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    The Nation's and/or President's Challenge to creating the Intelligent State:
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  1. 1. BUILDING FUTURE WORLD I-WORLD MANIFESTO FOR 5I-WORLD (INTELLIGENT, INNOVATIVE, INTERCONNECTED, INSTRUMENTED, INCLUSIVE) DR AZAMAT ABDOULLAEV CREATING THE FUTURE: BUILDING TOMORROW’S WORLD: HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/CREATING-THE-FUTURE-TOMORROWS-WORLD HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/IWORLD-25498222 HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/SMART-WORLD HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/IEUROPE HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/IRUSSIA-20142024 HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/SMART-AMERICA 2013 – 2015 - 2017 I-WORLD: Smart CONTINENTS, COUNTRIES, CITIES, AND COMMUNITIES http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-ltd SMART WORLD™: Smart Africa™, Smart America™, Smart Asia™, Smart Antarctica™ and Smart Arctica™, Smart Australia™ and Smart Oceania™, Smart Europe™, Smart Eurasia™ [Following our concept Smart Africa™, “the Transform Africa Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda on 28th-31st October 2013 culminated in the adoption of the Smart Africa Manifesto document by 7 African Heads of States”]
  2. 2. A. I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015- 2017 All Rights Reserved SMART WORLD TRINITY Knowledge WORLD/ Continent/ Country/ City/Commu nity Smart WORLD I-World Platform for 4Cs Eco- WORLD/ Continent/ Country/ City/Commu nity Digital WORLD/ Continent/ Country/ City/Commu nity Physical Capital Natural Capital Ecosystems Natural Resources Renewables/RES Eco Technologies Green Infrastructure Eco-Urbanization Green Society ECO-SUSTAINABLEGROWTH Information/DigitalCapital Smart Mobility , Smart Services ICT Infrastructure,OTN, Optical Networks , NG Broadband 3DTV, HDTV, CC, Intelligent Clouds Internet of Things, u-Computation Digital/Cyber Society TECHNOLOGICAL/SMARTGROWTH Social/Human/I-Capital Innovation Ecosystems Smart Living Smart Economy Knowledge Infrastructure i-Industry Smart Governance Equity, Wellbeing, QoL Knowledge Society SOCIAL/INCLUSIVE GROWTH SMART TRINITY GLOBAL COMMUNITY of Wellbeing, Quality of Life and Sustainable Growth
  4. 4. THE WORLD TOMORROW: SMART CONNECTED GLOBE  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/creating-the-future-tomorrows-world  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smartworl-dabr  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/shaping-the-future-world  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/innovation-platform  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eco-world-commandments  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-world  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/future-world-27173937  http://eu-smartcities.eu/blog/smart-superpowers-projects-states-powers-great-powers-and-hyperpowers  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/superpowers-smart-states-global-initiative  http://eu-smartcities.eu/content/become-smart-nation-build-your-brand-name  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/future-world-branding  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-revolution  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i-world-state  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/intelligent-global-government  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/world-tomorrow  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/intelligent-world  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-global-innovation-platform I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. SMART WORLD OF CONTINENTS, COUNTRIES, CITIES AND COMMUNITIES  VISION: SUSTAINABLE WORLD of 4Cs: Continents, Countries, Cities and Communities  MISSION: smart eco communities, intelligent green cities, sustainable living, healthy and smart environments, renewable energy global infrastructure, smart green real estates; the citizens’well-being, physical, mental, and social  GOALS: Promoting a Smart World Foundation Framework, the principles, guidelines, standards, solutions, specifications, technologies, for constructing Sustainable Communities: local, national, international or worldwide; Networking government leaders, policy makers, industry players, local governments, city managers, academia, developers, technology providers and NGOs across the world, promoting smart sustainable communities; smart solutions to critical global problems, as climate change, fresh water, or green energy; advancing converging solutions in Education, Science, and Research, Technology, Engineering and Industry  PRINCIPLES AND STRATEGIES: Smart World Global Policy, Sustainable Development, Eco World Development, Digital World Development, Social World Development, Comprehensive Planning, Sustainable Urban Design and Planning, Smart/Intelligent City Solutions, Eco City Development Principles  TECHNOLOGIES: Intelligent ICT Technologies; Ecological/Clean/Environmental Technologies; Social Innovations and Technologies, KM Technologies, Integrated Networks; Emerging and Disruptive Technologies  SUSTAINABLE STRATEGY: The Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Model (Full Cost Account)  Natural Capital(Planet, Environmental Protection and Ecosystems Conservation and Enrichment),  Social Capital(People, Citizens, Social Well-Being and Equity),  Economical Capital(Profit, Growth, Sustainable Business)  SUSTAINABLE WORLD/CITIES PROGRAMS: EIS’ Smart World Strategy, EU 2020,UN Global Compact Cities Program: Sustainable Cities; EU CONCERTO Communities; Intelligent Energy; EU Initiative on Smart Cities; IBM’s Smarter Planet, Cisco’s Smart + Connected Communities;  EIS’ Smart World Growth Strategy comprises the Smarter Planet Strategies, Intelligent Urbanization Models, EU 2020 Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive growth as well as national growth strategies as Japan’s “New Growth Strategy" or Russia’s Smart Nation Development  "A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities“; (Keynote). The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT--2011); http://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/CIT2011/https://www8.cs.ucy.ac.cy/conferences/CIT2011/files/SMARTWORLDabr.pdf I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. THREE SCENARIOS FOR THE WORLD We are at a historical critical point – a defining moment - in building the kind of world to live, with the following three scenarios. I. Lost Decade. The World will have suffered a permanent loss in wealth and capacity for growth II. Sluggish Recovery. The World will have suffered a permanent loss in wealth and start slowly growing from the old basis. III. Sustainable Recovery. The World is making a full recovery and raise its potential and capacity for Sustainable Future  Smart World Strategy is the most viable solution for a Full Sustainable Recovery  Smart World Strategy is the platform for Intelligent Nations, Smart Cities and Green Communities  Smart World Strategy is advancing both poor nation states and world economies making obsolete the old world division into the core countries, semi-periphery countries and the periphery countries  Smart World Strategy sees the capitalist world-economy, suffering a heavy crisis, as exhausted and detrimental to a large proportion of the world's population, to be transformed into a smart world-economy  The Sustainable Future requires a complete renovation of the existing world order, as well as the existing infrastructures in the developed countries, as Europe or USA, in the fast developing countries as BRIC, and in the underdeveloped countries as Tajikistan or Rwanda.  