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Consumer preference study india 2010 h1


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Consumer preference study india 2010 h1

  1. 1. Here is some recent research data and analyses from the Mastercard Worldwide Index of Consumer Purchasing Priortites Survey, 2010-H1, that you might find useful as you roll-out your plans for the 2010 festival season. The findings are "look-ahead" for the next 6 months (thus for the festival season) and hence more pertinent. > (This study is reported for 14 countries in Asia Pacific bi- annually, conducted through interviews with 16-64 year old bank-account owning residents of each country).
  2. 2. 25% of Indians are intending to spend more in the next 6 months (hence this season) and another 65% are intending to spend same as the last 6 months
  3. 3. Those who will spend more are heavily skewed towards SINGLES and YOUNG (less than 30 years old) in demographics and in Delhi and Chennai as locations among the four metros. One could hypothesize that the 'relatively conservative' metros could also point towards similar trend for Tier II cities (data for which is not reported).
  4. 4. Consumer Electronics is one of the top 3 reasons for savings for these 6 months, only led by Investments and Buying/upgrading home
  5. 5. For less-than-30-year-olds, consumer electronics overtakes buying/upgrading homes and ties with Investments to emerge as the top-most reason for savings. Targeting this demographics can lead to significant upside it seems.