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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  1. 1. Presented by Dileep.k P.I.M.S MUNNAD
  2. 2.  HSBC is a public limited company  Incorporated in England and Wales in 1990  Headquartered in London since 1993  The group was founded from The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation  It was established in 1865 in Hong Kong.
  3. 3.  Commercial Banking  Asset Management  HSBC Global Resourcing  Insurance  Data Processing
  4. 4.  Private Equity  Audit Service  Investment Banking  Software Development  HSBC InvestDirect (India) Limited
  5. 5.  Personal Banking  Non Resident Indian Banking  Financial Planning Services  Corporate Banking  Business Banking
  6. 6.  Payments and Cash Management  Institutional Banking  Treasury and Capital Markets  Custody and Clearing
  7. 7.  provides solutions to a diverse client base  it is committed for aiming to deliver consistent investment performance  world-class service and a broad range of solutions for all types of investors  offering two broad categories Mutual Fund and Portfolio Management Services.
  8. 8.  It is the largest, captive, banking and financial services  It plays a key role in delivering shareholder value  It seamlessly integrates and helps the Group remain competitive  Global Resourcing is present in India as HSBC Electronic Data Processing India Pvt. Ltd  Operates in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam.
  9. 9.  HSBC Insurance Brokers (India) Private Limited is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority (IRDA)  Operate as a composite insurance broking company, which will function as a direct and a reinsurance broker.
  10. 10.  HSBC Operations and Processing Enterprise (India) Private Limited, through two centres in Mumbai and Chennai  Provides operational processing services for HSBC offices in India.
  11. 11.  HSBC Private Equity Management (Mauritius) Limited a subsidiary of HSBC Private Equity (Asia) Limited in Hong Kong  it has a Liaison Office in Mumbai.  The company specialises in the provision of equity capital to unlisted growth companies in India and Sri Lanka.
  12. 12.  HSBC Professional Services (India) Private Limited provides internal audit services to the HSBC Group  with particular emphasis on the IT, Treasury, Asset Management, Private Banking and Insurance functions
  13. 13.  HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Private Limited has two main business lines  Its Institutional and proprietary broking business is based in Mumbai and  It has seats on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange  It deals in Indian securities for both Indian and international institutions  selection of retail clients is backed by an extensive research team.
  14. 14.  HSBC Software Development (India) Private Limited has established a software centre in Pune  To develop solutions for HSBC's Group offices worldwide.
  15. 15.  Revenue: $142.05 billion  Net Income: $3,541 million  312,000 employees across the globe  9,500 offices in 85 countries and territories  Current share price is 87.65HKD per share
  16. 16.  HSBC InvestDirect (India) Limited (HIDL) with its headquarters in Mumbai  It has a pan-India presence  Through its subsidiaries, offers a range of products & web based services  It includes Stock Broking Services, Investment Advisory, Distribution of Financial products and Securities.