Smart World Strategy: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smartworl-dabr I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015- 2017 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. IT’S A SMART INTELLIGENT WORLD…  The Smart World Concept is emerging in the quest for sustainable growth and smart economic, technological and socio-cultural development and intelligent governance for international communities and states, regions and cities, and global virtual communities, as well as for enterprises, industries and economies, local, regional and global.  Smart World is Smart Continents, Intelligent Nations and Smart Eco Cities, Smart People and Smart Life, Sustainable Land and Environment, Sustainable Infrastructure and Smart Industry, Smart Grids and Eco Buildings, Intelligent ICT and Eco Mobility, Big Science and Future Technology, Internet of Everything and Smart Web, Smart Financing and Intelligent Banking, Smart Health and Education, Smart Security and Safety, Smart Government, Regulations and Standards.  It’s an I-World. Sensors and information & telecommunication systems, driven by microprocessors, provide digital intelligence to the world.  “Invisible yet ubiquitous, small but mighty, unnoticed but life changing. Forty years ago the microprocessor was born, beginning the quiet but profound process which has radically reshaped our lives. Today, thanks to the microprocessor, we live in a smart world, can do smart things and make smart choices. We don’t see them, but these tiny embedded computers shape our world to a remarkable degree. From the cars we drive and tractors that till the fields, to the fresh food delivered to our shops, billboards that advertise and machines that help us stay fit – they’re the invisible brains that power our daily being. Long live the smart life”. Intel I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. THE EIS I-WORLD PLATFORM: FUTURE WORLD TECHNOLOGY ROADMAP  WORLD 1.0 (Industrial World) :: Global Community 0.0 > Society 1.0> Nation 1.0 > City 1.0 > Science 1.0 > Technology 1.0 > Industry 1.0 > Infrastructure 1.0 > Network 1.0 > Telecom 1.0 > Internet 1.0 > Web 1.0 > Service 1.0 > Government 1.0 > Medicine 1.0 >…Space 1.0  WORLD 2.0 (Information World) :: Global Community 2.0 > Society 2.0 > Nation 2.0> City 2.0 > Science 2.0 > Technology 2.0 > Industry 2.0 > Infrastructure 2.0 > Network 2.0 > Telecom 2.0 > Internet 2.0 > Web 2.0 > Service 2.0 > Government 2.0 > Medicine 2.0 > Human 2.0 > …Space 2.0  WORLD 3.0 (Smart World) :: Global Community 3.0 > Society 3.0 > Nation 3.0> City 3.0 > Science 3.0 > Technology 3.0 > Industry 3.0 > Infrastructure 3.0 > Network 3.0 > Telecom 3.0 > Internet 3.0 > Web 3.0 > Service 3.0 > Government 3.0 > Medicine 3.0 > Human 3.0 > …Space 3.0  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/creating-the-future- tomorrows-world  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/innovation-platform  WORLD X.0 :: Global Community X.0 > Society X.0 > Nation X.0> City X.0 > Science X.0 > Technology X.0 > Industry X.0 > Infrastructure X.0 > Network X.0 > Telecom X.0 > Internet X.0 > Web X.0 > Service X.0 > Government X.0 > Medicine X.0 > Human X.0 > …Space X.0  The Future World Evolution Roadmap is life critical for the future world scenarios, for it holistically combines technological breakthroughs with political, economic, social and organizational innovations.  It shows a high way to the Smart Sustainable World of Intelligence, Innovation, Interconnection and Prosperity  NOTE. The idea of the X.0 World initially rooted in the terms “Web 2.0” and its indefinite extension, the Web X.0, both superseding the old and static business model of Web 1.0 of Netscape. Initially it was introduced as an “Internet operating system”, “Inventing the Future,” http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/network/2002/04/09/future. html; “What Is Web 2.0,” www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/oreilly/tim/news/2005/09/30/what- is-web-20.html. I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. IS THE WORLD READY FOR BREAKTHROUGH TO THE FUTURE - THE ‘FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION’ ?  The 4th Industrial Revolution is unprecedented in its velocity, its breadth and depth, and its systemic impact, transforming entire systems, across (and within) countries, companies, industries and society as a whole.  the Fourth Industrial Revolution is based on the convergence of all sciences: as nano-physico-bio-info- cognitive (NBIC) science and technologies as well as social and humanitarian sciences  the Fourth Industrial Revolution is disrupting the current political, economic, and social models, shifting power: from states to nonstates, from institutions to social networks, being more diffuse and distributed  If the world is ready to lead the most disruptive technological revolution that is to change how humanity works, lives, studies, and how all humans relate to one another  the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution is the fusion of all the coming breakthroughs, namely:  Internet of people and things, smart and connected machines and systems, nanotechnology, gene sequencing, renewable energy, and quantum computing, 3D printing, driverless cars, new forms of money, robotics, drones, and biological breakthroughs  smart and connected cities, the sharing economy and the emergence of cyber warfare and cyber attacks  major economic disruptions, rethinking education, training, and workforce development  confronting negative externalities related to the environment  multisectoral cooperation of the private sector, civil society, and government  Project I-World is to provide a platform for advancing the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - breakthrough to the great future, to the New World of converging emerging technologies, to Smart CONTINENTS, COUNTRIES, CITIES, AND COMMUNITIES I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. WORLD CONTINENTS  Africa  Antarctica  Asia  Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania  Europe  North America  South America  The Middle East I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. SMART AFRICA™: WORLD BANK PROJECTS Central Africa Eastern Africa North Africa Southern Africa Western Africa  39 States: Algeria…Rwanda  World Bank Demonstration Project: Smart Ruanda  SMART Rwanda helps Rwanda achieve its ICT vision, one village at a time, defining ten verticals (sectors) in which we believe structured deployment of ICTs can have maximum impact. These verticals are SMART Education, SMART Healthcare, SMART Governance,SMART Business, SMART Agriculture, SMART Environment, SMART Job Creation,SMART Infrastructure, SMART Girls, and SMART Cities. http://blogs.worldbank.org/ic4d/co-creating-smart-rwanda- smart-africa-and-smart-world  Smart City Projects, in South Africa and Kenia I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. SMART ASIA™  Afghanistan,  Armenia, Azerbaijan  Bangladesh  Bhutan  Brunei  Cambodia  China  Georgia  India  Indonesia  Japan  Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan  Korea  Laos  Malaysia  Mongolia  Myanmar  Nepal  Pakistan  Papua New Guinea  Philippines  Singapore  Sri Lanka  Taiwan  Thailand  Vietnam  Undergoing Intelligent Nation Programs  Intelligent Nation Singapore  Singapore, Intelligent Nation 2015 (iN2015), 10 years master plan of “an Intelligent Nation, a Global City, powered by Infocomm”, to enable: Innovation, Integration, Internationalisation.  Intelligent Taiwan  Intelligent Taiwan, formulated by the Council for Economic Planning and Development, and involving all ministries. The i-Taiwan is advancing 12 construction projects. Its five key concepts are: regional development balance, industrial innovation, new urban and regional features, intelligent capital accumulation, and sustainable development.  