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Here is the Central Michigan University Plans book for the 2009 NSAC. This is a winning campaign if it was supposed to be effective for the chosen target, not their parents.

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Century Council Plansbook

  1. 1. The Great Night Campaign Central Michigan University, 2009
  2. 2. Your Great Campaign Starts Here A Note to The Century Council: Table of Contents 2 A Combined Effort Hello! We couldn’t be more excited to be participating and creating yet another successful campaign for the NSAC. We’ll be honest, when we first heard that the Century Council would be sponsoring this year, we were 3 Market Environment baffled. How would we tackle a behavior that was commonplace in college? How would we change a behavior at all? We got to work and 4 Industry Trends 5 found a way. It isn’t linear, it isn’t judgemental, and it certainly isn’t a scare tactic. Situational Analysis We took everyday consequences of binge drinking and made it the focal point. Instead of 6 Primary Research 7 death and disease, we focused on our target’s social needs. Now wait, we know what you are thinking, and the answer is no, we aren’t Target Analysis 9 playing this serious situation down. We are just talking to our peers as we would want to be Objectives & Strategy talked to. We don’t want fingers pointed at us, we don’t want to feel shamed, we don’t want a lecture, and we certainly don’t want to feel 10 Creative Vision 20 Promotional Vision attacked. We just need a gentle nudge in the right direction every once in awhile. Simply put, we have devised a way to spread your message without pointing a finger at 25 Media Vision anyone, without shaming anyone, and with the reinforcement that you can party longer, remember more and still have a great night. 29 Campaign Summary 1
  3. 3. A Combined Effort Research Who Are We? We are Central Michigan University. We are a school that breeds passionate individuals in their chosen fields. We are a group of dedicated young professionals that excel through hard work, determination and most of all, love for our education. We are a proud group who do not plan on getting by with an Ivy League name or the high priced tuition that comes with it. We succeed through our work-ethic, our determination, our inspiration and finally, our passion. Who Is Naked Advertising? Naked Advertising is the group of talented and passionate students who live and breathe marketing and advertising. This is not an assignment for class. This is not a required course; it is not even an elective. It is our dream, plain and simple. A dream that is so big, we take the time to add it to our already hectic schedules. Simply put, that is who we are. We find the way to research, plan and strategize to create a message that will impact our designated target audience. Mission Statement We at Naked Advertising strive to strip advertising to its most elemental form. We always look to create emotional brand experiences that will not only enrich the lives of our audience but engage them in innovative and creative ways. We study the past, view the present and predict the future for our advertising strategies. What The Century Council Stands For The Council's mission is to promote responsible decision-making regarding beverage alcohol and discourage all forms of irresponsible consumption through education, communications, research, law enforcement and other programs. How Naked & The Century Council Will Change Lives 2 Together, Naked and the Century Council will use innovative ways to deal with the issues and damages created by binge drinking among college students. This will be a campaign that pierces through past attempts of reaching this audience by engaging them before the behavior is demonstrated. Through creative uses of multi-media and a central viral idea, the awareness of what can be considered an after- thought problem will reach its threshold in the minds of our audience.
  4. 4. Market Environment Research Overview The Account Planning team at Naked Advertising created a national internet survey that was taken by 1141 target members. We also ran several focus groups and conducted in-depth personal interviews. The goal was to explore the lives of everyday target members and solidify what we already knew was true. Drinking to the level of binge is socially acceptable with this “Connected Generation”. Positioning Our primary and secondary research revealed that binge drinking is a learned behavior and grows over time throughout a student’s college life. They believe what they are partaking in is not wrong by today’s standards and see it as normal behavior. It is not until after their night of drinking that they experience the aftermath of problems usually caused by binge drinking. Positioning Statement “The Great Night campaign literally puts the idea into the palm of your hands. Not only was I eager to see what the game had planned for my night based on my choices, it was great to be able to send it to friends and reflect on past experiences with them. This is probably the first time I’ve seen something like this be so well accepted, not just by the student body, but also the community itself. I’ve never heard of the Century 3 Council and I’ve never looked at what I did at night as a negative social behavior. What you have done here has really addressed both of those issues.”
  5. 5. Industry Trends Research 2009 Top Trends Measuring Social Impact Pressure from above and below is forcing nonprofits to think more seriously about how they define their goals and evaluate their progress toward them. The days where organizations can get away with anec- dotal evidence of impact are quickly fading. Our Response: Naked Advertising and the Century Council will set the benchmark for how non-profit campaigns should be. The demand for change in our society is at its threshold and together we will shift non-profit advertising into a completely new echelon. This market will no longer be subjected to statistic-based advertising. No longer will a national campaign rollout without just cause. The “Great Night” campaign goes past statistics and encourages our audience to party longer by drinking less. The purpose of using test markets will also aid in the advancement of the campaign to allow necessary changes to be made before the national rollout. 2009 Top Trends Online Action Platforms The internet is dramatically expanding the ways in which we can aggregate and harness an individuals desire to contribute to change. Online action platforms will continue to grow as social entrepreneurs tap into their networks more creatively. Our Response: Our campaign for the Century Council is not just an awareness driver, it is a social experience. The campaign is 4 focused heavily on user-generated content and word of mouth marketing. To raise awareness correctly, we had to remove the behavior from the back of their minds and move it directly into their hands. For more information on how we utilized this trend please see the Website portion of the Creative Section.
