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Indian Apparel Industry

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Apparel industry

  1. 1. Industry Analysis: Apparel Industry By Asams V.K
  2. 2. Apparel and textile are among of the worlds largest industries  Total Global apparel export is worth of USD 500 (2012) Apparel and Textile Industry
  3. 3. In case of import in apparel category Asian countries are leading, India as 4.7 % of world wide  This means Indian consumers have a good affinity towards imported apparels
  4. 4.  The global underwear industry is estimated to be worth over $30 billion. The market encompasses a range of lingerie and intimate clothing, with bras representing over 50% of the overall market, briefs around 33%, and corsetry more than 10%.  Style, evolving fashion trends and factors such as novelty and comfort are the main drivers of this industry. (Source: Category in International Market
  5. 5. Aging populations in developed nations such as the US are slowing market growth. Growth potential, therefore, lays more in developing countries due to increasing income levels, trends toward Western fashion, a larger young population and rising standards of living. Lingerie consumers tend to make impulse buys, favouring(Source:
  6. 6. INDIAN MARKET Emerging Market In The World Economic Developments Raise in consumption Rise In Per Capital Income Retail Modernization Growing Consumerism Raise in Branded Products Demand
  7. 7.  Industry has an overwhelming presence in the economics life of country • 4% to the GDP •17% To the country’s export earning • 35 Million opportunity  Market size : Estimated to be worth of Rs. 3270 Billion (2011-2012)  CAGR of 8.7% till 2016 Market Structure
  8. 8.  Currently comprising 18% of the total market, the modern retail is poised to grow sharply over the next 5 year to contribute a 25% share  Presence of international brands increased from 18% to 25% Total Market Modern Retail Domestic Brands International Brands
  9. 9. Category in Indian Market India's women innerwear industry has been growing significantly over the past few years. The women's innerwear market will post a CAGR growth of around 14% during 2013- 2015. Reasons Growing number of working women,  changing fashion trends,  increased awareness about better fits, rising disposable income  level of information about innerwear
  10. 10.  Divides the women innerwear market in to two segments: lingerie and nightwear The lingerie market has been further classified into 4 product class: economy, mid- market, premium and super premium Some of the brands in this market according to segments are: Economy — Daisy Dee, Juliet, Red Rose Mid market — Hanes, Jockey, FOTL, Daisy Dee, Juliet, Red Rose Premium. — Hanes, Jockey, FOTL, Enamor, Amante Super premium — Triumph, Bwitch
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