Prospective Smart Asia Projects  Smart Armenia  Smart Azerbaijan  Smart Kazakstan  Smart Japan: http://futurecity.rro.go.jp/en/  Smart Tajikistan: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i- tajikistan  Smart City Projects  In China, Japan, India, Indonesia  Smart City Corridors in China and India  Japan’s Smart City Platform (Future City Initiative: http://futurecity.rro.go.jp/en/ )  I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. SMART AUSTRALIA™, NEW ZEALAND, AND OCEANIA  American Samoa  Australia  Cook Islands  Easter Island  Fiji  French Polynesia  Guam  Kiribati  Marshall Islands  Micronesia  Nauru  New Caledonia  New Zealand  Northern Mariana Islands  Palau  Papua New Guinea  Solomon Islands  Tonga  Tuvalu  Vanuatu  Wallis and Futuna  Western Samoa  i-Nation Programs  None  Prospective Intelligent Nations  Australia  New Zealand  Eco Island Projects  Smart City Projects  In Australia  Sydney, Smart Environment (Natural Capital and Resources, Sustainable Resource Management)  Queensland, Smart Community (Social Cohesion, Unity in Community, Human Infrastructure, Interfaces, Integration)  In New Zealand  Wellington Smart Capital  i-Community Projects I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. SMART AMERICA™: NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA  Argentina  Belize  Bolivia  Brazil  Chile  Colombia  Costa Rica  Ecuador  El Salvador  French Guiana  Guatemala  Guyana  History of Central America  History of LatinAmerica  Honduras  Mexico  Nicaragua  Panama  Paraguay  Peru  Suriname  Uruguay  Venezuela  Canada  The United States  Prospective i-Nation Projects  i-Canada Vision  Canada is aspiring for the world’s leading Intelligent Nation or “i-Nation” because a sufficiently broad base of Canadian communities, large and small, have all won international awards as the world’s leading Intelligent Communities.  More than 1,000 experts, including i-CANADA Governors, Premiers, Mayors, CEOs, expert advisors, and other supporters are debating issues on the i-CANADA social network.  Smart City Projects  In Brazil, Canada and USA  i-Community Projects  The global Intelligent Community Forum defines the principal characteristics of an Intelligent Community as: Broadband Connectivity, Innovation, Knowledge Workforce, Digital Inclusion, and Marketing and Advocacy I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. THE SMART WEST INDIES™  Anguilla  Antigua and Barbuda  Aruba  Barbados  Cayman Islands  Cuba  Dominica  Dominican Republic  Grenada  Guadeloupe  Haiti  Jamaica  Martinique  Montserrat  Netherlands Antilles  Saint Kitts and Nevis  Saint Lucia  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  The Bahamas  Trinidad and Tobago  Turks and Caicos Islands  Virgin Islands  i-Nation Projects  none  Prospective i-Nation Projects  Smart Cuba  Eco Island Projects  Smart Ocean City Projects  none  i-Community Projects  none I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. THE SMART MIDDLE EAST™  Algeria  Bahrain  Egypt  Iran  Iraq  Israel  Jordan  Kurdistan  Kuwait  Lebanon  Libya  Morocco  Oman  Palestine  Qatar  Saudi Arabia  Syria  Tunisia  Turkey  United Arab Emirates  Yemen  i-Nation Projects  none  Prospective i-Nation Projects  UAE, Smart Dubai, i-Iran, i-Qatar, Smart Israel, i-Kuwait  Smart City Projects  In Saudi Arabia, In Dubai  i-Community Projects  none I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. SMART EUROPE™  Albania , Austria  Belarus , Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria  Croatia , Cyprus , Czech Republic  Denmark  Estonia  Finland , France  Georgia , Germany, Greece  Hungary  Iceland, Ireland, Italy  Latvia , Liechtenstein , Lithuania, Luxembourg  Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco  Norway  Poland , Portugal  Romania, Russia  Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland  The Netherlands  Ukraine, United Kingdom  Vatican City State  i-Nation Projects  none  Prospective i-Nation Projects  Smart Europe  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i-europe-title-10150491)  https://eu-smartcities.eu/forum/smart-green-europe  https://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i-europe-digital-direct- democracy-government  i-Russia  Smart City Projects  In EU, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK  i-Community Projects  EIP Smart Cities  On 10 July 2012, the European Commission launched the Smart Cities and Communities European Innovation Partnership.  http://www.eu-smartcities.eu/ I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  18. 18. SMART WORLD STAKEHOLDERS  International Governmental Organizations (G20, the United Nations, UN; European Union, EU; Council of Europe)  Global Banking Institutions (World Bank, WTO; IMF,…)  International Corporations or Multinational Corporations (IBM, Cisco Systems, Siemens, HuaweiTechnologies, Oracle, HP, Accenture…)  International Nongovernmental Organizations (the World Economic Forum, Horasis; Industry Partners, Strategic Partners);  Global Public Policy Networks (Social Networking Websites and Forums; ICF, Intelligent Community Forum; EUROCITIES Knowledge Society Forum; CONCERTO Communities,…);  Sustainable Investment Industry(GIIN, Global Impact Investment Network,…);  Civil Society (Social Networks and Civil Associations and Organizations);  Private Sector (1000 World’s Top Companies, Real Estate Developers, Sustainable Architecture Groups;  Academia (Universities and Research Institutions)  Public Figures (international political leaders, top business leaders, intellectuals, celebrities, and journalists)  Sustainable Cities Stakeholders and Developers: Songdoand Incheon(Korea), King Abdullah Economic City (Saudi Arabia), GIFT, Lavasa, and NanoCity (India), WuxiHuishanand Meixi(China), Masdar(UAE), Living PlanITValley (Portugal), Skolkovo(Russia), etc.  Key Consultants: EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd,… I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  19. 19. SMART NATION STAKEHOLDERS  Governing Board:  Presidency and Council of Ministers  Parliament  Ministries and Government Departments  Municipalities  Local Communities  Political Parties  Civic Associations and NGOs  Business Groups & Innovative SMEs  Banking Institutions  Public-Service State Corporations:  Global IT and Local Telecom Corporations:  Academia, Universities and Research Institutes  Key Consultants: EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU, Cyprus); EIS Intellectual Systems (Russia, Moscow, Skolkovo – Innovation Center) I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  20. 20. SMART COUNTRIES, NATIONS, LANDS, OR STATES  The Sustainable LAND and ENVIRONMENT or NATURE AND GEOGRAPHY  Natural Heritage, Relief, Drainage, Soils, Climate, Plant and animal life, Eco Settlement patterns  The Smart PEOPLE  Ethnic composition, Language, Demography, Social structures, Family structure, Religion  The Smart ECONOMY  Management, Force, Personnel, Work force, Resources, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Industry, Banking and finance, Trade, Transportation, Information structure and communications  The Smart Territory  Eco Regions, Intelligent Cities and Green Communities  The Smart ADMINISTRATION  Government, Executive, Legislative, Judicial; Armed forces or Military, Police force, Security force; Education and Health and Welfare services and Social conditions; Transnational issues  The Smart CULTURE  Cultural Heritage,The arts, Folk culture, Architecture, Literature, Music, Visual arts, Theatre and motion pictures, Libraries and museums, Science, Technology, Cultural institutions, Sport and recreation, The media, Press and broadcasting, History  The Sustainable FUTURE: Intelligent Nation, Eco Land, Future State, or Smart Country I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  21. 