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Getting started with_flipsnack


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Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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Getting started with_flipsnack

  1. 1. Go to:
  2. 2. Sign In/Register
  3. 3. To Sign in or Register with Flipsnack, Click ‘Sign in’ at the top of right corner Flipsnack page. If you have a flipsnack account. You can Sign- in as usual. If you do not have an account click at ‘Register’.You also can sign in using these application.
  4. 4. Add Documents
  5. 5. To add a document, click ‘New flip’. Insert your document title. You can add document either from your computer or import from URL.Then, browse or drag and drop your fileshere. Your document pages can be more than 500 pages in pdf format.
  6. 6. Next, wait for yourdocument to finish uploading and converting. Once you are done uploading thedocument, you can edit your document info. Then, click ‘Next’ button.
  7. 7. Choose Template
  8. 8. You can choose four types of template for viewing your flipbook.
  9. 9. Preview Settings
  10. 10. Select your color and style. Select yourpreview setting.
  11. 11. Examples of your flipbook Then click preview.‘Finish’ button.
  12. 12. Sharing Flipbook
  13. 13. Click ‘Copy’ to copy this link and email it to the person you wish to share.You also can share your flipbook using Facebook and Twitter.