, old appliance not working properly & is irreparable – Even maids demand a washing machine – Changing lifestyles, convenience driven, attractive looks, Multipurpose• Basis of choice: – Relative pricing do not affect much – Something Extra than the Basic Functionality, More Variety, Feel & Experience the difference if possible – Exchange bonus and discounts/extended warranty/SERVICE
    28. 28. Television Sense-Able Consumer They want to feel the differenceDifference is visible byinstant comparison of the picture quality Washing Machines Difference is based on A.C/Microwave RefrigeratorsConvenience of loading Difference is on paper, Aesthetics, Even in Off clothes, easy some basic technology & mode smells good, looks mobility/light weight, Aesthetics or the spacious from inside, minimum noise and feedback from any other touch of handle + water stains on body source smooth opening of DoorStylish & Attractive Appliances that only Smarter ones can own…Therefore: We are in the business of beautification ofAppliances. The way you dress tells something about your life,the appliances you use defines your lifestyle
    29. 29. Consumer• How do they buy: – Prompt purchase – need – Planned purchase – want – Preferred electronics store; but comparison plays its part – Mostly by cash, card, cheque. (0% finance schemes would be considered for items above 25k.
    30. 30. I have a need Need I have MoneyAdvertisements & Displays Will tell Societal Acceptance everyone whenWant of being Updated & [Internet] they ask what’s Stylish Buying System new? Brochures Friends Hyper city etc. Compliments Online Good service comparison assistance& best Reviews considered Feeling of- I’m Smarter Now- Through the AdsAttractive design &more variety unless Where I get more variety, good deal (financial)some revolutionary Guaranteed Service Assurance, invention in the recommendations from friends & family category
    31. 31. Vision Focus Where could we be?
    32. 32. Wants Latest in something Technology NEW which Smartly & Design provides PhotogenicConvenience & looks Attractive
    33. 33. You don’t have to makeroom for it…You have todesign the room aroundit instead!
    34. 34. Creative Brief
    35. 35. • Target Audience: 24-36 Yrs, M/F, Internet Users, Graduates, Stylish & Trendy• The Opportunity: 70% of Indian citizens are young (Below 36 yrs)• Current Behaviour: Every bit of information is searched primarily on internet• Key Consumer Insight: They want the appliance to look beautiful & younger• Brand Proposition: To showcase the beautiful (to fall in love with) looks• Creative units required: Webpage developer/ designer, Visualizer, Studio Artworks• Desired Personality: Smartly Photogenic
    36. 36. How canwe getthere ?
    37. 37. • Revamp the webpage: Making it more lively, showcasing the most attractive appliances with a lot of images to explain the basic functions of the appliance clearly.Make it easily accessible to all. Stylish yet ClearMake buy online option, nearest dealer, free demo, Attractive accessories available on the internet
    38. 38. • Customized QR codes: Develop a customized QR code for Godrej. The younger generation is going crazy about it. Its free and a lot can be done within to capture the audience’s attention
    39. 39. CreativesPrint AdCampaign
    40. 40. The Experience
    41. 41. • Creating an Experience for customers:In shopping Malls, Bus-Stands, Outside Metro Stations, Footpaths INSTALL1. A Godrej TV which will be attached to a computer & programmed in such a way that if a person looks at it: It will display the person’s image instantly in a stylish background and also tells the Personality traits of that person, thereby suggesting the Appliances suitable for that personality
    42. 42. 2. Customized QR codes (Promotion will be something like what VW did for Beetle 2012)3. Refrigerator shaped air-conditioned booths which smells good from inside and as soon as u enter in it and close the door, Beautiful Scenery & Backgrounds with lighting will appear, different touch panels to play with will also be present and your delightful emotions will be captured in the camera and you will not be aware of it unless you step out of the booth Where you will see a large screen with the collage of your photographs through which you can even update it straightaway to your facebook wall and also share it.Promotions in TVC: We need to drive the maximum customer traffic on our website. We simply need to tell them to log on to the official homepage by advertising the URL, also in a ‘beautiful’ way.
    43. 43. ThankYou