Resume Of Ashek Ishtiak Haq October


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Resume Of Ashek Ishtiak Haq October

  1. 1. A SHEK I SHTIAK H AQ ℡ +880 1720 594959 ,34 Shiddheswari Lane, Dhaka-1217 ℡ +880 2 9330541Dhaka, Bangladesh ashanto123@yahoo.comEDUCATIONAL Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Enrolled for Level II of the CFA examination June, 2012QUALIFICATIONS CFA Institute, USA Master of Business Administration (MBA) Institute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka Major: Finance CGPA – (3.50/4.00) 2009 Bachelor of Business Administration Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka Concentration: Management Studies 2004 Result: CGPA – (3.608/4.00) Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) Science Notre Dame College, Dhaka. Dhaka Board Result : 72.25% marks, First Division (*) 2000 Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Science Ideal School & College Motijheel, Dhaka. Dhaka Board Result : 81.73% marks, First Division (*) 1998PROFESSIONAL Company BRAC Enterprises & Investments 18 Oct’10- Designation Senior Manager, Investments CurrnetEXPERIENCES Major Responsibilities: Performance analysis of the BRAC Investments: BRAC Bank Ltd, BRAC EPL, BRAC EPSL, b-Kash, IIDFC, DBRBD, DBHL, BRAC Afghanistan Bank, BRAC Soft, BRAC Net, CSR Centre Undertaking industry analysis and sector specific research for the different BRAC investments and enterprises Developing & managing MIS to monitor the investments performance Developing financial models to evaluate the operational performance of the investments Contribution: Developed a comprehensive report on the BRAC Investments entitled "Performance Analysis of the BRAC Investments". The report analyses the performance, efficiency, profitability and leverage of all 13 BRAC Investments. Review of Business Plans for different BRAC enterprises and investments Regular update and analytical reports on the banking sectors: (i) Quarterly, Half-yearly & yearly performance comparison report (ii) Employee-wise efficiency analysis (iii)capital adequacy analysis (iv) Cost-structure analysis (v) Advance & deposit analysis (vi) intermediation margin analysis (viii) SMA & NPL as % of loan outstanding (ix) Liquidity analysis (x) Capital market exposure (xi) Analysis of the SME portfolio (xii) Managing a comprehensive database of the banking sector Analytical report on different industry: (i) Analyzing the prospect of the UK remittance market (ii) Market share percentage captured by the BRAC SajaanResume of Ashek Ishtiak Haq Page 1
  2. 2. (iii) Break-even analysis for BRAC Sajaan (iv) Efficiency analysis of the BRAC Enterprises (v) Analysis of Arong etc (vi) Comparative analysis of EPL & its competitors Developed a biweekly publication called the Executive Brief- an industry intelligence report Visiting Afghanistan to assist in the monitoring of the BRAC Bank Afghanistan Company Dun and Bradstreet Rating Agency Bangladesh 01 Jul ’09- Designation Associate Business Analyst 15 Oct’10 Major Responsibilities: Managing the SME Rating Vertical Risk Analysis of SME businesses and preparation of SME Rating Reports Undertaking macro-analysis of the SME Ecosystem Providing support to the Research and Advisory vertical regarding the methodology, identification and operational issues for “Bangladesh Top 500 Companies 2009” Contribution: Formulating the first SME rating model for Bangladesh market Managing the project “Bangladesh Top 500 Companies 2009”. Launching of Bangladesh’s first premium publication identifying the key businesses Company SME Foundation 25 Jan ’09- Designation Program Officer Currnet Major Responsibilities: Evaluating the possibility of SME insurance Finance, budgeting, investment and procurement Contribution: Producing study report on Electrical industry (SME) of Bangladesh Preparation of the report “A UAI Analysis of the Insurance Practices and Potentials of SMEs in the Light Engineering Sector of Bangladesh” Company Asian Tiger Capital Partners Ltd. 01 Dec ’07- Designation Research Assistant 01 Nov’ 08 Major Responsibilities: Preparing sector-wise report to create a complete picture of the investment environment; Following industry trends to create thorough understanding of industry dynamics; Identifying possible investable ventures and feasibility analysis of the opportunity; Researching the viability of proposed idea from prospective clients; Contributing to the ongoing macro-issue discussion of the organization ; Carrying out financial modeling, then developing and presenting appropriate financial solutions to clients; Contribution: Producing research report on Manpower and Outsourcing opportunity of Bangladesh on the AT Capital Research paper Bangladesh 2015: Growth, Investment, Opportunity Contribution on the sector researches on Agriculture, Renewable Energy, and Technology etc Contribution on the weekly research publication AT Capital Weekly Update. Contributing to company’s ongoing macro-discussion session Company Grameenphone Ltd. 01 July ’06 Designation Territory Officer. -01 Mar ’07Resume of Ashek Ishtiak Haq Page 2