  6. 6. Situational Analysis Research Currently, our problem can be divided into three distinct realms. Our first realm deals with trouble looking beyond statistics. We have seen throughout the years the almost total failure of campaigns based on statistics. Even though these campaigns were excellent campaigns, they were not effective campaigns. They lacked a voice our target could relate to, and looked to instill fear. The second realm we find ourselves dealing with is that we aren’t trying to stop the first, second, or even third drink. We are trying to combat the drinks that drive the target into binging distinction. The Century Council prides its efforts and its campaigns on an exemplary amount of due dilligence. These distillers are already creating limited awareness about drinking responsibly and in moderation in their individual campaigns. The third realm is the challenge of changing a behavior. This is something normally found in psychology textbooks and the couches of professionals, it is rarely found in advertising. There are, however, some bright spots that have set the standard for social marketing campaigns. First, the “Truth” campaign courtesy of Crispin Porter + Bogusky and their creative effort to fight against tobacco. Second, the United Kingdom’s campaign “Know Your Limits” created by VCCP. 5 Any campaign that can help bring forward the problems and cause positive change is a campaign that should be celebrated within society. It reflects the positive nature advertising can bring and the limitless opportunities and power advertising holds.
  7. 7. Primary Research Research At Naked we took it to heart to immerse ourselves in the research to fully understand how we can change this behavior. We knew how important research would be to this campaign, however we did take a rather irrational approach with our qualitative research. This year we were blessed to have individuals who have been, and are being trained in the art of Professional Selling. What they brought to the table allowed us to identify and fill what are commonly referred to as GAPs. These GAPs are the areas to which we can add value for our customer. This rather unorthodox methodology included such techniques as Listen, Acknowledge, Explore and Respond (LAER). It also opened new doors in treating the audience to what they truly are, an asset. These new practices allowed us to enter their “odds are” which is simply, being in their shoes. This program was used due to the curriculum that is involved. It is about creating relationships, understanding needs, values and motivations and finally it creates a solution that fulfills the customers’ needs. Why did we choose these methods? The answer is simple, to allow ourselves to not only fully understand the customer and their information, but allow us the opportunity to create a campaign that does not talk at them, but rather with them. { 1141 - Total Number of Surveys Completed 42% - Survey Response Rate 113 - Number of Personal Interviews 6 6 - Number of Focus Groups Conducted
  8. 8. The Target Research A behavior has no face. It can take on any age, any gender, any ethnicity. Demographics Our target is men and women aged 18-24 attending college Psychographics “The Connected Generation”... ...is away at a university ...is searching for independence ...will go to any length to have a good time ...loves spending time with their friends ...wants a memorable experience Key Research Points 72.2% 68.8% Would listen to their best friend over anyone if they are receiving advice on drinking Consume alcohol with friends at a college apartment or a house party 62.1% Have gotten into a car with an intoxicated driver 35% Admitted to driving after consuming 4 to 5 drinks or more within 2 hours 59%Have blacked out while binge drinking 37%Say they can have up to 4 drinks before feeling intoxicated 12.8% Consume 5 or more drinks in a 2 hour period 3 to 4 times per week 7 80.1% Are getting alcohol from their older friends 27.1% Are scared MOST by what their parents would think when it comes to their drinking habits
  9. 9. The Shadow Market Research After studying the data, we realized there was one key point we also needed to make when creating our campaign and addressing our main target. We were asked to target the 18-24 year old college market. When looking at the research it pointed out that binge drinking is a learned behavior and increases over time. Our research helped us discover that a majority of underage drinkers get their alcohol from older friends and family. With that in mind, we knew that we needed to create a message that not only had insight into the college market, but also had the legs to reach the shadow market of 14-17. With a communication plan focused completely on the target audience, our message has the ability to reach the shadow market through word-of-mouth. With younger siblings and friends still in high school, we could properly reach the shadow market through peer-to-peer communication. Since this is a learned behavior, we felt that it was necessary to make sure we created a message that could plant the desired seed of knowledge into the shadow market. 8
  10. 10. Campaign Objectives Our main assignment, according to the 2009 NSAC Case Study is “to develop an integrated communications campaign to combat dangerous overconsumption of Strategy alcohol by college students, where each one of the components (tactics) can be implemented independently, if needed, and still be effective.” In addition to this main objective, Naked Advertising added a few more specific objectives we felt would be essential to completing the main task. These secondary objectives taken individually help make small noise into a collective roar. • Develop an effective and efficient one stop shop for all audience and media needs • Involve both the student body and the community • Create an ala cart menu of engaging multi-media • Create positive PR opportunities for colleges and media outlets by publicly acknowledging them • Implement test markets by August 2009 and measure effectiveness by November 2009 Our strategy was borne of our research, which told us that binge drinkers do not think they are binge drinkers. The definition means nothing to them. Our research also told us that our target would listen to their friends, first and foremost. Strategy Dude, don’t waste a great night. “Dude”, because our research indicates it must be your best friend doing the talking. “Don’t waste a great night” because we want that to become the target’s goal. 9 To ride the buzz, to make the party last longer, and ultimately to have even MORE fun. We want them to accomplish this through smarter, slower, wiser drinking.
