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Intacct integration demo 2012


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In honor of Intacct Advantage 2012 in Orlando, I am uploading a new SlideShare of the high level overview of the Clarizen - Intacct integration. Enjoy!

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Intacct integration demo 2012

  1. 1. Customer Name
  2. 2. Clarizen as a Solution Planning & Scheduling Resource Budgeting Management Issue Time Tracking & Expenses Conversations Bringing together Structured and Unstructured Data
  3. 3. Differentiators Everything in the Cloud Clarizen as a Platform • Robust project/portfolio management • Clarizen App Marketplace • Conversations • Highly customizable • Email • Published API • Issue tracking • Partner integrations • Time tracking • InterAct email engine • Budget management • Documents and attachments Usability & Team Adoption Business Model • High end user value • 30-day Free Trial • High usability and adoption • Friction-free sales process • Collaborative • Easy onboarding • Generates real-time visibility at each • Pure SAAS model user level • Price/Performance • Visibility creates cycle of success
  4. 4. Clarizen as a Platform
  5. 5. Intacct – Clarizen Solution OverviewBusiness Process, User-Centric Integration Advanced project & workforce Robust accounting platform to mgmt. solution to manage the manage the financial service execution process. implications of service delivery User: Service Delivery User: Finance • Project Management • Project Invoicing • Resource Management • Expense Reimbursement • Collections • Resource Scheduling • Revenue Recognition • Task & Milestone Management • Procurement • Tracking Project Time • Labor Costs • Tracking Project EE Expenses • Financial Reporting
  6. 6. Intacct-Clarizen Integration - Highlights Service Delivery Data Integration Financial Mgmt. Manage & Intacct- Manage Track Project Clarizen Project Delivery Integration Financials Clarizen system of record : Automatic synchronization of project Intacct system of record : • Projects data to enable accurate and timely • Invoicing • Tasks billing, labor cost posting, expense • Reimbursing expenses • Resources (Users) reimbursements and financial reporting • Labor costs / posting to the GL • Billable / Non-billable Hours • Clarizen project data, time, • Billing rates (optional) • Billable / Non-billable expenses (new & updates) sent to • Statistical journal entries Expenses Intacct • Project & financial records updated • Financial Reporting • Flat rate charges • Project Profitability in Intacct • Billing Rates (optional) • Customer and Employee Records • Invoicing and Expense Status • Project Budgets (TBD) Returned to Clarizen • New projects or customers
  7. 7. Intacct-Clarizen Integration
  8. 8. Workflow for TimesheetsTimesheetsPeople/ Role Service Delivery Finance / AccountingProcess Time Clarizen Financial Tracking Billing Reporting Integration Posting Enter Submit for Approved Export OperationalClarizen Timesheets Approval Timesheets Timesheets Reports Timesheets Marked As Invoiced Financial and Track Post to Managerial Intacct Billable? No Labor Costs Intacct GL Reports TimesheetIntacct Yes Invoice Billable Hours
  9. 9. Workflow for ExpensesTimesheetsPeople/ Role Service Delivery Finance / AccountingProcess Expense Clarizen Expense Financial Financial Reporting Integration Mgmt. Posting Reporting Enter Submit for Approved Export OperationalClarizen Expenses Approval Expenses Timesheets Reports Expenses Reports Marked As Invoiced No No Financial and Billable? Reimburse? Post to Managerial Expense Intacct GL Reports ReportsIntacct Yes Yes Invoice Reimburse Billable Employee Expenses
  10. 10. Intacct-Clarizen Integration - Key Benefits• User-centric, business process focused integration delivers ‘best in class’ functionality − Service teams benefit from using Clarizen to manage and track all aspects of service delivery − Finance teams benefit from using Intacct to manage the financial aspects of service delivery• Visibility, alignment and consistency between sales, service and finance• Improved finance and service productivity
  11. 11. Intacct-Clarizen Integration Highlights • Project data, time, expenses (new & updates) • Project & financial records updated in Intacct • Invoicing and Expense Status Returned to Clarizen • New projects or customers Clarizen system of record : Intacct system of record : • Projects • Invoicing • Tasks • Reimbursing expenses • Resources (Users) • Labor costs / posting to the GL • Billable / Non-billable Hours • Billing rates (optional) • Billable / Non-billable Expenses • Statistical journal entries • Flat rate charges • Financial Reporting • Billing Rates (optional) • Project Profitability • Project Budgets (TBD) • Customer and Employee Records Automatic synchronization of Clarizen project data to Intacct for accurate and timely billing, labor cost posting, expense reimbursement and financial reporting