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Sustainable Nations Global Initiative



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Sustainable Nations Global Initiative

  1. 1. SMART NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE, or President’s Challenge 2014 EIS A. Abdoullaev Page 1 ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS LTD SMART NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE NATION’S CHALLENGE AND/OR PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE TO THE POST-2015 GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT AGENDA “leaders from all four corners of the globe must prove that we can provide future generations with a more equitable, more prosperous and greener world for all” José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission RIO + 20 UN Conference of Sustainable Development Motivation The Smart Nation “X” Global Initiative is emerging in the quest for sustainable growth and smart economic, technological and socio-cultural development and intelligent governance for international communities and states, regions and cities, as well as for innovative enterprises, industries and economies, local, regional and global. The Move is showing the strategic way to Sustainable Land and Environment, Intelligent State and Smart Cities, Smart People and Smart Life, Sustainable Infrastructure and Smart Industry, Smart Grids and Eco Buildings, Intelligent ICT and Eco Mobility, Big Science and Future Technology, Internet of Everything and Smart Web, Smart Financing and Intelligent Banking, Smart Health and Education, Smart Security and Safety, Smart Government, Regulations and Standards. The Smart Nation "X” Global Initiative is to re/develop within an integrated strategic planning the future country dimensions, Sustainable Territory and Land, Smart Transportation and Sustainable Mobility, Smart and Green Energy, Intelligent ICT, as well as Smart Water, Smart Waste, Smart Governance, Smart People, Smart Safety and Security, Smart Living, Smart Economy and Smart Environment. Why Smart/Sustainable Nations The Post-2015 Global Development Agenda is all about developing sustainable nations, countries, and states. The critical necessity of transforming from the INEFFICIENT, CRISIS-RIDDEN, EXCLUDING National Communities to SMART, RESILIENT AND INCLUSIVE Nations is urged by the inequality of modern states. A new Oxfam report, 'Working for the Few', states that the world's 85 wealthiest are worth a collective $1.7 trillion. This amount is owned by half of the world's poorest people, a total of roughly 3.5 billion. The World Economic Forum has identified economic inequality as a major risk to human progress, impacting social stability within countries and threatening security on a global scale.
  2. 2. SMART NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE, or President’s Challenge 2014 EIS A. Abdoullaev Page 2 Smart Nations Commitment Application The Smart Nation “X” Global Initiative is designed for “X” regions, districts, countries, states or international communities, from Australia to China to Russia to Europe to America, all who are after a unified smart community development strategy and holistic sustainable growth planning, unifying all the national systems, services, departments and agencies, regions, cities and communities as a sustainable smart nation ecosystem. The Smart Nation “X” Consortium will provide the intelligent property investment to selected state entities through strategic advice, as well as “sustainable land/state/nation” exclusive education and training. Successful applications are to provide evidence that the nation has potential capacity to tap the intelligent resources offered through the Smart Nations Global Initiative, that its transformation to a sustainable country has a strong leadership and that the state has strong intentions to invest intelligent and financial capital into smart and sustainable country development A State’s government will be assisted with exclusive Smart Nation and Sustainable Communities seminars for all the key stakeholders and industrial partners. A States’ Universities will be assisted to lay out Masters and PhD programs and courses in smart nations and sustainable communities, online and offline. In addition, a Nation’s Developers will be assisted with modeling and planning the economy- sized sustainable property development projects. Sustainable Nation Architecture In all, the “Sustainable Nation” makes a unified national project of three critical layers/levels planned, managed and coordinated as integral multi-projects: I. Digital/ICT/Hi-Tech/Ubiquitous/Cyber/Mobile/Interconnected Smart Nation (Regions, Districts, Cities, Municipalities, Communities) II. Sustainable/Ecological/Green/Zero-Carbon/Zero-Waste/Zero-Energy/Nature Friendly/Eco Nation (Regions, Districts, Cities, Municipalities, Communities) III. Knowledge/Learning/Innovation/Intelligent/Science/Intellectual/LivingLab/Creative/Huma n/Social Inclusive Nation (Regions, Districts, Cities, Municipalities, Communities) Basic requirements National authorities must have initial funds for the “Smart Nation” comprehensive strategy, integrated planning and State Intelligence governance cloud platform. National authorities understand the criticality of the overall intelligent growth strategy and integrated national planning of the Sustainable Nation Program. National authorities must be willing to scale up and replicate both strategic knowledge and model projects at the international levels. National Smart State Advisory Council is to be established to take responsibility and support of the strategic growth plan of the State/Land/Country/Nation. National University or group of universities or research institutions and industry are to be committed in R & D & I of the Sustainable Nation as well as smart cities.
