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SUPERGOOGLE, GESS - Intelligent search engine for Smart Web X.0


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GESS, Global Entity Search System
intelligent search engine, smart web X.0 intelligent internet, cyber space
Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex
Smart Data
Smart Web
Smart World Search Engine

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SUPERGOOGLE, GESS - Intelligent search engine for Smart Web X.0

  1. 1. SUPERGOOGLE™: SMART SEARCH ENGINE G E S S™: GLOBAL ENTITY SEARCH SYSTEM The best buys for Smart People, Businesses and Governments Creator: Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev; TOWARDS NEW SMART WORLD August 2015, EU
  2. 2. LEARN TO CONSTRUCT A BETTER FUTURE: For Smart People, Businesses and Governments • The Prime I-World Contents as the best smart buys for Smart People, Businesses and Governments • USECS™, UNIVERSAL STANDARD ENTITY CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM:: The World Entities Global Reference (The WORLD.Schema, Global Ontology of the World: Global Knowledge and Intelligence Base), ISBN 978-9963-8421-8-6; Volume: 18,2 MB; Pages: 1359; Price: EUR 2000.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I- DEVELOPERS • • Smart World Encyclopedia™, or Ontopedia™, Ontopaedia™: Intelligent World Encyclopedia™ (i- Encyclopedia, as the encyclopedic knowledge base for intelligent language machines and cognitive computing systems, able to collect, communicate and crunch Big Data to turn information into knowledge and actionable intelligence), ISBN 978-9963-2202-0-5, Volume, 3,8 MB; Pages: 419; Price: EUR 1000.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I-DEVELOPERS • • SUPERGOOGLE™, SMART WEB ENGINE: Smart Search Engine GESS™ (i-Web Engine, which is to disrupt the traditional search engines and internet explorers; i-Engine Guidelines), ISBN 978-9963-8421-9-3 ; Volume: 3,48 MB; Pages: 434; Price: EUR 1200.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I-DEVELOPERS • • SUPERGOOGLE Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2015
  3. 3. SUPERGOOGLE: Intelligent Search Engine, GESS • GESS™, a Global Entity Search System, is driven by the World Schema, Global Knowledge Base, Entity Processing, as Complex Event Processing, and Smart Analytics, designed to replace the limited statistic word index-based Web search engines, as Bing, Google, Yahoo! and Yandex Search Engines. • GESS™, as a Smart Search SuperEngine, Supergoogle, is making explicit what the data represent, the context and semantics, developing domain schemas about the parts of the world relevant to the data and all significant connections across the net. • GESS™ is to become the first Smart Data Search Engine transforming the data delivery into intelligent information, combining the Big Data philosophy and Smart Web Environments. • GESS™ makes the world's content more interconnected and intelligent, more accessible, interoperable and valuable, searching beyond just data and words, going into the semantics of things and their meaningful relationships to discover new knowledge and intelligence and smart problem solutions. • GESS™ is aimed to search, coordinate, standardize and structure a currently unstructured market of global flows of trade, goods and services, finance and people, data and communications as a smart market global ecosystem. • GESS™ is the disruptive intelligent search engine for Smart Web X.0, encompassing Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, the Semantic Web, or the Giant Global Graph, the Google’s Knowledge Graph, the Microsoft’s Satori KB, etc., as well as upper and domain ontologies, the Wikipedia Categories and Schema.Org types (Bing, Google, Yahoo! or Yandex Search Engines). • GESS™, the first predictable analytic Entity search engine capable to create and discover and communicate meaningful patterns in Web data, is rooted in the World.Schema of the Global Ontology of the World, USECS (Universal Standard Entity Classification System) and Total Encyclopedia, or i-Encyclopedias. • GESS™ is to give in creating the All-Connected Smart World of Physical, Social, Mental and Cyber Worlds, integrating the Internet/Web, social media, ubiquitous sensing, devices, networks, computing and intelligence, M2M, the cloud, big data and the internet of everything. • SUPERGOOGLE Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2015