  11. 11. Creative Vision Objectives Create social awareness of The Century Council’s message of having a Great Night Drive the audience to www.GreatNight.com Maintain the seriousness of the behavior and situation, but approach the delivery in a lighter tone Execute the strategy of “Dude, don’t waste a great night.” Creative Concept Through all our research and testing, our research-based thoughts were proven right. The target did not respond well to any of our concepts that included shaming them, making them feel guilty, or concepts that dwelled on statistics. Any ideas we had to use statistics in the ads themselves were quickly pushed aside, because we were assured by the target that it wouldn’t change their behavior. From there, we knew exactly what type of creative executions we needed to produce. Something needed to take shape that showed our target that wasting their college years blacked out or throwing up was a waste of great nights with friends, a waste of life period. Consistency The following elements appear in all of our executions: The Century Council logo Microsoft’s TAG technology (print) The “Dude, Don’t Waste a Great Night” tagline The website, www.GreatNight.com A color palette that is in keeping with the website, and black as backgrounds Pre-testing In preparation for our test market roll-out. We at Naked felt it was necessary to test the overall concept and design on the Central Michigan University campus. The overall response was positive, here are some key quotes. From the students… • “That is your typical college apartment party” Sophomore, Jason Magureny • “The examples for the consequences are more realistic and less blatant” Freshman, Brittany Andrews • “Cool site ” Sophomore, Brad Hustaloski • “Different, but different good” Senior, Nicole Kollias 10 From the Administration… • “The public acknowledgement is a huge plus!” – College of Business Dean, Dr. Mike Fields • “Why hasn’t this approach been tackled yet?” Marketing Strategy Professor, Dr. Michael Garver • “This really seems to stand in the shoes of the audience” Consumer Behavior Professor, Dr. Richard Divine • “The website idea is excellent and the situations in the game reminded me of my good times in college” Professor of Professional Sales, Ken Cherry
  12. 12. Interactive We knew that to start changing behaviors we had to create an interactive experience that invites the user in and then allows them to share with others. With this in mind, we created an application that can be used in a multitude of ways. On your cell phone, on your Facebook profile, even online at the website. It was designed to show users exactly how their night can end up by making the wrong, or right, drinking deci- sions. The application has the same continuity across all media, but the differences lie with how the app will be Creative spread amongst the target. When played on a cell phone, users have the option to send it to friends through a text. “Great Night” results can also be uploaded to Facebook or Twitter to show others what their great night entails. Naked Advertising teamed up with RockYou! to create a strategy-guided Facebook application. The application will consist of a new photo album that users can put onto their profiles which is themed to music of their choice. The application will be named “Your Great Night Moments” and is designed to act as a secondary source of user-generated content by allowing the users the opportunity to upload their photos to the game. This will also work in concert with the online version, as users will be able to upload their own photos there for future players to “receive” in their end scenarios. 1 2 3 Introductory Screen (1) Players choose their total drinks (2) Players choose their time period (3) 11 Isn’t your MOM on Facebook now? Isn’t that your ride home???? Welcome to your great night! 4 5 6 When what constitutes as binge drinking is chosen,undesirable results appear. After entering numbers that reflect Players have the option to keep viewing, or reset their numbers (4,5) safe drinking,players receive a more favorable outcome, reinforcing a positive drinking behavior (6)
  13. 13. The Website The website, found at www.GreatNight.com, was created to exude a personality. It has a fresh and friendly feel with bright colors and easy navigation. The website is flash-based, which allows us to incorporate minimal navigation. The main page will have five flash sites load into the main screen upon being selected. Each of the five pages will have their own drop down navigation options within that also load to the main frame. The way the website is formatted keeps the user from navigating away from www.GreatNight.com until they leave the site entirely. Creative The opening page also doubles as the Great Night application page. After clicking the prompt, the box will expand and fill the frame allowing users to get the full experience. Your Great Night Starts Here! Great Night! welcome! Tell Us This is the first stop on your way to a Great Night! Show Us Play the game, shop or help spread the message. It’s up to you! Share Us Click 12
  14. 14. The Website After the page expands, the user begins playing the game. Just like the app on their phones, users choose drinks, time periods and see results. Not only is the game here, but there are many more things to do. What else can you nd in the drop down menus? Tell Us: Here users can tell us their Great Night story, or if they want, their bad night. This blog will be open to all users (no registration) and can be viewed via the website or even their mobile phone. Creative Show Us: Here users can upload pictures into two di erent categories. Did you have a Great Night and wish to have your photos included into the possibilities of choices for the game? Or did you, or your friend, make some wrong choices? If so, you can upload those into the game as well. Share Us: Here users can send out the link to the game via email, text message, instant message, post it to your Facebook page or a friend’s wall, which also includes an invitation to add the exclusive slideshow application, or even Tweet it to your friends with Twitter. Your Great Night Starts Here! Great Night! Tell Us Show Us Share Us 13