21. INTELLIGENT NATION: PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS  i-NATION PLATFORM  i-GOVERNMENT  Smart Land and Environment  Sustainable INFRASTRUCTURE (Land, Transportation, Energy, ICT, Water, Waste)  Sustainable Roads  GREEN ECONOMY  INNOVATION INDUSTRY  ECO, HEALTH, WELLNESS, AND SMART TOURISM  INNOVATION ECO-CORRIDORS: KNOWLEDGE PARKS, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY PARKS, AGRICULTURE PARKS, ECO FARMS, AIRPORT CITY PARKS, HARBOR DEVELOPMENT PARKS, SERVER FARMS, ENERGY PARKS  SMART AIRPORT CITIES AND SPACE TOURISTRY  ECO REGIONS (Districts)  SMART CITIES (Municipalities)  GREEN COMMUNITIES (Eco Villages)  SUSTAINABLE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS (Cultural Smart Settlements, China Eco Towns, Russian Smart Villages, British Green Communities, etc.)  Space Touristry,  Innovation Eco-Corridors,  KNOWLEDGE LAND  National Program of Intelligent Sustainable Infrastructure (Telecommunications, Energy, Transportation, Water, Waste, Construction, Environment)  National Program of Innovative ICT and Broadband Knowledge Economy  National Program of Smart Eco Territories (communities, villages, towns, cities, districts, and country)  National Program of Science, Research and Innovation (Strategy for Research and Innovation)  National Program of Knowledge Industry 1. knowledge clusters, 2. university research parks, 3. science and technology parks, 4. healthcare parks, 5. technopolises, 6. business innovation parks, 7. industrial clusters, organic agro-clusters, 8. Smart villages, open economic zones, etc.  National Program of Smart Social Infrastructure (Governance , Economy, Society, institutions, data, policies, laws, regulations and standards)  National Program of Smart Government Agencies and State Corporations  National Program of Smart Industry, Corporations and Intelligent Business Management  National Program of Smart Lifestyle, Creativity and Knowledge and Persistent Learning  National Programs of the Smart Health System and Sustainable Social Insurance System I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  22. 22. I-NATION: THE SMART CITY OF THE FUTURE, OR CITY 3.0  Globally, there are about 700 cities, each with population exceeding 500,000. The infrastructure investment for these cities is forecasted to be $30 trillion to $40 trillion, cumulatively, over the next 20 years  Three city archetypes need to be considered: New build cities, as Masdar in Abu Dhabi and Songdo in Korea; Developed market cities; Developing market cities, adopting sustainable development policies, intelligent ICT networks, and eco- engineering technologies and solutions to optimize community assets and resources and protect energy reserves, land and environment.  The United Cities and Local Governments, a global network of cities, local and regional governments, defines smart cities as using new technologies, the promotion of innovation and knowledge management to become more liveable, functional, competitive and modern.  In essence, the Ideal Future City makes a unified project of three innovative cities, as three critical layers/levels planned, managed and coordinated as integral multi-projects:  Digital/ICT/Hi-Tech/Ubiquitous/Cyber/Mobile/Smart Cyprus (Districts, Municipalities, Communities)  (Digital/Information Capital; Intelligent ICT Infrastructure, Multi-Play Telecom Networks, Smart Governance, Intelligent Management Platforms, Ubiquitous Computation, Network-integrated Buildings, Digital Communities, Virtual Lifestyle)  Sustainable/Ecological/Green/Zero-Carbon/Zero-Waste/Zero-Energy/Nature Friendly/Eco Cyprus (Districts, Municipalities, Communities) (Natural Capital; Natural Resources, Physical Capital, Green Energy Networks, Green Buildings, Eco- Environment, Eco Communities, Green Lifestyle)  Knowledge/Learning/Innovation/ /Intelligent/Science/Intellectual/LivingLab/Creative/Human/Social Cyprus (Districts, Municipalities, Communities)  (Knowledge or Innovation Capital; Human/Intellectual Capital, Social Capital and Networks, Social Cohesion, Knowledge Triangles/Health Triangles, Knowledge EcoSystems, Knowledge Communities, Intelligent/Smart Lifestyle)  The blueprint for sustainable urban development, the Smart Green City, defined as 3.0 City, is to originate intelligent world’s urbanization enhancing urban wealth, performance and competitiveness, and promoting smart innovation and creativity, education, art and medicine, science and technology, industry and commerce, transportation and mobility, social communications and public administration and environment conservation.  SMART TERRITORIES OF THE FUTURE: The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities. http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototype I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015- 2017 All Rights Reserved
  23. 23. EU FLAGSHIP URBAN PROJECT: SMART CITY PROTOTYPE EUROPEAN SMART CITY PROTOTYPE THE SMART ECOCITY  At the recent Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel: Place Rogier 3, 1210 Brussels, the Smart City and Community Concept originated by us for a specific green field locality in EU, Cyprus, has been advanced by the European Commission as a European Smart City Prototype for cities and communities:  1. Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel, Brussels  2. The Cyprus Presidency’s view on Smart Cities and Communities  3. EU Smart Cities and Communities Prototype: http://neapolis.com  Abdoullaev, A., 2011, A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities. Keynote. The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology; http://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/CIT2011/index.php?p=Keynotes  A. Abdoullaev. Smart EcoCity™ (Intelligent EcoCity™), ISBN 978- 9963-9958-1-3, 2011, Cyprus, EU  A. Abdoullaev. Neapolis Smart EcoCity, ISBN 978-9963-9958-0- 6,2011, Cyprus, EU  CONCEPT: The Trinity City; Smart Eco City, Intelligent Green City  STRATEGY: The most innovative urban development strategy, as integrating the Eco City Strategy, Digital City Strategy and Knowledge City Strategy  ARCHITECTURE: Integrated architecture of urban systems and services to achieve a fully sustainable “New City” of Eco-Intelligence  OBJECTIVE: Prototype Model for EuropeanSmart City for othercities and communities  SMART TERRITORIES OF THE FUTURE: The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities.  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototype  Replicating the concept, we are to transform the metropolises and global cities according to the Smart Eco Life Strategy to re-emerge as:  Smart Eco London™; Smart Eco Paris™; Smart Eco Rome™; Smart Eco Geneva™; Smart Eco Moscow™; Smart Eco New York™; Smart Eco Dubai™ ; Smart Eco Tokyo™ - スマートエコ東京; Smart Eco Shanghai™ 上海; Smart Eco Taipei™ 臺北; Smart Eco Singapore™ 新 加坡;Smart Eco Hong Kong™ 香港; Smart Eco Shenzhen™ 深圳, etc.  http://eu-smartcities.eu/commitment/3089 I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  24. 24. SMART URBAN WORLD SUNRISE INDUSTRY  EIS (Smart World Strategy)  IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative)  Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities)  Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative)  Huawei (Smart City Initiative)  Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative)  Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative)  Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform)  Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform)  Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart)  Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative)  Hitachi (Smart City Initiative),  LG CNS  SAP AG, etc.  Smart City Project  Smart City Planning, Inc. > I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  25. 