  4. 4. OUR MISSION• INNOVATING A FUTURE as economically equitable, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, culturally creative, knowledge innovative and technologically disruptive • Producing the Fundamental Intelligent Platforms for • Smart People Global Commonwealth • Sustainable Intelligent Communities, Transnational, National, Urban and Local • Intelligent Digital Territories • Knowledge-Based Society, Economy, Industry and Infrastructure • Intelligent Communicating Networks and Smart Devices • Smart, or Cognitive Computing • X.0 Web, Future Internet of Everything • Our I-World contents (concepts, models, strategies, actions and initiatives) among the most viewed reports: • Our strategic aim is to encourage the Y-generation to commence a great journey into a Smart World of Big Knowledge and Encyclopedic Intelligence studying and implementing its visions and strategies, concepts and models, plans and policies, programs and projects, actions and initiatives, schemes and services: •; • SUPERGOOGLE Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2015
  5. 5. ENTER INTO AN INTELLIGENT WORLD OF TOMORROW • Prime your intelligence by the prime I-World Contents, from • Smart World Encyclopedia (USECS) • Total Encyclopedia, Global Knowledge Base • Unified Science and Technology • Disruptive Innovations and Emerging Technologies Platform • Smart Sustainable Cities • Intelligent Nations • Smart Cosmos,… • all for the zero-profit social cost: • • STAY SMART, INTELLIGENT AND FUTURE-WISE! • Having a smartphone is not making you smarter, but allows at your fingertips the top intelligent content as the Global Intelligence Content of USECS, i- Encyclopedia... • SOURCE: • SUPERGOOGLE Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2015
  6. 6. WHAT IS INTELLIGENT (WORLD) CONTENT AND WHY YOU NEED TO Possess It • What is “Intelligent (World) Content”, or what makes it a Strategic Asset: • o Digital, dynamic and innovation-driven as being conceived, designed, built, and applied for a smart connected world, • o Globally unified, logically interconnected, • o Exhaustive in subject, scope and range, • o Semantically categorized by ontologies and metadata, being meaningful for machines and people, • o Structurally rich, organized by metadata tags, • o Machine-readable and automatically discoverable, searchable by search engines, and findable by humans, • o Reusable, reusing the components of the content in multiple ways, • o Reconfigurable, configuring the content, its meaningful blocks and modules, according to purpose and role, • o Adaptable, adapting the content in substance according to the recipient, the device, and the context, • o Relational, containing common fields enabling the integration of new data sets, • o Flexible, or Extensible, allowing new fields, topics and themes, and scaleable, expanding in size smoothly, • o Fine-grained in resolution, uniquely indexical in identification by individual Web URLs, • o User innovative, leading the users (people or machines) to generate new knowledge, value, innovations and smart applications from the core original content. • SUPERGOOGLE Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2015
  7. 7. Prime I-World Contents: Constructing a World of the Tomorrow • • • • • • • • hyperpowers • • • • • • • • • • • SUPERGOOGLE Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2015
  8. 8. ABOUT US• Dr Azamat Abdoullaev, Director, EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd • A creator and coordinator of the I-World Projects: • 1. Smart Community Global Initiatives for Urban Communities, or i-Cities: are-smart-city • • 2. Smart Countries, or I-States: • • 3. Leading Smart Powers, or Intelligent Superpowers: • • • Committed founding Member of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities Policy & Regulations / Integrated Planning: • Smart Europe Project Promoter: • “Smart Eco Polis” Program Manager: announcement • The Future World projects showed record for intelligent content, being among the most viewed in 2013-2014: • For more info: HTTP://WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/ASHABOOK/AZAMAT-ABDOULLAEV • Founded intelligent enterprises, involved with a Smart Connected World and Intelligent Green Communities: • • • OPEN SOURCES: • CONTACTS For I-World Consultancy: email:; • Internet sites:; • SUPERGOOGLE Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2015