social marketing ( pulse polio)


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social marketing ( pulse polio)

  1. 1. SOCIALMARKETINGPulse Polio campaign Ashiq sofi 29165
  2. 2. Social advertisementThe concept of social marketing was givenby Philip kotler and Gerald Zaltman in1971. Social Marketing is a systematicapplication of marketing, along with theconcepts and techniques, to achievespecific behavioural goals for social good.e.g Pulse polio eradication, using seatbelts in car, not smoke in public placesetc.
  3. 3. POLIO POIO or Poliomyelitis, often called polio or infantile paralysis, is an acute, viral, infectious disease spreads from person to person, primarily via the fecal-oral route. Humans are the only reservoir / Carrier of Polio Virus called Wild Polio Virus. It has three types 1, 2, 3. It is type 2 which is the first one to get eliminated, followed by type 3 & then type1 Polio Virus from the human environment. Elimination of type 2 virus generally indicates a good / Satisfactory Routine Immunization System / Coverage in an area. The country has already eliminated Type-2 Virus six years ago.
  4. 4. 1/1/2012
  5. 5. -> In India, vaccination against Polio started in1978 with Expanded Program in Immunization(EPI) with 28757 pulse polio cases. -> It was successful covering around 40% of allinfants, giving 3 doses of OPV. -> In 1985, the Universal Immunization Program(UIP) was launched to cover all the districts of thecountry.-> UIP became a part of Child Survival and SafeMotherhood Program (CSSM) .-> This program led to a significant increase incoverage, up to 95%. The number of reportedcases of polio also declined from 28,757 during1987 to 3,265 in 1995.
  6. 6. 83-85% off all new polio cases are now found in India. In 1998, 1934 Polio cases
  7. 7. A megaphone mounted on rickshaw to announcethe date of NID in village and district town 1/1/2012
  8. 8. To fully eradicate polio from India, Amitab BachanAshwariya Rai, Shahrukh khan and sports personSachin Tendulkar has been made Brand Ambassadorby the health ministry.
  9. 9. Pattern of resistance The need to address knowledge gap wasincreasingly critical, especially among marginalized,underserved communities. who were mostly illiterateand deprived of access to information.OPV causes infertility in children In many states, the frequent OPV rounds haddiscernibly fueled fears about the true purpose of thevaccine. Words began to circulate that OPV was acontraceptive designed to control fertility in children.
  10. 10. “One of my nephews who was 7 months old fell ill and died a year ago. He had beengiven polio vaccine but he still developed polio…..Thus even if we give the vaccine ourchildren are liable to get polio.” – Rahmat, Hindu Khera, 1/1/2012 Sambhal, Moradabad “My neighbour’s son developed polio when had was two years old. He had been given the vaccine many times.” – Pushpa, 30, Karula, Moradabad in an in-depth interview
  11. 11. A mother, believing OPV would causeinfertility, refused to lether son be immunized 1/1/2012
  12. 12. Last year(2010): Out of 42 polio casesreported at the National Level in the year 1/1/20122010, of which 18 cases were of P 1 wild and24 cases of P 3 wild polio virus.Uttar Pradesh accounted for 10 cases andBihar for 9 cases & West Bengal for 8 casesand Delhi, due to its close proximity to UP andhigh inflow of floating population from UP andBihar (settling in slums eventually)
  13. 13. 1/1/2012
  14. 14. Majority of countries in the world are polio free and only fourcountries are still polio endemic: Nigeria, India, Pakistan andAfghanistan. WHO / TAG accords the certification – POLIO 1/1/2012FREE after a country hasremained polio free for at least 3 years consecutively.
  15. 15. The fight against polio is still on in some parts ofU.P, Bihar and Dehli where some polio cases were foundIn 2011. Thank you