25. SMART URBAN WORLD: SMART CITY PROJECTS ACROSS THE WORLD  1. Smart Economy (Innovation, Productivity, Innovative Spirit, Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Market/Industry, Openness)  Holyoke, Massachusetts; Kochi, India; Malta; Manado, Indonesia; Nanjing, China  2. Smart Environment (Natural Capital and Resources, Sustainable Resource Management)  Amsterdam, Netherlands; Burlington, Ontario; Dublin, Ireland; Dubuque, Iowa; Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom; Lyon, France; Malaga, Spain; Peterborough, United Kingdom; San Diego, California; Shenyang, China; Santa Barbara, California; Stockholm, Sweden; Sydney, Australia; Yokohama, Japan; Pafos, Cyprus  3. Smart Governance (e-Participation, public/social services, transparency, political strategies and perspectives)  Chengdu, China; Edinburgh, United Kingdom; Matosinhos, Portugal; Syracuse, New York; Wilmington, North Carolina  4. Smart Lifestyle (Smart Living, Quality of Life)  Boise, Idaho; Houston, Texas; Johannesburg, South Africa; Pafos, Cyprus  5. Smart Transportation (Smart Mobility, innovative, safe and sustainable transport systems and facilities)  Alameda County, California; Alcoa, Tennessee; Portland, Oregon; Southampton, United Kingdom  6. Smart Community (Social Cohesion, Unity in Community, Human Infrastructure, Interfaces, Integration)  Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dublin, Ohio; Eindhoven, the Netherlands; Issy-les-Moulineaux, France; Luxembourg; Queensland, Australia; Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Windsor-Essex, Ontario, Canada; Pafos, Cyprus; Skolkovo, Russia  Integrating Model of 3.0 City: Smart Sustainable Cities: the way to smart, sustainable and inclusive national and regional growth, all six dimensions of a ‘Smart City’ are merged and interrelated: Smart People, Smart Economy, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Environments, and Smart Living. The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities. http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototype I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  26. 26. I-WORLD: SMART CONNECTED INFRASTRUCTURE  Physical/Hard infrastructure refers to the large physical/technical/fixed networks and capital assets, as ecological capital and digital capital, serving to convey or channel or transmit people, vehicles, materials, fluids, energy, information, or electro- magnetic waves.  It is the base for the functioning of a smart industrial nation, as  Green Infrastructure, Land, Environment and Landscape  Sustainable Transportation infrastructure  Green Energy infrastructure  Water management infrastructure  Smart Communications infrastructure  Solid waste management infrastructure  Environment/Earth monitoring and measurement networks  Basic energy or communications facilities, such as oil refineries, gold mines, coal mines, oil wells and natural gas wells, radio and television broadcasting facilities, are classified as part of national infrastructure.  Social/Soft infrastructure refers to all the institutions which are required to maintain the economic, health, cultural and social sustainability and quality of being of a country/region/area/city:  the smart financial system,  the smart education system,  the smart health care system,  the smart system of government,  law smart enforcement system,  Smart emergency services  Smart defence system.  Smart Infrastructure systems include the fixed assets, the control systems and intelligent software to operate, manage and monitor the systems, as well as constructions, facilities and vehicles I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  27. 27. GREEN AND CLEAN WORLD: GREEN ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE  It is projected that by 2030 the entire world could be powered by renewables, with the following energy generation mix:  3.8 million wind turbines, 5 megawatts each, supplying 50 percent of the projected total global power demand  49 000 solar thermal power plants, 300 MW each, supplying 20 percent  40 000 solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants supplying 14 percent  1.7 billion rooftop PV systems, 3 kilowatts each, supplying 6 percent  5350 geothermal power plants, 100 MW each, supplying 4 percent  900 hydroelectric power plants, 1300 MW each, of which 70 percent are already in place, supplying 4 percent  720 000 ocean-wave devices, 0.75 MW each, supplying 1 percent  490 000 tidal turbines, 1 MW each, supplying 1 percent.  Storage in grid-connected electric and hybrid-electric vehicles ;ships that run on hydrogen fuel cell and battery combinations, liquefied hydrogen aircraft, air- and ground-source heat pumps, electric resistance heating, and hydrogen for high-temperature processes.  It is possible and affordable for the world to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, if there is the political will to strive for this goal.  We don’t need nuclear power, coal, or biofuels. We can get 100 percent of our energy from wind, water, and solar (WWS) power. And we can do it today—efficiently, reliably, safely, sustainably, and economically.  Wind, Water, and Solar Power for the World  Technologies, Energy Resources, Quantities and Areas of Infrastructure, and Materials,” Energy Policy 39 (2011): 1154–1169 by M.Z. Jacobson and M.A. Delucchi; Reliability, System and Transmission Costs, and Policies,” Energy Policy 39 (2011): 1170–1190 by M.A. Delucchi and M.Z. Jacobson I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  28. 28. I-WORLD: SMART ECO INDUSTRY  SMART ECO INDUSTRY, a sector of nation’s sustainable economy; the stock of basic facilities of capital equipment to function for a smart country/area/region; a group of productive enterprises and organizations that produce or supply innovative goods, services, or sustainable sources of income.  Smart industries are reclassified as primary, secondary and tertiary, but as closely interconnected.  Primary industry  It covers genetic industries of renewable natural resources of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing, and natural processes as renewable energy resources (solar energy, hydroenergy, geothermal energy, airthemal energy, wind energy, bioenergy and landfill gas, LFG, and energy from sewage thermal technologies, WTE plants).  It is downsizing extractive industries of mining of mineral ores, quarrying of stone and extraction of mineral fuels, considering it as part of national infrastructure.  Secondary or smart manufacturing industry  Secondary or smart manufacturing industry, heavy and light industries, takes the replacable raw materials and goods to economically process into resource-efficient consumer goods and products; building sustainable capital goods.  It is optimizing energy-producing industries, aviation, construction/housing, automobile, chemical, coal, electronics, computer, steel trucking, oil, shipbuilding, fashion, film, show biz, fashion, and arms industries  Tertiary or smart service industry,  It produces no tangible goods, provide services, intangible gains or generate sustainable wealth and prosperity, a mix of private and government enterprises.  It includes:  Smart banking, finance, insurance, investment and real estate services;  smart wholesale, retail, and resale trade;  Smart transportation, informationand communications services; professional, consulting, legal and personal services;  Sustainable tourism, hotels, restaurants and entertainment;  Smart repair and maintenance services;  Smart education and teaching;  Smart health, social welfare, administrative, police, security, and defence services.  Smart Sustainable Industry is the base for knowledge society and economy, marked by innovative economy, intelligent services, knowledge, research and innovation I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015- 2017 All Rights Reserved
