Ieee 2010 project titles


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Ieee 2010 project titles

  1. 1. FUTURE-TEC TECHNOLOGIES1. A Machine Learning Approach to TCP Throughput Networking Prediction2. Feedback-Based Scheduling for Load-Balanced Two- Stage Switches3.Trust management in mobile ad hoc networks using a scalable maturity-based Model1. Online social networks Network2. Sharing location in online social networks1. Fuzzy Data Standardization Fuzzy1. On the Quality of Service of Crash-Recovery Failure Dependable and Security Detectors2.Cluster-Based Key Pre-distribution Using Deployment Knowledge Computer Science1.Integrated High-Fidelity Geosciences Simulations for Enhanced Terrain-Related Target Detection2. Accelerating Biomedical Research in Designing Diagnostic Assays, Drugs, and Vaccines1. Spatial Navigation for Context-Aware Video Computer Science and Surveillance Graphics2. Guest Editors Introduction: Multimedia Analytics3. Multimedia Analysis + Visual Analytics = Multimedia Analytics4. AniViz: A Template-Based Animation Tool for Volume Visualization5. iFeel_IM!: Augmenting Emotions during Online Communication6. MediaTable: Interactive Categorization of
  2. 2. Multimedia Collections1. Classification of Protein-Protein Interaction Full-Text Computational Biology Documents Using Text and Citation Network and Bioinformatics Features2. Exploring Species-Based Strategies for Gene Normalization1. Automatic Generation of Game Level Solutions as Computational Storyboards Intelligence and AI in Games2. Game Bot Detection via Avatar Trajectory Analysis3. The Parametrized Probabilistic Finite-State Transducer Probe Game Player Fingerprint Model1. Full-Reference Video Quality Metric for Fully Broadcasting Scalable and Mobile SVC Content1. Understanding Wi-Fi 2.0: from the economical Wireless Communications perspective of wireless service providers [Dynamic Spectrum Management]2. Efficient routing for international mobile call setup [Accepted from Open Call]3. IEEE 802.11E QoS and power saving features overview and analysis of combined performance [Accepted from Open Call]4. Achieving Secret Communication for Fast Rayleigh Fading Channels1. Using a web-based tool to define and implement Software software process improvement initiatives in a small industrial setting2. Including both static and dynamic typing in the same programming language3. Design principles of web-based distance education system and sample application in Afyon Kocatepe University4. Component co-evolution and component
  3. 3. dependency: speculations and verifications5. Technologies and Tools for Distributed Teams1. End-to-End Service Support for Mashups Service Computing1. Privacy-Preserving Sharing of Sensitive Information Security and privacy2. Preserving Privacy Based on Semantic Policy Tools3. The Phish-Market Protocol: Secure Sharing Between Competitors4. Can Public-Cloud Security Meet Its Unique Challenges?5. Internet Filtering Issues and Challenges6. Encrypting Keys Securely1. Joint synchronization and localization using TOAs: A Communications linearization based WLS solution1. Auto-Context and Its Application to High-Level Pattern Analysis and Vision Tasks and 3D Brain Image Segmentation Machine Intelligence2. Cost-Sensitive Face Recognition3. Motion Segmentation in the Presence of Outlying, Incomplete, or Corrupted Trajectories4. P&D5. FS2You: Peer-Assisted Semipersistent Online Hosting at a Large Scale1. Improved Speech Presence Probabilities Using Signal HMM-Based Inference, With Applications to Speech Enhancement and ASR1. Affective Visualization and Retrieval for Music Video Multimedia2. Speech Emotion Analysis: Exploring the Role of Context3. Feature Analysis and Evaluation for Automatic Emotion Identification in Speech
  4. 4. 4. Emotion Recognition in Text for 3-D Facial Expression Rendering5. A 3-D Audio-Visual Corpus of Affective Communication6. Accelerating the Media Business with MPEG Extensible Middleware1. Classroom Wiki: A Collaborative Wiki for Learning Technologies Instructional Use with Multiagent Group Formation2. An Interactive Table for Supporting Participation Balance in Face-to-Face Collaborative Learning3. Automatic Detection of Off-Task Behaviors in Intelligent Tutoring Systems with Machine Learning Techniques4. Improving Teaching and Learning through Automated Short-Answer Marking1. Efficient Lazy Evaluation of Rule-Based Programs KDD2. A Novel Combination of Answer Set Programming with Description Logics for the Semantic Web3. Unsupervised Semantic Similarity Computation between Terms Using Web Documents1. Web-Application Security: From Reactive to IT Proactive2. Introduction: Cyber security1. Trust and Reputation Management INTERNET COMPUTING2. Trusted Cloud Computing with Secure Resources and Data Coloring3. Advanced Feedback Management for Internet Auction Reputation Systems4. A Survey of First-Person Shooter Gaming Traffic on the Internet5. Incentive Mechanisms in P2P Media Streaming Systems
  5. 5. 6. Cloud Computing: The New Frontier of Internet Computing7. Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions8. Trust and the Internet1. Intrusion Detection for Grid and Cloud Computing IT PROFESSIONAL2. A Framework for RFID Deployment in Supply Chains1. Special Section on Distributed Camera Networks: Image Processing Sensing, Processing, Communication, and Implementation2. 3-D Target-Based Distributed Smart Camera Network Localization3. Activity Based Matching in Distributed Camera Networks1. A managerial community of Web Services for WEB SERVICES management of communities of Web Services2. Automatic Composition of Semantic Web Services An Enhanced State Space Search Approach3. Knowledge-first web services an E-Government example4. Using the iPhone and iPod Touch for remote sensor control and data acquisition1. The Applied Research of Cloud Computing Platform Cloud Computing Architecture in the E-Learning Area.2. Cloud Computing System Based on Trusted Computing Platform.3. IT Auditing to Assure a Secure Cloud Computing.4. Performance Evaluation of Cloud Computing Offerings5. Providing Privacy Preserving in cloud computing6. Toward a Unified Ontology of Cloud Computing.
  6. 6. Bayesian classifier programmed in SQLSecured Data CollectionGene ontology with word computing with SOMMILDEdge Adaptive image stenography by MSBMultibody Structure-and-Motion Segmentation by Branch-and-Bound Model SelectionSatellite Image Contrast Enhancement Using DiscreteWavelet Transform and Singular Value DecompositionSkew Estimation of Document Images Using BaggingFast-Mesh: A Low-Delay High-Bandwidth Mesh for Peer-to-Peer Live StreamingA Stochastic Approach to Image Retrieval Using RelevanceFeedback and Particle Swarm OptimizationA Virtual Cloud Computing LABPredictive Network Anomaly detection and visualizationActive Re-ranking for Web Image SearchFacial detection and recognition in mimetic algorithmAccurate image search using contextual dissimilaritymeasuresLight:A query efficient yet low maintenance indexingscheme over dthsAnonymous query processing in road networksThe applied research of cloud computing arch in area of e-learningRoutingUnderstanding online interruption based advertisingimpactAging Bloom Filter with Two Active Buffers for DynamicSets
  7. 7. Layered Approach Using ConditionalRandom Fields for Intrusion Detection For details: ASHADAS.P.K / SARANYA Mob: 9566216611 / 33 / Old 52,New 62,Floor 3,Espee Complex Brindavan Street,West Mambalam,Chennai 33