  15. 15. The Website On this page the colleges and universities have the opportunity to register and start bringing the Great Night experience to their campus. The colleges and universities will be given a School I.D. upon registering and then they can begin exploring their options. Bring It: Here the schools can view the communications package they will be sent that will help spread the Great Night message across their campuses. This campus kit includes: sidewalk chalk stencils, tear-away posters, can koozies, lanyards, t-shirts and a complete tip guide to successful campus implementation. Creative Join It: This section allows the schools to sign all their Registered Student Organizations (RSO’s) on to start taking part in getting the message out. Here, the top RSO’s can earn money to bring more opportunities to their organizations. Rocked It: This area allows the administration to view all the other schools currently engaged in bringing this campaign to their campuses. It will also show the total amount of RSO’s signed up to help. A Great Night on Campus On Universities This is the jump-off point for your University to get involved! Bring It There are many great ways to bring a Great Night to your campus. Joined It Rocked It Help your students spread the word! Bring it, join the contests. Joined it, See whose already involved. Rocked it, see who’s winning big. School I.D. Password Login 14 Not Registered? Click HERE
  16. 16. The Website On this page users have the opportunity to view all the different types of media used in the campaign. It also gives users the option of downloading these files in various types of digital formats which are most commonly used for media outlets. Not only can students and university administration view and download the ads, it was also designed to create a media kit that is completely digital. This is just our way of helping Century Council’s commitment to limit its carbon footprint. Media outlets also have the option of registering themselves in order to track and store their downloads. Exploring our media is easy with our drop down menus. Creative Download It: This area allows students, administration, and most importantly, media outlets, to download and save our various creative executions. Everything from commercials to posters. Experience It: Here, users can view all of our executions. They can watch the commercial, send it to friends and post it on their Facebook or Twitter. Sponsored It: This section shows everyone who is on board. All media outlets that register will be listed here, giving them the ‘Thanks’ they deserve for supporting the message. Give Everyone A Great Night Spread the message! You have the unique opportunity to choose how you share our message! Simply download any files you wish and show the world Media what having a Great Night really means! Download It Visit Download It to begin grabbing files. Experience It Check out Experience It to see what the buzz is all about. Sponsored It Visit Sponsored It to see who else is picking and choosing our message. Register today to start sharing a Great Night. Media I.D. Password 15 Login Not Registered? Click HERE
  17. 17. The Website The last two sections of the website are the Store and About Us pages. These pages allow users to buy some merchandise and learn more about the Century Council. Since the website is flash based, users can click the tab they want to browse, and thumbnails of the product will appear in the white area to the left of the tabs. When the user hovers their mouse over the product, it will blow up slightly allowing a better view. If the user wants an even more detailed view and pricing information, they simply click. Users can pay with PayPal and with credit cards secured with Verisign. Creative The Store page has four options. Wear It: This is where all apparel for sale can be found. Hold It: This section contains all SWAG-style stuff. Koozies, lanyards and more. Hang It: This area will contain posters and print. These executions will be funny and artsy. They will be distinct from the free print ads located in the Media section. View Cart: Users can view all they intend to purchase by clicking here. Gear Up For A Great Night You name it, we’ve got it. T’s, koozies, even Posters. Load up on the stuff that lets everyone know you love to have a Great Night! Store Search Find It! Wear It Hold It Hang It The Makers of A Great Night View Cart We Are.... ...The Century Council. ...A non-profit organization created by the distillers that provide you with the alcoholic beverages you have come to enjoy. ...Fostering the belief that people can make a difference. ...Excited that you are taking the time to be apart of this experience. About Us ...Ready to bring you a Great Night! The About Us page simply lets the user know that “we” are the Century Council. Distillers AND conscientious 16 citizens. It is all about letting them know that we care. It is all about letting them know that we want them to www.centurycouncil.org have fun, but also to have fun in a safe way. This page lets everyone know whose behind the Great Night.