  29. 29. I-WORLD: NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION  Integrated Manufacturing Infrastructure (Renewables, Optical ICT Networks, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Utilities, Facilities, Buildings, Industrial Parks, Economic Zones, etc.)  Sustainable Facility Industry (Buildings, Plants, Fields, Athletic Facilities, Recreational Facilities, Utilities, Gas System, Grids, Sewage Works, Transportation Systems, Water Systems)  Smart City Industry (Intelligent Urbanization Industry)  Future Internet Industry (Internet of Everything)  Smart Additive Manufacturing (Digital Manufacturing, Machines, Materials, Technologies, 3D & 4D Printing, The printing world industry of buildings, aircrafts, ships, cars, computers, drugs, toys, weapons, etc.)  Smart Environment Industry: genetic industries of renewable energy and natural resources of agriculture, livestock, forestry, and fishing  Renewables  Buildings as Power Plants  Energy Storage Technology  Smart Grid Technology (Energy Internet)  Plug in, Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Transportation  The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World  "RECORDED Conference "Mission Growth - Europe at the Lead of the New Industrial Revolution"". European Commission. Retrieved April 11, 2013.  SMART WORLD’S ENERGY INFRASTRUCTURE  It is projected that by 2030 the entire world could be powered by renewables, with the following energy generation mix:  3,800,000 5-MW wind turbines; 49,000 300-MW concentrated solar plants; 40,000 300-MW solar PV power plants; 1.7 billion 3-kW rooftop PV systems; 5,350 100-MW geothermal power plants; 270 new 1300- MW hydroelectric power plants; 720,000 0.75-MW wave devices; 490,000 1-MW tidal turbines; Storage in grid-connected electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  30. 30. I-WORLD: SMART SPACE TOURISM  Smart World is to extend its influence beyond the earth’s scope as mass space tourism business and deep space exploration  A web-based survey suggested that over 70% of those surveyed wanted less than or equal to 2 weeks in space; in addition, 88% wanted to spacewalk (only 14% of these would do it for a 50% premium), and 21% wanted a hotel or space station  Initially, the wealthy will serve as a focus group for the space tourism services, working out the logistic, comfort, and safety that may currently be present in the emerging space tourism industry.  Expected economic growth of space research tourism is significant. For example, Virgin Galactic has sold 500 tickets worth $200,000 dollars each as of 2012. Its ticket sales are expected to increase by the year 2013, when Virgin Galactic is planning to begin flights. I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  31. 31. I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved I-WORLD FUNDING SOURCES  World Bank  International Monetary Fund  European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism (EFSM)  EU MultiAnnual Financial Framework (>EUR 1 trillion)  Sovereign Funds (China, the Middle East, Russia)  Smart Nation/City Investment of Major Corporations:  Huawei (Smart City Initiative); IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative); Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities); Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative); Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative); Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative); Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform); Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform); Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart); Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative); Hitachi (Smart City Initiative), etc.  Smart City Planning, Inc.
  32. 32. I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved “SMART WORLD” CENTER SMART GROWTH STRATEGY, PROGRAMS AND PROJECTS: Global, National, Regional, Urban and Inter-Communal 1. Smart World Sustainable Infrastructure 2. Eco Regions and Sustainable Communities 3. Smart Cities and Municipalities: EcoPolis and EcoVillage Projects 4. Eco Development Projects, NATURA 2000 Sites Green Redevelopment 5. Sustainable Building/Eco Construction Projects (Green Buildings, Eco Homes, Smart Villas, Intelligent Homes) ORGANIZING SMART PUBLIC AND BUSINESS CLUSTERS of related enterprises, suppliers, and institutions in different fields of economy, commerce, industry, or civil services 1) Knowledge Parks of Third Generation 2) Innovatiion Parks, Smart Techno-clusters; Know-how clusters; Intelligent Eco-parks, Agro-Clusters; Medical or Hospital Clusters; sector clusters, horizontal clusters, vertical supply chain clusters 3) Maximizing the business intelligence capital, productivity and creativity 4) Stimulating innovative businesses and intelligent industry (eg, integrated operations of people, processes and technology, e-Field, i-Field, Digital Gas/Oilfield, intelligent field, or Smart Fields of Smart Wells) 5) Driving innovation in a new field of knowledge economy, commerce or industry (Smart Property, Intelligent Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, Intelligent Energy, Smart Gas/Oil) HIGH-LEVEL EDUCATION PROGRAMS 1. Global Initiatives for Smart Communities: EIS’ Smart World, IBM’s Smarter Planet, Cisco’s Intelligent Urbanization, EIS’ Smart World, EU 2020 Strategy, and EU Initiatives on Smart Cities 2. World 2020: Lost Decade, Sluggish Recovery or Sustainable Recovery 3. Smart City Projects across the World, or Why Smart Cities make Priorities for Global Investors and Corporations (IBM, Cisco, Hitachi, Toshiba, Alcatel-Lucent, Siemens, Huawei, etc.) 4. Smart City as a Model Settlement, or How to Become a Smart Municipality and Green Community 5.
  33. 33. INTELLIGENT NATION BRANDING PROGRAM  In today's world, every country/city must compete with every other country/city for the world's investors, talent, cultural exchange, tourists, businesses, media profile and international events, cultural, political, economic, and scientific.  In today’s world, every nation, intentionally or unintentionally, has its brand, brand name, trade name, marque, national branding, core message, logo, claim, the way the nation is perceived (brand perception) and imaged globally and locally, by the world (global image formation) as well as its subjects and nationals.  Intelligent National Branding is instrumental in attracting foreign direct investment, tourism, enhancing geo political influence, global national image, facilitating trade and private-sector competitiveness, supporting for exports, and creating internal pride.  Up to now, countries and states are building the national brand and global image, employing the standard approaches and old public diplomacy, antique public relations and aggressive advertising and propaganda, including the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, China, South Korea, and some Western European countries  Sustainable Branding Strategy  Intelligent Nation Branding >  Destination Branding, Place Marketing, Place Promotion, holistic, interactive, ongoing, broad activities involving social, economic, political and cultural processes >  Intelligent Infrastructure, Smart Economy, Innovation Industry (Primary & Secondary & Tertiary) Branding >  Eco Region (Connected Urban and Rural Development) Branding >  Smart City (Polis, Municipality and Eco Community) Branding >  Sustainable (Public and Private Project) Development Branding >  Cultural Settlements Smart Branding (China Eco Towns, Russian Smart Villages, British Green Communities, etc.) >  Innovative Corporate Branding  Smart Nation Branding: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-nationbranding  Smart Sustainable Russia, an Intelligent Nation Strategy: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/irussia I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015- 2017 All Rights Reserved
