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B2B Digital Marketing Cases


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Use of Digital Media for B2B Marketing

Published in: Business, Technology
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B2B Digital Marketing Cases

  1. 1. B2B : Digital Marketing Cases By: Asams V.K
  2. 2. HP- Exstream E-mail marketing
  3. 3. Introduction HP Exstream, the customer communications management solution from HP  Enables large organisations to create fully customised high-volume statements and bills, on-demand marketing and self-service web applications The target audience is senior IT, finance, marketing, procurement and operations executives. And key sectors are financial services, utilities and telecoms HP got award from the Forrester Wave in 2011 and positioned HP as leader in the category.
  4. 4. Direct mail to 100 Senior decision makers in different organisation E- Mail to 275 decision makers in different organisation Solution  Mailing was the solution adopted by HP, it consist of two segments  HP used award details to increase the impact of communication All these mails consist of prospects of HP, which contain CTA details and brief details of HP-Exstream All recipients were also directed to a microsite where a summary of the report was available to download  If they set up a meeting with HP Exstream, they could have a copy of the full report (worth over £2000) at no cost.
  5. 5. Image of prospectus mailed to decision maker, it consist of 8 pages
  6. 6. Image of micro site, where clients can able download the summary of reports
  7. 7. Result The combination of an engaging creative concept and well targeted data generated excellent results for HP Exstream, including a contact from a large organisation that HP Exstream had been trying to get in touch with for a while. The Marketing Practice achieving 150 per cent of the agreed monthly target for November, making it the best month of 2011 More than 60 per cent of the leads were directly attributable to the Forrester Wave activity.
  8. 8. Incisive media & Mobile Marketing
  9. 9. Introduction Incisive Media is one of the world's leading B2B information providers, serving the financial and professional services markets globally. They aim to bring product provider and purchaser business communities together using all the varied platforms available to a modern publishing business. Incisive Media were tasked by IBM to deliver mobile capability for an integrated multi-channel campaign to run across print, web, mobile and email properties. They in turn approached Black Mobile Solutions (BMS), a London-based mobile specialist whose focus is on working with its client base to leverage existing digital assets and create a better user engagement through the most appropriate media platform, with a brief to meet and exceed their client’s needs.
  10. 10. Solution  They came with a solution called “smart facts”. For this they designed and developed a mobile site ( site) Up to three client entry points existed at any one time, each providing ease of access to the target destination site ( Users were encouraged to send a designated keyword to a given short code via SMS, in response to which the users were sent a free SMS containing a URL to Smart Facts emails were sent to appropriate user databases promoting the concept and URL for Smart Facts online ads provided users the opportunity to enter their mobile phone number in order to receive an SMS containing a URL to Smart Facts
  11. 11. Images of site
  12. 12. Results  During the course of the 12 week Smart Facts campaign, users were offered 24 Smart Facts and associated whitepapers The user journey in terms of how information was consumed moved from being less than 25% mobile to over 60% during the campaign period
  13. 13. IBM & Social Media Marketing
  14. 14. IBM is the world’s largest IT and consulting services company. It has a diverse client base and delivers innovative solutions to help solve some of the toughest business challenges  IBM estimated that social media will form an integral part of the decision-making process for 75 per cent of IT professionals in the future IBM wanted to tap in to the professional IT community via social media to support sales of its Public Cloud service
  15. 15. Strategy  An empowering social media programme was developed to enable sales representatives to use social media (Twitter and LinkedIn) intelligently and effectively
  16. 16. Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Monitoring Posting Drive 2 Sales
  17. 17. Currently
  18. 18. Three months after launch, 19 percent of all Public Cloud Inside Sales Rep Page traffic could be attributed to social media activity – and 11 percent of these visitors clicked through to commerce sites Additional results for the first three months include: •55% increase in Twitter followers •1.5 x increase in LinkedIn connections •More than 3,500 tweets and retweets compared to less than 500 at implementation •More than 2,000 clicks driving prospects and clients to Rep Pages and the SmartCloud Enterprise website Result
  19. 19. Social Media Strategy 4 B2B
  20. 20. Maersk Line is the global container division and the largest operating unit of the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group, a Danish business conglomerate Maersk Line is the world’s largest container shipping company with operations in 150 countries and 250,000 employees In October 2011 they created a social media strategy consist of nine social media channels with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn at the centre of it all.  They used twitter and LinkedIn for B2B
  21. 21. Twitter The Maersk Line Twitter page (@MaerskLine) has over 111k followers, and only follows around 388 users.  Its feed is a mix of more serious news than the Facebook page, interactions (retweets from Maersk employees), as well as photos and relevant material. Tweets are sent a few times of day, with a specialised URL shortener and media and photos sometimes attached.
  22. 22. Maersk Line has 10 “official tweeters” who were taught the ways of the network at the beginning – who to follow, how to send interesting tweets etc Their followers include journalists, who all download Maersk Line press releases from Twitter, and the shipping press (who make up a large percentage of the following)
  23. 23. LinkedIn  After a social media survey they found that customer have more interest to engage via LinkedIn  They decided to engage with customers on LinkedIn by setting up groups: ‘The Shipping Circle’ group in January 2012 and ‘The Reefer Circle’ group in August 2012
  24. 24.  With a few hundred select users in each groups consists of shipping experts from around the world who debate industry challenges and opportunities – a great opportunity to gain knowledge from experts who Maersk may not otherwise meet They have made full use of the ‘Products & Services’ tab on the LinkedIn Company Page – where they describe some of their core products and ideas – and people can ‘Recommend’ these and comment too
  25. 25. Online Marketing For B2B
  26. 26. Optum is a healthcare services provider. It provide health services to various-sized businesses They have a global team of 65,000 people, working collaboratively across the health system to improve care delivery, quality and cost-effectiveness Key Drivers Aligning care delivery Modernizing the health system Engaging Customers
  27. 27.  They created an integrated marketing campaign to support the launch of a new solution, support sales and build thought leadership They used digital is an efficient manner to achieve their objective. They executed content marketing for that Content Marketing Mix Display Ads E-mail Micro site Customers are taken to Micro sites using Ads and mails Customers can download pdf file from micro site
  28. 28. Earned 23.5 % leads 2500 + downloads for PDF 28 % increase in blog readers 475 % increase in web Traffic $ 52 M new business R T L U S E S
  29. 29. Website and content in website for customers
  30. 30. Image of micro site PDF from micro site
  31. 31.  Direct mailing will be more effective in B2B marketing, so marketer need sufficient database  Mails should contain proper content to attract prospect customers or to generate leads  URL of micro sites can be promoted through emails, micro sites need to informative LinkedIn is an another effective tool for B2B marketing, putting ads on LinkedIn will helpful for lead generation Engagement is First and Sales is Second  Use twitter to interact will T.G, this will help to understand their problems or to create buzz about company success. Corporate world have high presence on twitter, so marketer can use twitter in different ways
  32. 32. Thank You