  18. 18. Television Our television spots are designed to get the buzz about our application going, and to drive tra c to the website. We have devised two di erent styles of spots, one to appeal to men and one to appeal to women. Both deal with the social pressures and commonplace of drinking in college. Creative This speci c t.v. spot appeals to women. In it, a girl goes to a party and gets a text message from a friend. Upon opening it, she realizes that it is a night predictor, our app. She interacts with it and realizes that her night would end in a much more appealing way if she slows her drinking down and truly enjoys the party. A college girl enters a party and meets After receiving a text message she begins She chooses too many drinks and sees some up with her friends. interacting with the Great Night App. undesirable conclusions to her night. She reacts in a grossed out, disgusted way She chooses a more modest amount of Not long after, the guy she is attracted to and quickly hits reset to begin again. drinks and sees very favorable endings approaches her and asks her if she wants to 17 to her evening. sit. The music fades up, screen fades to black and the www.GreatNight.com super fades in.
  19. 19. Print All print executions will be interactive print ads. In keeping with the target interaction the game tends to receive, the print should be just as engaging and interesting. All ads have Microsoft’s TAG technology in the bottom left corner (see Media section for more information.) Just like television, all print will be designed to have a female appeal, or a male appeal. The ideal placement for the print we’ve designed is either as a newspaper insert, or as posters around the college campuses. Our research shows that although most of the target reads national Creative newspapers online, their college paper is the exception to the rule. Isn’t your MOM on Facebook now? Mmmm.... That’ll taste good later... 6 Drinks in 2 Hours 5 Drinks in 1 Hour Dude, Don’t Waste A Great Night Isn’t that your ride home???? Dude, Don’t Waste A Great Night www.GreatNight.com www.GreatNight.com 8 Drinks in 2 Hours Dude, Don’t Waste A Great Night www.GreatNight.com This series of print ads show the consequences of drinking too much too fast. As previously stated, we aren’t battling the rst, second or third drinks, we are battling irresponsible drinking. The crime in progress is wasting a night that you’ll never be able to get back. The cut line simply states how many drinks in how many hours caused the repulsive behavior in the photo. The tagline follows, with a directive to visit the 18 website. Microsoft’s TAG technology is in the left hand corner, and the ACE, AdCouncil and Century Council logo’s are in the right corner.
  20. 20. Guerilla Guerilla advertising is an important aspect to our campaign. The three examples you see would be implemented on college campuses by college students as part of our Concert Series Promotion, which will be explained within the next few pages, all will also be available for download. Creative Objective To make it through this interview without puking on the CEO. Education This is a flyer that would be tacked on bulletin boards around campus. B.S. in Beer Pong Minor in Keg Stands It is a mock resume, and would ideally be Volunteer Work on departmental boards. The idea is for the Greek Week 2009 Chugged 14 cups of beer for passed out partiers passersby to want to stop and read the Western Weekend Tailgate 2008 Fell out of the stands during the 1st Quarter to distract the other team resume of this very disheveled guy. The cut line then explains that after five Skills & Assets Ummmm....... years of hard drinking, this is what you Work Experience would probably expect. Errrr.......... www.greatnight.com www.greatnight.com 8 Beers 2 Hours 5 Years - You Do The Math Dude, Don’t Waste A Great Night www.GreatNight.com www.Grea tNight.com www.greatnight.com www.greatnight.com 19 WWW.GREATNIGHT.COM chalk stencils would be While You Were Out notes would created and distributed to universities upon signing up for be developed as tear-away posters the campus campaigns. They would be sprayed on any that users can take to fill out and and everything, campus policies permitting of course. give to friends.
  21. 21. Promotional Vision Objectives Incorporate pop culture into a social awareness campaign Creative Create extended partnerships with valuable sponsors to create longevity of the core message Generate buzz and drive the Connected Generation to the Great Night website Strategy Utilize all promotional ideas to reinforce awareness on what a “Great Night” is. Tactics/Rationale Naked Advertising developed a promotional menu that allows users to live a Great Night and also show others what a Great Night encompasses and what the benefits are. By partnering with American Idol, America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) and VH1’s “You Oughta Know” artists, we will be able to bring events to campuses that will motivate students and communities to take an active role in spreading the message and incorporating the message in their daily lives. 20
  22. 22. Promotions Our Concert Series Creative Naked Advertising will bring together the message of a great night with the entertainment of American Idol, ABDC and VH1’s “You Oughta Know” artists. These three were chosen because they not only represented a collective entertainment value that is strong with our audience, but also because their beliefs are ingrained in their favorite shows and music. We felt it would be a misjudgment to include popular groups and solo artists that have an established “public identity” that does not t our message of drinking slower. This is to position Century Council as far away as possible from potential public relations backlashes created by celebrity endorsements. The partnership with these acts will allow them to not only spread a positive message but also create more awareness for their image and increase their record sales. The school with the most people who bring the message into their lives via the Facebook application, user-generated content, blogging, and tweeting will bring the free concert to their school. The RSO that raises the most awareness will also receive 50 backstage passes. They can enjoy the fruits of their labor or sell them as a fundraiser for a group trip. The decision is solely up to them. 21 The winning RSO of the winning school in each conference will be placed in a drawing for a chance to win a once in a lifetime trip to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. This trip will include hotel and airfare for up to 50 members and will give the executive board of that RSO the opportunity to announce the Best New Artist award.