  34. 34. INNOVATION WORLD: KEY INDICATORS 1  . Institutions  1.1 Political environment – 1.1.1 Political stability – 1.1.2 Government effectiveness – 1.1.3 Press freedom  1.2 Regulatory Environment – 1.2.1 Regulatory quality – 1.2.2 Rule of law – 1.2.3 Rigidity of employment  1.3 Business Environment – 1.3.1 Time to start a business, days – 1.3.2 Cost to start a business, % income/cap – 1.3.3 Total tax rate, % profits  2. Human Capital & Research  2.1 Education – 2.1.1 Education expenditure, % GNI – 2.1.2 Public expenditure/pupil, % GDP/cap – 2.1.3 School life expectancy, years – 2.1.4 PISA scales in reading, maths, & science – 2.1.5 Pupil-teacher ratio, secondary  2.2 Tertiary Education – 2.2.1 Tertiary enrollment, % gross – 2.2.2 Graduates in science, % – 2.2.3 Graduates in engineering, % – 2.2.4 Tertiary inbound mobility, % – 2.2.5 Tertiary outbound mobility, % – 2.2.6 Gross tertiary outbound enrollment, %  2.3 Research & Development (R&D) – 2.3.1 Researchers headcount/million pop – 2.3.2 Gross expenditure on R&D, % GDP – 2.3.3 Quality research institutions  3. Infrastructure  3.1 Info & Comm. Technologies (ICT) – 3.1.1 ICT access – 3.1.2 ICT use – 3.1.3 Government’s Online Service – 3.1.4 E-Participation  3.2 Energy – 3.2.1 Electricity output, kWh/cap – 3.2.2 Electricity consumption, kWh/capita – 3.2.3 GDP/unit of energy use, PPP$/kg oil eq. – 3.2.4 Share of renewables in energy use, %  3.3 General Infrastructure – 3.3.1 Quality of trade & transport infrastructure – 3.3.2 Gross capital formation, % GDP – 3.3.3 Ecological footprint & biocapacity, ha/cap  4. Market Sophistication  4.1 Credit – 4.1.1 Strength of legal rights for credit – 4.1.2 Depth of credit information – 4.1.3 Domestic credit to 0private sector, % GDP – 4.1.4 Microfinance gross loans, % GDP  4.2 Investment – 4.2.1 Strength of investor protection – 4.2.2 Market capitalization, % GDP – 4.2.3 Total value of stocks traded, % GDP – 4.2.4 Venture capital deals/tr GDP PPP$  4.3 Trade & Competition – 4.3.1 Applied tariff rate weighted mean, % – 4.3.2 Market access trade restrictiveness*, % – 4.3.3 Imports of goods & services, % GDP – 4.3.4 Exports of goods & services, % GDP – 4.3.5 Intensity local competition I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  35. 35. INNOVATION WORLD: KEY INDICATORS 2  5. Business Sophistication  5.1 Knowledge Workers – 5.1.1 Knowledge-intensive employment, % – 5.1.2 Firms offering formal training, % firms – 5.1.3 R&D performed by business, % – 5.1.4 R&D financed by business, %  5.2 Innovation Linkages – 5.2.1 University/industry collaboration – 5.2.2 State of cluster development – 5.2.3 R&D financed by abroad, % – 5.2.4 JV/strategic alliance deals/tr GDP PPP$ – 5.2.5 PCT patent filings with foreign inventor, %  5.3 Knowledge Absorption – 5.3.1 Royalty & license fees payments, % GDP – 5.3.2 High-tech imports less re-imports, % – 5.3.3 Computer & comm. service imports, % – 5.3.4 FDI net inflows, % GDP  6. Scientific Outputs  6.1 Knowledge Creation – 6.1.1 Domestic resident patent ap/bn GDP PPP$ – 6.1.2 PCT resident patent ap/bn GDP PPP$ – 6.1.3 Domestic res utility model ap/bn GDP PPP$ – 6.1.4 Scientific & technical articles/bn GDP PPP$  6.2 Knowledge Impact – 6.2.1 Growth rate of GDP PPP$/worker, % – 6.2.2 New businesses/1,000 pop. 15–64 yrs – 6.2.3 Computer software spending, % GDP  6.3 Knowledge Diffusion – 6.3.1 Royalty & license fees receipts, % GDP – 6.3.2 High-tech exports less re-exports, % – 6.3.3 Computer & comm service exports, % – 6.3.4 FDI net outflows, % GDP  7. Creative Outputs  7.1 Creative Intangibles – 7.1.1 Domestic res trademark ap/bn GDP PPP$ – 7.1.2 Madrid resident trademark ap/bn GDP PPP$ – 7.1.3 ICT & business models – 7.1.4 ICT & organizational models  7.2 Creative Goods & Services – 7.2.1 Recreation & culture consumption, % – 7.2.2 National feature films/mn pop – 7.2.3 Daily newspapers/1,000 literate pop – 7.2.4 Creative goods exports, % – 7.2.5 Creative services exports, %  An innovation is the introduction/implementation of a new product, a novel service, a new process, a new marketing method, or a new organizational method in business practices, workplace organization, or external relations, to create added value, wealth or social welfare.  Or, innovation is the development of significantly improved products, services, and processes.  Innovation is a major driving force in global growth and development. The Economist magazine defines it as “new products, business processes, or organic changes that create wealth or social welfare,” or simply, “the fresh thinking that creates value.”  Sources: the Global Innovation Index 2011 I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  36. 36. I-COMMUNITY PROTOTYPE: EUROPE 2020, STRATEGY FOR SMART, SUSTAINABLE AND INCLUSIVE GROWTH I. Smart growth: developing an economy based on knowledge and innovation (INNOVATION; EDUCATION; DIGITAL SOCIETY). II. Sustainable growth: promoting a more resource efficient, greener and more competitive economy (CLIMATE, ENERGY AND MOBILITY; COMPETITIVENESS). III. Inclusive growth: fostering a high-employment economy delivering social and territorial cohesion (EMPLOYMENT AND SKILLS; FIGHTING POVERTY).  The headline targets: 1) 75 % of the population aged 20-64 should be employed. 2) 3% of the EU's GDP should be invested in R&D. 3) The "20/20/20" climate/energy targets should be met (including an increase to 30% of emissions reduction if the conditions are right). 4) The share of early school leavers should be under 10% and at least 40% of the younger generation should have a tertiary degree. 5) 20 million less people should be at risk of poverty  The flagship initiatives: 1. INNOVATION: "Innovation Union" . 2. EDUCATION: "Youth on the move. 3. DIGITAL SOCIETY: "A digital agenda for Europe" . 4. CLIMATE, ENERGY and MOBILITY: "Resource efficient Europe" 5. COMPETITIVENESS: "An industrial policy for the globalisation era". 6. EMPLOYMENT and SKILLS: "An agenda for new skills and jobs" . 7. FIGHTING POVERTY: "European platform against poverty". 8. EU Fund 2014-2020: investing 1 trillion in smart, sustainable and inclusive growth 9. EUROPE 2020: A Strategy for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth. Communication from the Commission, European Commission, 2010, Brussels, EU 10. The organic concept of i-Europe was prompted to the President of the EC, Jose Barroso, by the I-Europe Research Consortium Coordinator, Dr A. Abdoullaev, in 2009: “The implementation of the I-Europe Strategy is to bring enormous socio-political, economical, cultural, scientific and technological progress to the whole European Community of Member States.” Intelligent Europe Centre, IEC http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/secretariat_general/eu2020/docs/intelligent_europe_center_en.pdf 11. (Smart Europe Manifesto) http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i-europe-title-10150491 I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015- 2017 All Rights Reserved
  37. 37. I-WORLD: VISION AND MISSION  VISION AND MISSION:  The big goal of the company is to give in in creating the tomorrow’s world of sustainable regions, smart nations, intelligent cities and green communities. The business target is marketing the smart world product lines: integrated intelligent models, strategies, conceptual designs and master plans for smart eco territories of the future (regions, countries, cities and communities)  SELLING POINTS  Smart cities offer major market opportunities for the government, big business and innovative SMEs. Global systems integrators and technology vendors, such as IBM, Cisco and Accenture, are spearheading smart city implementations across the globe, trying to develop comprehensive smart city platforms, but without a global smart city strategy.  EIS LTD is the conceptual leader in conceiving, planning and (re)developing intelligent and sustainable regions and countries and cities as the large smart eco territories of the future.  EIS Ltd is creating the future from the most fundamental and broad perspectives, integrating different scientific, technological and corporate views, like the Siemens’ Pictures of the Future, with specific technical solutions for tomorrow’s world  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-global-innovation-platform I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  38. 