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Selecting A VC Partner


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Published in: Technology
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Selecting A VC Partner

  1. 1. SELECTING A VC PARTNER Choice A Choice B Asheem Chandna (2009) Director (VC Individual) Score 1-10 Score 1-10 1. Personal chemistry, trust, alignment of values 2. Motivation, commitment, passion around entrepreneur's vision 3. Judgement, intuition, critical thinking 4. Business relevance, experience, track record 5. Ability to help with creating the leader in a new category (strategy, recruiting, business development) 6. Adequate time available for company 7. Chemistry with others on the board 8. Right level of support and position within VC firm Total VC Firm Score 1-10 Score 1-10 1. Entrepreneur-centric (value system, support, financial alignment) 2. Reputation and prior track record 3. Industry network and relevance 4. Relevant bench strength across partnership 5. Strength of brand Total