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Short film story board

  1. 1. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.Storyboard1Direction: Rummaging through her mothers handbag and takes the money and puts cigarettes into her bagShots: Medium Close up of girl putting stuff in the bag.2Shot: Close up of what shes putting in.3Shot: Mid shot of the door frame.
  2. 2. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.Storyboard4Direction: Comes back and leans over the door frameShot: Mid shot of the door frame.Dialogue: Nononono Im fine Im fine! (in frustration)5Direction: : {SFX door closing}Shot: Medium close up.6Direction: Leaves without replying or before shes finished.Shot: Medium Shot.
  3. 3. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.Storyboard7Direction: (She walks out of the building to a corner and starts to change taking off her headscarf)Shot: Medium Close Up8{Transition: masked pan transition to girl in the park}Shot: Establishing shot from the rails9[the Girl on her phone phone call her Boyfriend]Shot: Over the shoulder left to right
  4. 4. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.Storyboard10Direction: Acting ArrogantlyShot: Front Medium Close Up.Dialogue: ‘hey where are you?’11Dialogue: ‘Why is it taking so much time, I swear you live down the road?’Shot: Left Side close up.
  5. 5. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.Storyboard12Shot: Medium wide of the two from the front.Dialogue: ‘Oh Finally!’13Shot: Wide Shot from across the street.14Shot: Close Up.Dialogue: ‘Mind lending me £5’
  6. 6. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.Storyboard15Shot: Medium wide of the two from the front.Dialogue: ‘Are you being serious.’16Direction: (stands with a posture).Dialogue: ‘Are you being serious!’Shot: Medium Close Up
  7. 7. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.Storyboard17Direction: [she sees him run up to the hooded figure, talks then walk behind the bend of the car park]Shot: Medium close up18Direction: she sees him run up to the hooded figure, talks then walk behind the bend of the car park.Shot: Shot of girl following them from across the street.
  8. 8. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.Storyboard19Shot: Tracking wide shot of the boy and man walking into the car park.Direction: The hearing of some commotion and loud voices.21{SFX/Recorded yells and commotion rising - Till one big yelp}Direction: Girl standing with confused face.22
  9. 9. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.StoryboardShot: Wide Shot of Car Park.Direction: [Sees the figure walk out of the car park shoving something within his pocket and walking away]23Shot: Extreme Close UP with slight pan.Direction: [She Realised what’s just happened, and in the shock she remind frozen]{Effects: slow motion extreme close up + breathing heavily of the shock of what just happened}24Shot: Wide shot of her running towards inside the tunnel.Direction: Her walking thought the Edgware Road gripping herself in shock.25
  10. 10. Delivered by Barrington Robbinson.StoryboardDirection: [Running through the tunnel out of breath, slightly emotional still in shock an rests on a wall, shegets a phone call.]Shot: Medium close up of her crouched.26Shot: Close up of lips/phone.Direction: [She calms down and answers the phone].Dialogue: ‘where do I collect my money?’27Transition: Instant to black.