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Ielts writing task 2


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The attached slide will help the IELTS seeker to understand the task easily. It will be handy during the time of TAsk 2.

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Ielts writing task 2

  1. 1. Writing
  2. 2. What Do you think? ……DifficultJust Stay with us….Nothing else.....
  3. 3. About the Ielts writing test:About the Ielts writing test:Duration & Format:Sixty Minutes (60 Min) Two taskFormal Academic Type
  4. 4. Factors in the Assessment:Factors in the Assessment:• Appropriate, Accurate & Complete responsesaddressing all parts of the question• Ensuring minimum Word Limit• Organization & Linkage of Information-LogicalFlow• Range of Vocabulary• Correct Spelling & Punctuation• Grammatical Accuracy• Range of Sentence Structure• Examples & Supporting Evidence used, Reasons &Arguments
  5. 5. IELTS Essay Type:IELTS Essay Type:1. Debatable/Controversial Type2. Direct Question Answer Type3. Mixed Pattern/Type
  6. 6. Strategy:Strategy:• Check you understand the question• Brainstorm Ideas• How many paragraphs do you need?• Express your own opinion with supportingevidence• Present a balanced argument• Remember to include an introduction and aconclusion• Use linking words to help make your essay easy tounderstand
  7. 7. Plan:Plan:• Introduction the Main Topic to Evaluate• Challenging Ideas• Agreeing with Ideas• Giving Opinion• Consequences
  8. 8. Program:Program:• Brainstorming Ideas• Balancing Your Ideas: Examples• Balancing the Essay in wholeFor AgainstPoint 1 Point 1Point 2 Point 2Point 3 Point 3
  9. 9. Phrases to use:Phrases to use:• Taking X as an example• In recent years there have been manydevelopments in…..• This might lead to……• After examining the issues it is evident that..• Firstly, it is important to consider……• I would accept the view that……..• There is no evidence to suggest that…….• Overall, it is clear that…………..• The final point to consider is……….• It is certainly true to say that………..
  10. 10. 5 Steps in the process of WT:25 Steps in the process of WT:2
  11. 11. References:References:• PREPARE FOR IELTS: Academic Practice TestsUniversity of Technology, Sydney• IELTS Foundation: Students BookMacmillan• Helpful Hints for IELTSBritish Council (Gary Adams & Terry Peck )