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IELTS WRITING Task 2 vocabulary


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Essential vocabulary for ielts writing task 2

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IELTS WRITING Task 2 vocabulary

  1. 1. 1 Ielts: Writing Task 2: Vocabulary: Linkers: Sequence: And Also In addition Furthermore Moreover What is more Not only...but also Afterwards Next Besides Likewise Following this Thereafter Firstly Secondly Finally Contrastive/Reverse But However Although Despite In spite of In contrast Nevertheless Cause and effect As a result… Because of… Owing to… So… Since… Given that… Consequently Other hand Yet Thereby Eventually For explaining this To clarify the concept For interpreting this… Thus Conclusion In conclusion… Finally… In summary… To sum up… Therefore… There seems to be little doubt that.. Conditional If Unless Provided that In case On condition that Purpose So that In order that Lest Example Such as For instance A case in point One example of this In this way For example To formulate the view… Possible linkers set: Set A The most vital argument for the demand can initially be mentioned that…. What is more….. A further point is that Set C What can be cited first is that Another point idea which cannot but be pointed out is that A tail ender but mention worthy point that Set B The first point is that Another important idea in this regard is…….. Last but not least Set D Templates: In actual practice, this……(Topic)……has various shades of gray from dark to light. Though it does have positive side but it does have substantial flaws. This is not the end of the story. There are lots of people having strong ration on contrary There are on the other hand, quite plausible reason why….. In a nutshell, taking all the aforementioned pros and cons of the given topic into account, I personally opine that In fine, although there are some advantages if smoking,