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Introducing Ashes and Sparks


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An introduction presentation to

Published in: Business, Technology
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Introducing Ashes and Sparks

  1. 1. opinions change beta
  2. 2. what is ashes sparks is a web based system designed to capture your opinions and create change. We will achieve this by listening to, and acting upon, the opinions of those who choose to express them and set the subjects in our online surveys. We will forward on a summary of those opinions to the organisations involved. By tapping directly into how people view, see and hear the news about them and the things that matter to them, organisations can improve their business attitude and make better informed decisions. Sharing your opinions will make a difference. Organisations are keen to know how people are feeling and have to be listening or they will get it all wrong. So when something fires you up, remember don’t just sound off at the television or down the pub, make your opinion count - make some sparks!