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A Bono, Design Portfolio


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These are works from my personal graphic design portfolio.

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A Bono, Design Portfolio

  1. 1. Easter Island Evening Ensworth School Auction Information Design—Invitation & Envelope Illustrations ashley bono
  2. 2. Christmas Spectacular Holiday Benefit Musical Linear Design—Invitation
  3. 3. Touche’ Men’s Cologne & Women’s Perfume Packaging Design ashley bono
  4. 4. Spend less. Pump less. Drive more. Going electric is the way of the future. Zip on. Test drive one today and feel the power of going electric... and green. Visit to find a dealer near you. Zip In Zip Out Motors Electric Car Company Magazine AD
  5. 5. y Helms “She puts on a show that is both enjoyable and –literally– incredible.” THE NEW YORK TIMES “Sunny Helms will become a household name soon enough. Her talent deserves every bit of recognition.” ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE “Her latest CD is sure to top the charts. Sunny’s musical style is unlike any other female artist. Her future looks bright and promising.” COUNTRY MUSIC TELEVISION (CMT) “FRAME OF MIND” — DEBUT CD RELEASE #1 SINGLES — “LIVE ON” & “SHOW ME MORE” TV APPEARANCES ON “THE TONIGHT SHOW,” CONAN O’BRIEN & SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE CMA FEMALE ARTIST NOMINEE 2008 WWW.SUNNYHELMS.COM WWW.MYSPACE.COM/SUNNYHELMS © 2008 CAPITOL RECORDS NASHVILLE. LISCENSED FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY. Sunny Helms Artist Press Kit Information Design ashley bono
  6. 6. ZIP-IN ZIP-OUT MOTORS RAINWATER PRESS Electric Car Dealership Publishing Company ACCURATE HEALTHCARE INC. MONTEREY CERAMIC & TILE INC. Medical Equipment Supplier Identity & Branding
  7. 7. s ts —The World’s #1 Burgers— cial o Spe ——— m is first ssoers rea warm ice c ith a red w sauce, te whip cola with opped ry. ica urg a cher eam & 4.25 The P aint PB Delig er’s ht — — A war — m bro vanil wnie la se choco bean ice cr rved with late sa ea uce, to m, nuts, & whip pped w cream Desserts ith es erts —The World’s #1 Bu & a ch erry 5.75 Bun (made fresh daily) asso Cookies . . . l Try our famous Pic Specia Pablo —— ——— so y, st ious gooey, chew — is fir A plate of three delic cream a warm them hourly cookies. We make el ice chocolate-chunk h Carm ered wit uce, ripe & warm! so they are nice smoth colate sa whip crisp cas rg cho with 4.25 pped . ato lettuce en to herry &ac th cream tom 4.25 Pi Bu The P aint Delig er’s ht — m bro —— A war vanil wnie la se choco bean ice cr rved with late sa ea uce, to m, nuts, & ks ks whip pped w cream ma ith & a ch ur erry Picasso te Yo 5.75 yo Crea Own ———made rete asso Cookies . . . Conc omemade onion Try our famous Pic h with ice cream ——— la vanil y, Burgers ious gooey, chew pick A plate of three delic them hourly ings: les cookies. We make Topp se 2-3) chocolate-chunk ketchup ripe are nice & warm! o (cho so they ith s ion w ar Oreo uch 4.25 g ie Do hips ato n a su Cook ojito C late hoco int aga M ass. tom C a’l M The M rries ——— ith a rawbe ries jito w St er ic mo Raspb dar class It’s a twist. ched ese 5.25 5.85 he c r Server About . . . Classic Picasso –––– the ash, Blue Bloch, d’Avignon, rinks Drinks nfusion, Barcelona Bash, ma 100% Organic Beef he Infamous Pablo yo Picasso Picasso Picasso Burgers Picasso Burgers Burgers —Created by the Artist in You— pick les a Palom Est. 2001 ——— tion with coc gar Picasso t con in a su A swee t liquor o Mojit Picasso Burgers lass. u a hazen a’lag— med c rim The M 6.25 —— jito with a ic mo Burgers class It’s a twist. 5.85 Burgers Ask Your Server About . . . Classic Picasso –––– the Crimson Splash, Blue Bloch, d’Avignon, Picasso cubist confusion, Barcelona Bash, Picasso 100% Organic & the Infamous Pablo Burgers Burgers —Created by the Arti Est. 2001 Picasso Burgers Restaurant Menu Information Design ashley bono
  8. 8. ashley bono graphic design (314) 954-7714 ash.bono@gmail .com