  3. 3. Major Responsibilities: Managing GP’s business activities and ensuring the company’s dominance in the assigned territory Developing territory business plan to ensure brand presence, distribution efficiency, customer and trade loyalty Leading a 7 member cross functional team for effective implementation of Business plan and national marketing and promotion programs with optimum use of available resources Administering the successful implementation of the trade marketing activities Analyzing market data and preparing presentations to formulate territory guidelines and implement action points Contribution: Leading the regional team in preparing the trade promotion program development Collaborated in the preparation of competition combat plan Launching the project “Trade Marketing Merchandiser” Managing the project “Mobile Bus”- a sales and knowledge sharing eventRESEARCH WORKS Haq, A.I. (2011, January 29). “The Ecstasy of Gold” The New Age, page 9. Available at: Haq, A.I. (2011, January 19). “Can credit rating be panacea for the SME industry?” The New Age, page 9. Available at: Haq, A.I. (2010). “Overview of the Bangladesh Economy”. Bangladesh Top 500, 2009. 15 May 2010. Dhaka: DBRBD Haq, A.I. (2008). “Outsourcing”. Bangladesh 2015: Growth, Investment, Opportunity, Asian Tiger Capital Partners Ltd research publication. 17 April 2008, page 67-72. Dhaka: AT Capital. Available at: Haq, A.I. (2008). “Manpower”. Bangladesh 2015: Growth, Investment, Opportunity, Asian Tiger Capital Partners Ltd research publication. 17 April 2008, page 73-78. Dhaka: AT Capital. Available at: Haq, A.I. (2008). “Other Renewable Energy Sources”. Climate Change & Alternative Energy, Asian Tiger Capital Partners Ltd research publication. 21 October 2008, page 62-68. Dhaka: AT Capital. Available at: capital.comINDUSTRY IBA- Jahangirnagar University (2011) Guest lecturer for the undergraduate course “Financial Statement Analysis”.EXPERIENCE Market survey for Zhongjing (BD) Investment Management Group Co. (2000- 01) on “Feasibility Analysis Of Water Meter Manufacturing in Bangladesh Market”, 2000 Unilever (BD) “FGD on POS Identification”PROFESSIONAL Topic: Rating Model & Analyses Date & Place: 2009, MumbaiTRAINING Instructor/organizer: Dun & Bradstreet, India Topic: Training of Consultant Date & Place: 2009, Dhaka Instructor/organizer: SEQUA gGmbH Germany SWITCH Asia Project Topic: Orientation training for SMEF officers Date & Place: 2009, Dhaka Instructor/organizer: SME Foundation Topic: AT Capital Macro SessionsResume of Ashek Ishtiak Haq Page 3
  4. 4. Date & Place: 2008, Dhaka Instructor/organizer: Ifty Islam, Managing Partner, AT Capital Topic: AT Capital Accounting Fundamentals Date & Place 2008, Dhaka Instructor/organizer: Syeed Khan, Partner Topic: The Basic IT Curriculum Date & Place 2008, Dhaka Instructor/organizer: IBM Advanced Career Education (ACE)COMPUTER Operating System :Windows, Linux Office Application :Microsoft Office applications.( Word, Excel, PowerPoint)SKILLS Application Software :SPSS Internet :Excellent proficiency, Internet browsing & researchLANGUAGE AND English Proficiency: IELTS Band Score: 7.5. Listening: 8 Reading: 8 Speaking:COMMUNICATION 7 Writing: 7SKILLS Report writing & Multimedia presentationHOBBIES AND Watching movies, reading books on various topics Keeping track of national and international affairsINTEREST Browsing internetPERSONAL Name : Ashek Ishtiak Haq Father’s Name: Ziaul Haq (Business)INFORMATIONS Mother’s name: Suraiya Begum (Teacher) Nationality: Bangladeshi Date of birth: September 28, 1982 Current & Permanent Address: 34, Shiddheswari Lane, Dhaka-1217PERSONAL I am proactive, hard-working, quick-learner, fast-thinker and easily adaptable to diverse environment. I can work independently and also can fit fine in an assortedQUALITIES team. I can work under pressure and I am always ready to take new challenges.REFEREE Javed Bin Karim Shahidul Islam, CFA. Head of Marketing & Corporate Affairs CEO BRAC EPL Investments Limited Venture Investment Partner of Bangladesh Further contact details will be provided if requiredCERTIFICATION I announce that the information I have supplied on this Curriculum Vitae is, complete and correct. ASHEK ISHTIAK HAQResume of Ashek Ishtiak Haq Page 4