  23. 23. Promotions SWAG & Merchandise As we all know, you can never give a college student too much free stuff. We developed an exclusive line of SWAG and merchandise which will serve two purposes. The first purpose is to be included in the package that campuses receive upon registering their university on the website. They will get a bunch of SWAG, as well as instructions for downloading all Creative the creative executions off the website. A guide will be developed to give the universities tips on how to get the message out. The university will be responsible to decide how the SWAG is distributed. The second purpose is to create merchandise to be sold in the Store section of the website. All SWAG will be available for purchase, as well as some more exclusive items. The idea is to get the students excited about wearing our gear, hanging our posters and sporting our SWAG. Registered Student Organizations will be offered a group discount, as well as the option to customize SWAG further by adding their logo. All proceeds from Store sales will rotate back to the Century Council to put into other projects, or to keep funding more contests and involvement for the Great Night campaign. Can Koozies and lanyards are everyday SWAG that spread the message and come in handy for college students. The chalking stencils will be 3 feet long by 1 foot tall and will be perforated in the middle to tear into two. The purpose is to get students chalking the message on their campuses. www.greatnight.com 22 ------------------------------------------ www.greatnight.com Our t-shirt line comes in 5 colors with different sayings on the back. When shopping, users have the option to customize their favorite saying with their favorite color. The top yellow shirt in this example has “because....” so that whoever buys it can fill in the back with their own reason.
  24. 24. Promotions National PSA Contest There is nothing better than asking the target audience what THEY want to see. Creative That is why Naked Advertising has devised a promotion that allows The Connected Generation to get involved wherever they are. A flyer will be sent to all registered universities, as well as all RSO’s that are registered on www.GreatNight.com letting them know that they can tell us what the PSA’s should look like. Call For Entries! Show PSA showing us what your Great Night looks like andGreatwinNight! us YOUR version of a you could $3,000! Shoot a :30 Submit all entries online at www.GreatNight.com First Prize: $3,000 Second Prize: $1,500 Third Prize: $500 (2) Honorable Mention: $250 Visitors to www.GreatNight.com will also have the option to view and vote for their favorite PSA’s entries. 23 Four prizes will be given, and will be in the form of scholarships to the entrants university. The prize would go towards their tuition and fee’s.
  25. 25. Promotions University Donations Another way we’ve devised to get universities on-board with our message is to o er them charitable contributions to anything OTHER than their general funds. The university would be responsible to decide Creative how to dole out the money, but the ideal way would be to give it to RSOs who have shown an interest and dedication to spreading the Great Night across their campuses. The donations would be a one-time contribution that essentially thanks the various universities for supporting this very important message. Is your campus ready to combat against the Are you ready to bring your campus a Great Night? dangers of binge drinking? The Century Council has created a campaign that will remove the Congratulations on being a part of something special. From here on, dangers of binge drinking. Schools that participate will receive $5000 you and your group will be responsible for bringing a Great Night to each to divide among chosen Registered Student Organizations to (university name here). So what is expected of you and your group? It bring the message of “Dude, don’t waste a great night” to your is up to all of you to spread the message of what a true Great Night campus. We tested this campaign at four top universities and this is entails. Once you complete the registration process you will be mailed what we achieved; (Insert test market data here.) Bring down the the campus starter kit, which will include posters, sidewalk chalk numbers of binge drinking by involving the student body directly by stencils, lanyards, slap koozies and t-shirts to help get the message using an experiential campaign that sheds a whole new light on this out. You can also purchase more of these items in the store at a critical social behavior. School pride is also on the line, as you will be special RSO rate. Remember, the end result is something your group competing with all the other schools in your conference. The school can take full advantage of. If your school raises the most awareness that raises the most awareness on their campus will be treated with a on your campus compared to other participating schools in your free concert that will generate money for your RSOs but also your conference then you will bring a free concert to your school. As an general fund. This campaign was created with your schools traditions added bonus if your group creates the most awareness on your and strengths in mind and believes that every good deed should be campus then you will receive 50 backstage passes to the concert. recognized. With that in mind, the Century Council and their media With these you can enjoy the fruits of your labor or use them as sponsors will publicly acknowledge the campuses that are taking part fundraiser. And if that isn’t enough incentive for you, the top RSO’s of in this effort. Become pro-active in the positive enrichment of your the winning schools will be placed in a drawing for a chance to win a students social life. Register today at www.GreatNight.com by clicking trip (airfare/hotel included) for up to 50 members to take part in the on the yellow tab to find out more information and bring a Great Night 2010 MTV Video Music Award and by announcing the Best New Artist to your campus. Award. Does that sound like a Great Night to you? If so, register your RSO and bring a Great Night to your campus. Goodluck! These are press releases that would be distributed to universities and RSOs letting them know about our 24 donations and how they can get involved. The rst is intended to go to universities, and the second to RSOs.
