Sunsilk gang of girls


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Sunsilk gang of girls

  2. 2. • Unilever 1930 , British soap maker • Hindustan Vanaspati manufacturing company • Former name: HLL • Merged to form HUL
  3. 3. Hindustan Unilever Industry - Consumer goods Founded 1932 Headquarter-Mumbai Key people- Harish Manwani (Chairman), Nitin Paranjpe (CEO and MD)
  4. 4. • Sunsilk India launched a social networking site called Gang of Girls • offered its users to access to a variety of local and global experts • various hair care needs through its content, blogs and live chat room. Launch-17th June 2006
  5. 5. What’s unique about this initiative • Topics of interest • Presence in college festivals • Hair problems solutions from popular hair experts • 1st company to take such a initiative of taking the brand name in social networking.
  6. 6. Meant for: girls 1.Various feature including blogs 2.Advice on hair care and fashion from experts 3.Job sites 4.Upload photograph and get an online makeover on fashion 5.Engage in a group activities Popularity: registered crossed the half million mark ,with about 30,000 gangs
  7. 7. Sunsilk - Gang of Girls
  8. 8. Sunsilk - Gang of Girls
  9. 9. • Interactive Micro site • Updated very regularly • ‘Girls’ hang out as the topics are relevant to their lives • Contest and Games/Chatting/ Blogging • Celebration section HIGH POINTS of Sunsilk - Gang of Girls
  10. 10. GOG Large portion of youth have moved from traditional channels due to reasons like… 1. Increase in disposable income 2. Double income families 3. Booming in BPO sector  ‘Catch them young’  More time on internet, mobile phone, hanging in malls.  Youth make up 2/3 of 37millions surfers in India.
  11. 11. Surveys in 2006… BW Hansa Youth survey 53.25% of youth buy products by reference IAMAI(Internet and Mobile Association of India) report 12mill women logged on to the internet 2.5 of 30 mill members in Orkut are from India.
  12. 12. Shampoo market in India… Life style product Misconceptions(harsh chemicals) Later … Aggressive marketing Decrease in excise duty( 120-16%)
  13. 13. Statistics • 85 mill(2001) • Urban and rural market(36 & 12%) • Market share HUL(68%) • 2005 HUL(52%) & P&G (22%) of 120 mill market. • 2006(142.5 mill market) • 2007(180 mill market)
  14. 14. HUL vs P&G  HUL(Sun silk, clinicplus, all clear)  P&G(pantene, Head & shoulders)  70% of market on sachets  HUL(1+1 clinic plus)  Pantene(16% price cut)  Clinic plus( 23% price cut)  HUL dove  P&G Rejoice( competitive price)  50 p sachet  Cavin care ltd(chik and Nyle)  Dabur(Ayur and Vatika)
  15. 15. Segmentation… • Beauty( Sun silk) • Health ( Clinic plus, Pantene) • Anti-dandruff( Head & shoulder, Clinic All Clear) • Natural Shampoo( Ayur, Vatika)
  16. 16. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: 1.Creative and innovative 2.Big brand name 3.User friendly site. 4.Strong R&D department. 5.360 degree communication. Weaknesses: • 1.competitor has strong promotional activities. • 2.customers are offered better alternatives by competition. • 3.absences of cult appeal.
  17. 17. Opportunities: 1.Penetration level of shampoos in India was 38%. 2.Rural areas still a large prospective market. 3.Growing importance of print media and internet to show explosive growth. Threats: 1.competitors- In house :clinicplus & Allclear Other:P&G,Cavin Care, Dabur 2.Price war 3.Frequent changes in consumer behaviours.
  18. 18. Case findings • Sunsilk, renowned for its product development initiatives, saw stiff competition from new players in the shampoo market. • Therefore the Sunsilk planned to adopt new strategy for promoting its Brand. • On June 17, 2006, HLL which it claimed was India's first "online all-girl community". The site was a branded space promoting Sunsilk while at the same time providing a social networking space for girls. • Social networking sites had become very popular with young adults. Sites such as Orkut, hi5,Facebook, and MySpace etc., were all dominated by this age group. • Gang of Girls is a sucessful online girls‘ community created by Sunsilk in India.
  19. 19. Criticism • It could not attract most of the girls in India. • It was unable to reach the girls in rural area where the consumer of Sunsilk shampoo were more. • It targeted only girls between 16-24 age &neglected the other group. • Every girl may not have the facility of Internet.
  20. 20. GOG outlook… Brand awareness Youth was the targeted segment Unique thought  Hair treatment ideas Adv(hair experts for promotion) Sponsership(Miss India events)
  21. 21. Suggestions • Promoting by mobile phones • Social networks • Target customers
  22. 22. Conclusion  Changing behavior Determining & Measuring requirements Innovative Medium Updating accordingly