38. SMART WORLD EMERGING MARKET  FUTURE WORLD PROJECTS FOR IMPLEMENTATION: Smart Territories of the Future (World, EU, USA, Cyprus, Russia, Cities and Communities)  Smart World, I-WORLD, to be offered for the global organizations, UN, World Bank, international assemblies of business leaders, etc.  i-Russia (Smart Russia and i-Government), offered for the federal government.  i-America (Smart USA and i-Government), offered for the federal government.  i-Europe (i-Europe Platform), to be offered for the EC.  i-Germany, offered for the federal government.  i-Britain, offered for the national government.  i-Cyprus (Smart Cyprus 2013-2020), offered for the national government  i-City (Intelligent Eco Cities and Smart Sustainable Communities), to be offered for municipalities and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc.  I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  39. 39. SMART SUPERSTATES GLOBAL INITIATIVE  http://eu-smartcities.eu/blog/smart-superpowers-projects-states-powers-great-powers-and- hyperpowers  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-america  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/sustainable-nations-global-initiative-europe  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i-europe-title-10150491  http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/secretariat_general/eu2020/docs/intelligent_europe_center_en.pdf  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-europe  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/urban-europe  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/intelligent-europe-project http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/ieurope  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/igermany  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-britain  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-china  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-japan  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/sustainable-nations-global-initiative-russia  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/irussia-20142024 I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  40. 40. SMART STATES GLOBAL INITIATIVE  http://eu-smartcities.eu/content/become-smart-nation-build-your-brand- name  http://eu-smartcities.eu/blog/europe-sustainable-states-commitments  http://eu-smartcities.eu/blog/europe-sustainable-states-commitments-and- smart-nations-franchises  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-nations-global-initiative  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/sustainable-nations-global-initiative  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/sustainable-nations-global-initiative- cyprus  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i-tajikistan  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/ikazakhstan-20142020  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/ikazakhstan-20142024 I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  41. 41. EIS INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY BRANDS  I-WORLD™; Global SkyNet™  Smart Sustainable Communities™  Smart Sustainable World ™  Intelligent Eco City™; Smart Eco City™; iEcoCity™; Neapolis Smart EcoCity™  iCITY™, i-City ™, i-City Operating Systems™; Smart City Software™; i-Community Package™  Intelligent Urban Operating Systems; Smart Eco Community Operating Systems, SECOS™  Territorial Intelligent Platform™, TIP; Territorial Intelligent Systems™, TIS  X.0 World ™; World X.0 ™; 3.0 World ™; World 3.0; 3.0 City ™; City 3.0 ™  i-Europe™, Intelligent Europe™, Smart Europe™, Europe SkyNet™  i-Russia™, Smart Russia™, Intelligent Russia™, Russia SkyNet™  i-America™, i-China™, i-Japan™, i-Germany™, i-Britain™  Smart Africa™, Smart America™, Smart Asia™, Smart Europe™, Smart Australia™  Smart China™, Smart Japan™, Smart Germany™, Smart Britain™  Smart Cyprus ™, i-Cyprus ™, Smart EcoIsland™  3.0 City™; City 3.0™; Building 3.0  Умная Россия™, Интеллектуальная Россия ™, Умное Подмосковье™;  Москва – Интеллектуальный Экоград™  Здание 3.0™, Город 3.0™, Регион 3.0™  Энциклопедический Интеллект ™  Encyclopedic Intelligence ™, Global Innovation Platform™  Smart Internet™, Intelligent Cyberspace, Intelligent Internet™, iNet™, Smart Web™ I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  42. 42. SMART WORLD PROMOTERS  Dr Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev, Managing Director, EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU)  E-mail: ontopaedia@gmail.com  Internet Sites: http://iiisyla.livejournal.com  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/azamat-abdoullaev  https://plus.google.com/+AzamatAbdoullaev  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/presentations  i-RUSSIA @i_EcoRUSSIA  Skype: EIS.Skolkovo  The Smart Eco Community “X” Consortium is engaged with a nonlinear growth for potential superpowers of the 21st century, such as the EU, the USA, China, India, or Russia:  http://eu-smartcities.eu/blog/smart-superpowers-projects-states-powers-great-powers-and-hyperpowers  Smart Eco Community “X” Consortium/EIP on Smart Cities and Communities Stakeholder  https://eu-smartcities.eu/forum/smart-green-europe  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-green-europe  EIS LTD is an innovative enterprise, which is advancing across the globe  1. I-World Concept, http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/iworld-25498222  2. Intelligent Nation Development Strategy  3. Smart Sustainable City Policy  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/sustainable-city  4. Global Innovation Technology Platform  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/creating-the-future-tomorrows-world  https://www.facebook.com/  EIS ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM:  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eis-global-innovation-platform  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/innovation-platform I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2015-2017 All Rights Reserved
  43. 43. IMPLEMENTING I-WORLD IDEA: THE SMART AFRICA MANIFESTO  The Transform Africa Summit held in Kigali, Rwanda on 28th- 31st October 2013 culminated in the adoption of the Smart Africa Manifesto document by 7 African Heads of States in which they committed to provide leadership in accelerating socio- economic development through ICT’s.  On 30th-31st January 2014, The SMART Africa Manifesto was endorsed by all Heads of State and Government of the African Union at the 22nd Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union in Addis Ababa.  This development places the Manifesto at the heart of the ICT agenda in Africa beyond just the 7 original signatories at the Summit to all the 53 African countries.  SMART AFRICA ALLIANCE  The Alliance is a framework for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the SMART Africa Manifesto, designed to make it actionable. Currently, the Alliance is a partnership bringing together all African countries adhering to the Manifesto represented by the AU, the ITU, World Bank, AfDB, ECA, the GSMA, ICANN and the Private Sector.  Besides its initial membership, other organizations and countries sharing the same vision, interests and goals will be admitted to the Alliance.  PILLARS OF SMART AFRICA  The SMART Africa has 5 pillars which reflect the 5 principles of the Smart Africa Manifesto. These pillars are (1) Policy, (2) Access, (3) e-Government, (4) Private Sector/Entrepreneurship and (5) Sustainable Development.  SMART AFRICA ENABLERS  The pillars mentioned above are built on four, cross-cutting enablers which will support the implementation of SMART Africa. These enablers are (1) Innovation; (2) Communications and Advocacy; (3) Capacity Building; and (4) Resource Mobilization.  The 5 pillars and 4 enablers when effectively developed and combined will contribute to Economic Growth and Job creation, which remains the ultimate goal of the Smart Africa Manifesto. I-WORLD A. Abdoullaev 2013-2Ll015-2017 All Rights Reserved