  26. 26. Media Vision Objectives Incorporate all aspects of media in one collective website Focus publicity efforts on directing our target to the “Great Night” website Develop test markets that create brand advocates and early adopters Media Strategy Naked Advertising plans to utilize the Great Night website by turning it into a digital media kit that is accessible to students, universities, and desired media outlets Tactics/Rationale Our creative executions that involve traditional placement will be given a digital soul. Once the campaign is out of the test markets and loaded with the user-content, it will take on the normal life cycle of a PSA in terms of traditional media placement. However, media outlets will be encouraged to rotate the commercial into peak viewing times courtesy of our public “Thank You”. We felt it was best to put the students to work on a location where they would know the high traffic areas, which would give us the amount of impressions needed to create change. The website will allow everyone to download the commercials and PDF files of the posters and “while you were out” flyers. This one-stop digital shop will allow ease of access to the files and everyone the ability to share as much as they want. 25
  27. 27. Digital Revolution We knew with our media choices we would have to make sure our campaign would leap beyond the norms of 21st century media decisions. Our goal is to set the standard for media planning in the digital age and show precisely when the concept of simplicity can bring your message directly to your audience. The idea of going almost completely digital with this campaign allowed us to help the Century Council do their part in environmental sustainability. How We Did It We decided to go “almost” completely digital to create ease of access to our message. This was due in part since the Media Connected Generation is plugged in and online 24/7. The website allowed us to turn our executions into digital files that could be viewed on our audiences computer or cell phones. It gives the media outlets freedom to choose which commercial best suits their channel. It allows the message to be properly communicated and shared. And finally, because this is the way the Connected Generation said they wanted to see it. Our one digital problem lied within our print, that is until we did a little MORE research. The most unique thing about our posters is that technology will be incorporated into them. That’s right, technology incorporated into print. We partnered with Microsoft to allow the Connected Generation the ability to go directly to www.GreatNight.com by simply taking a picture of the graphic located in the bottom corners of our print. Not only does this create a unique experience for our audience, it will also increase the awareness of Microsoft’s new technology known as TAG. What Is TAG? “Microsoft Tag creates unlimited possibilities for making interactive communications an instant, entertaining part of life. They transform physical media (print advertising, billboards, product packages, information signs, in-store merchandising, or even video images)—into live links for accessing information and entertainment online.” -Microsoft Website TAG will link real-life with the digital world. It is a free download that can be packaged with our game application or downloaded separately. This creates yet another unique Great Night experience for the Connected Generation to enjoy what they value most—the latest technology that they can share with all their connected friends. The “Real Simple Syndication” of our message We at Naked feel strongly about the advancement of web 2.0 and its limitless capabilities. Our website www.GreatNight.com will be equipped to spread our message via RSS to the outside community. The “Rocked It” 26 tab in the University section will be syndicated to reach all educational feeds that are supported by the universities. The “Sponsored It” tab in the Media section will be supported by all media related feeds. Both of these tabs will also be combined to feed into all appropriate feeds that can help reach not just the general public but also journalists to help spread the message.
  28. 28. The Launch Pad Test Markets We knew that a campaign like this would take off, as soon as it had a little exposure. In order to shine the light on this innovative new way to connect with our target, we realized implementation of test markets in different geographic areas was a must. Here’s how we did it. When choosing our test market schools we first had to ask ourselves some questions. Are they located in college town as opposed to large metropolis areas? Is their enrollment between 20,000 and 30,000 students? Are they “recognizable”? Media Do they represent a separate geographic location? In order to qualify, all answers would have to be “Yes.” The schools we ended up choosing are a perfect fit for the markets we wanted to test. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC Total Enrollment: 26,878 Texas Tech Lubbock, TX Total Enrollment: 28,442 University of Iowa Iowa City, IA Total Enrollment: 28,705 University of Connecticut Storrs, CT Total Enrollment: 29,383 The schools are spread across the country and have been pinpointed in different regions to mimic different regional cultures that could be associated with drinking. Granted most college students “act” the same when dealing with this type of behavior, however, we felt it was necessary to keep customer focused and ensure the content we are showing people is accepted within the various markets. The money that we allocated to our test markets will help cover the cost of the concerts, SWAG production, and also cover the placement in these affordable media markets. This will help us guarantee their placement is at peak viewing times for the Connected Generation. But Why? By using these test markets it allows us not only to create possible brand advocates and early-adopters, but it will provide us with the much needed research and feedback to create a successful and impactful national campaign. Our test markets will provide a great amount of user-generated content and the overall spreading of the message in its early stage. The Benefit For Century Council By testing, the Century Council will receive the feedback that will be necessary to pull the trigger on this national 27 campaign. It will provide key data that they can send to the universities to get them on board and bring a Great Night to their campus. For the Test Market It will allow the four test markets the opportunity to take pride in their campus and also bring them a guaranteed concert to their campus, but also the top RSO of that campus will automatically be entered into the national drawing for the MTV experience.
