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How to Claim Your Blogger or Website or Worldpress on by


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How to Claim Your Blogger or Website or Worldpress on by

  1. 1. [Enter Post Title Here] is the top most tool to check website ranking How to add Alexa widget to blogger if you are running the blog are website if good and running traffic website or blog so you need to add and verify the Alexa you need beginner the blogger or world press are any blogging platform it shows the authority of your blog or website the AdSense and buy sell ads all company check your blog or website traffic using the Alexa running partner of it find out all traffic and other much more related information adding and verifying the Alexa. Claim Your Blog on Alexa ˃ Some of the steps you need to do verify the sites blogger or world press. ˃ you need to go the Alexa website and start signup or create an account. First ˃ go now login then or login using Facebook fine. lets ˃ Now go to Alexa site owner page. ˃ now enter the website and select free plan and start domain name and click on Claim Your Site
  2. 2. ˃ now select “free plan done”
  3. 3. ˃ next you need to doon sign up button, on the next page you will see two verification options. ˃ you static website add this code ok ore else blogger and world press if blogger paste this code below if the <head> and upload. ˃ Alexa and click on “Verify my ID” button. ˃ that’s all you have done you will receive the email which you have resisted that domain to email that’s this tutorial show how to add the Alexa verify to website or blog