  3. 3. SMART NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE, or President’s Challenge 2014 EIS A. Abdoullaev Page 3 Countries selected for the Smart Nations Global Initiative will be required for citizen engagement and involvement and knowledge sharing to help all the project stakeholders make optimal contributions. Applicant Contact Information Template [There is not a strict Application Form, but Please complete all fields] Date of application: Municipality “X” (city, country): Municipality website: Name of responsible contact: Position: Organization: Office phone: Mobile phone: Email: Website: Areas of Focus [In no more than 500 words per area] Describe the priority projects the nation is focusing on Describe the comprehensive growth strategy demonstration areas Describe the existing growth strategy, national planning and nation-wide development projects Identify the stakeholders to be involved (government, industry, academia, etc.), and describe their contributions, roles and what sorts of projects and activities are underway or finished Provide the names and backgrounds of the key individuals guiding the projects Describe intelligent resources, local talent and knowledge available from universities, research institutions, industry, innovative SMEs, consultancies, etc. Describe how the Smart Nation Intitiative fits with the long-term national planning for balanced growth, social and economic—quality job creation, social and technological innovations, etc. Provide KPI’s and metrics related to the Innovation Nation’s progress Define the smart communities national projects, if in Europe, describe if involved in the EU smart city initiatives, European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities, Covenant of Mayors, Green Digital Agenda, i-Capital, etc. Please describe: o the Country’s fundamentals (e.g., the climatic zone, natural resources, quality of the environment, resources flow, energy, water, waste); political economy (e.g., the socio-economic conditions; industrial base, high-tech community and companies); institutional capacities (i.e., educational base and research infrastructure (universities, research institutions, human and financial resources, and legal and regulatory powers); Capacities for smart growth and sustainable development; Potential for integrating urban systems and infrastructure: physical infrastructure; digital Infrastructure; knowledge infrastructure; social infrastructure and environmental infrastructure Instructions: Please submit applications via email to the contact provided below Limit your responses (per question) to 500 words or less. Provide national strategic growth blueprints or marketing materials to support your application
  4. 4. SMART NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE, or President’s Challenge 2014 EIS A. Abdoullaev Page 4 Deadline for the first group submissions is 15th September 2014. Please submit applications by the deadline indicated: The Smart Nation applications will be accomplished in stages within 1-3 year. The first session national applications are invited to be submitted via email to Dr Azamat Abdoullaev, Director – EIS Smart Nation “X” Global Initiative, at by 15th September 2014 deadline. Direct Inquiries: + 357 99 683 849 For more information on the Smart Nations Global Initiative, including basic requirements, criteria, application guide, sources and resources, refer to the online brief guide. ABOUT EIS EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd, EU, the Leading Smart Nation Consultant, Promoter of Smart World, Smart Europe and Urban Europe Strategy 2020; Dedicated Stakeholder of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities; the Creator of Smart Growth Strategies for the Largest Economies: USA, China, Japan, Germany, Russia, UK, etc.. Vision: A vision of the world where holistic smart policy thinking, intelligent design, digital technology, eco- engineering solutions and social innovations are synergized for smart and sustainable nation/state/land/country development Core Activities and Deeds: 1. Developing a comprehensive “smart nation” development strategy covering land and energy, transport and mobility, information and communications, as well as water and waste; economy and business; education and health; safety and security; food and consumption; government and public services; environment and nature. 2. Deploying centralized mobile “state intelligence” distributed by the countrywide internet of things or M2M communication Networks (city is governed by an “intelligent land” platform in the public smart cloud for control and management, integration and optimisation of national systems and flows (traffic, energy, water, waste, emissions, people, goods, services, data and information). 3. To explore a “holistic smart policy thinking”, Smart Europe Strategy was conceived, with an intelligent eco city pilot, selected in 2012 as a showcase model for the European smart city and communities
  5. 5. SMART NATIONS GLOBAL INITIATIVE, or President’s Challenge 2014 EIS A. Abdoullaev Page 5 EIS has a strategic leadership in creating the Smart Territories of the Future: Sustainable Nations, Intelligent Cities, Green Communities, and Eco-Sustainable Developments. EIS is a leading consultancy in scaling up smart growth and sustainable development to the level of large nations, international and global communities: The World: Europe: China: USA: Japan: Germany: UK Russia Since 2011, EIS’ open “Smart World Development” report consistently occupies the “Smart World” Google search top positions. In addition, EIS’ Projects on Future World, Intelligent Nations, Global Innovation, Smart Cities and Sustainable Developments were among mostly viewed “Slideshares” in 2013. The EIS Smart Nations Global Initiative, as the Nation Challenge or the President’s Challenge, is the logical extension of the Smart Cities Global Initiative: EIS MANAGEMENT