  29. 29. Timing & Budgets 5% 2.5% Budget We’ve distributed the 10 million dollar budget we were given to several areas. The majority of the money is being spent on things that tie the campaign directly to the universities, with some smaller amounts of money going towards the new website and “Thank You” ads in major publications, like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Media 27.5% 35% 30% Legend University Donations & Campus Kit Test Market Implementation Production “Thank You” Ad Space Website Creation & Maintenance Timing 28 As you can see, we’ve not provided any speci c media timetable because it is up to the Universities and the Media Outlets to place the PSAs we provide on our website. The only timing we’ve incorporated into this plan would be the test markets we outlined earlier. As stated, we’ve allocated 3 million dollars for placement of media in the test markets and the timing for the test markets to run is late August 2009 to early November 2009.
  30. 30. Tactics & Measurements Objectives Tactics Measurement Develop an integrated In order to fully integrate our marketing We will track the number of hits our website communications campaign to campaign, we developed a website that receives in regards to each tab and compare combat the dangerous appeals to the Connected Generation that with previous campaign efforts. overconsumption of alcohol including students, colleges and by college students, where each universities, and media outlets. one of the components (tactics) can be implemented independently, if needed, and still be effective. Develop an effective and The development of our digital media We will track the amount of downloads efficient one stop shop for all provides a variety of ways to grab and and hits to the “Download It” section audience and media needs. go. Anyone can view and download of the website. our executions, but Media outlets have the ability to pick and choose what they Summary want to run. Implement test markets by We will contact the four chosen schools By tracking the number of hits on the August 2009 and measure and get them on board. We will send website, the number of downloads of effectiveness by November 2009. them the campus kits and monitor their our app, our ads and the overall progress. We will pay for place-based impact on the schools we chose will media to measure effectiveness. give us an idea of how this campaign would work on a larger scale. Create an ala cart menu of Media components on the website feature all No measurement is necessary as the engaging multi-media. print advertisements, television commercials, development of our media components guerilla marketing, and other publicity fulfils this objective. materials individually so that the Connected Generation has the ability to pick and choose the media they prefer. This allows them the freedom to create a unique and effective promotion of their own. Involve both the student body With thank-you executions that will be We will obtain an overall consensus of how and the community. featured in USA Today and the Wall Street the public viewed promotional efforts through Journal along with the use of RSS feeds, the surveys, and polls. universities and media outlets will have several 29 opportunities to be publicly recognized for their contributions. Create positive PR opportunities With the use of regional test markets within the With the implementation of both aided and for colleges and media outlets Connected Generation, we will determine if our unaided recall testing, we will inquire about the by publicly acknowledging them. target market successfully embraces both our campaign to our target market to see if they media objectives and creative visions. remember our promotional efforts.
  31. 31. Thank You! The Naked Team Our Partnerships Advisor Wall Street Journal Expedia.Com Douglas P. Berry USA Today Facebook Microsoft RockYou! Account Team American Idol Twitter Ken Ashburn, Account Manager* MTV UPS Courtney Housner, Account Manager* Monica Brooks, Account Executive** VH1 Kristen Marzonie, Account Executive Account Planning Heather Pankey, Director In Conclusion... Summary Skylett Goodman Megan Jones Amy McCaffrey We at Naked Advertising are confident that the campaign enclosed within the preceeding pages grabs the target in the right way. We Creative Team designed a campaign that we’d want to see materialize. The best Sara Enloe, Director* part about that is that we at Naked ARE the Connected Generation, Bradley Osantoski, Production Director and we are precisely the people you want to talk to. Krysten Barczuk Kristina Bialazewski What would be better than having your target market design a Kaitie Guzowski campaign that speaks to them? Well, that could only be topped by Karla Kantola the Century Council listening and choosing that campaign. We, as Ashley Sheats the target, already told you why a threatening, numerical, shameful David Smith campaign wouldn’t work, so why would you choose anything other than our campaign? Media Amanda Abercrombie, Director Thank you for your time and consideration. We know you’ll make Stephanie Stelk, Director the right choice! Jana Gunden Promotions Matt Fowler, Director* Ashley Weiss* Caitlin Hennessey Blair Hornbeck References 30 AdAge change.org MTV.com PEW Research WSJ.com * denotes presenter Arbitron Facebook.com myshopangel.com RockYou! VH1.com ** denotes presenter alternate bluecotton.com idville.com Nielson Twitter.com Century Council Microsoft.com PEW Research USA Today