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Global Innovation and Disruptive Technology Platform


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Global Innovation
Global Flows
Encyclopedic Intelligence
Open Innovation Platform
AI, Cognitive Computing
Smart World
Intelligent City, Smart Cities, Green Cities, Innovation Cities
Future Technology, Cyber War, Smart Territories
Future World
Smart Cities

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Global Innovation and Disruptive Technology Platform

  1. 1. EIS ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE: GLOBAL INNOVATION AND DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM Future Technologies Platform Future Infrastructure Platform Future Industry Platform Future Government Platform Future Cities Platform Future Nations Platform FUTURE WORLD PLATFORM -------------------------------------------------------------------- ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE I: ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE II: ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE III: ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE IV: ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE V: Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (EU) ООО "Энциклопедические Интеллектуальные Системы“ (Moscow, Russia) Vision, Innovation and Technology shape the World to come
  2. 2. EIS ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM • ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE I: pedic-intelligence ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE II: pedic-intelligence-24260973 ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE III: pedic-intelligence-global-marketing ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE IV: pedic-intelligence-big-science-and-technology ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE V: intelligence-26413485 • Artificial Superintelligence. Moscow: EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems, USA, 1999. • g-the-future-tomorrows-world • orl-dabr • EIS Encyclopedic Intelligence, EI, is designed as an open innovation and disruptive technology platform, comprising Artificial Intelligence (AI) and/or Cognitive Computing (CC), as the power of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform the intellectual processes, characteristic of humans, such as intelligence, brain, mind and intellect, cognition and reasoning, NLP and learning, etc. • As a cognition-centered paradigm of EI, it’d serve the Cognitive Computing dealing with the NLP of Unstructured Data, Big Data, and Smart Data with Machine Learning for reasoning and learning, as $ 1bn IBM investment in the Watson technology ecosystem applications from analytics to smart cloud development, medical resources to education advancement. • As a mind-centered example of the EI paradigm, it could be mentioned Grand Challenge 5 – Architecture of Brain and Mind, a UK attempt to understand and model natural intelligence at various levels of abstraction, being embodied in a succession of robots. • As a world-centered example of the EI approach, it could be mentioned Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations (SEAS), a model of the real world used by Homeland security and the United States Department of Defense that uses simulation and AI to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action. • EI makes a common intelligent environment for building CC and AI, reasoning systems and thinking technologies, as well as emerging technologies and intelligent global communities and smart cities, realizing a Global Intelligence and Open Innovation Paradigm. EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. EIS PLATFORM: Global Innovation Process Platform • WORLD X.0 :: Global Community X.0 > • Society X.0 > • Nation X.0> • City X.0 > • Science X.0 > • Technology X.0 > • Industry X.0 > • Infrastructure X.0 > • Network X.0 > • Telecom X.0 > • Internet X.0 > Web X.0 > • Service X.0 > • Government X.0 > Medicine X.0 > • Human X.0 > …Space X.0 • NOTE. The idea of the X.0 World initially rooted in the terms “Web 2.0” and its indefinite extension, the Web X.0, both superseding the old and static business model of Web 1.0 of Netscape. Initially it was introduced as an “Internet operating system”, “Inventing the Future,”; “What Is Web 2.0,” web-20.html. • THE DISRUPRIVE TECHNOLOGY SOURCES: • Maths/Physics/Chemistry, Bioscience & Health, Nanotechnology, Information Technology, Cognitive Science, Robotics and AI, • Computing and Communications, Display Technology, Electronics & Telecommunications, Robotics and Applied Mechanics, Energy Systems, Materials Science, Manufacturing, Environment & Climate • Space Technologies and Transportation • FUNDAMENTAL UNITS of matter, life, heredity, brain and mind • Bits, Atoms, Forces, Energy, Neurons, Genes, Ideas EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. EIS PLATFORM: Open World Platform • Open Innovation Platform (user innovation, cumulative innovation, know-how trading, mass innovation and distributed innovation; new product development cycle, ideas, intellectual property, processes or inventions (i.e. patents), product platforming, customer inputs, design and development, contributor competitions, networks and partnerships; production, marketing, distribution, servicing, financing, and supporting) • Open Internet Platform, or Open Web Platform • Open Source Platform: Open software Platform, Open hardware Platform, Open Cloud Computing Platform • Social Network Platform • Knowledge commons or Creative Commons Platform • Open Access Platform • Open Architecture Platform • Open Content Platform • Open Communication Platform • Open Data Platform • Open Design Platform • Open Education Platform • Open Knowledge Platform • Open Media Platform • Open Patent Platform • Open Research Platform • Open Science Platform • Open Technology Platform • Open Government Platform EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. EIS PLATFORM: Innovation, Definition, and Scope • Innovation is a major driving force in global sustainable growth and smart development. • There are innovation, invention and improvement. • DEFINITION • Innovation refers to new strategies, concepts, ideas, models, technologies, products, services, processes and organizations that meet human needs of all kinds, physical, social, economic, political, technological, ecological , personal, etc. • Innovation is the introduction/implementation of a new product, a novel service, a new process, a new marketing method, or a new organizational method in business practices, workplace organization, or external relations, to create added value, wealth or social welfare. • Innovation is the development of significantly improved products, services, and processes. • Innovation is the development of new values through solutions that meet new requirements and needs through more effective ideas and strategies, products and technologies, processes and services. • The Economist magazine defines it as “new products, business processes, or organic changes that create wealth or social welfare,” or simply, “the fresh thinking that creates value.” • SOURCES • Radical and revolutionary innovations are tending to emerge from formal R&D, basing on the fundamental sciences and engineering. Incremental innovations usually emerge from ordinary practice and experience. • An innovation can be new to the world, to the country, or to an industry, sector or market, or new to an agent or individual. • Innovation also occurs when an enterprise pioneers a product or process to the world, country or industry for the first time. • Innovation may occurs through ‘creative imitation’. It occurs when other firms imitate this pioneering firm. Moreover, it occurs when the initial or follower firms make minor improvements and adaptations to improve a product or production process, leading to productivity improvements. • Innovations originate in all levels of human society: at the level of the firm, or of an industry; in governmental services or in the public sector; in academia; and in society in general. • A key disruptive innovation is when all the action is on large global impact and disruption of the status quo, rather than merely on novelty. EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. EIS PLATFORM: Open Innovation Platform • Innovation Classes: • Scientific • Technological • Organizational • Social • Political • Economic • Cultural • Commercial • Ecological • Innovation Types • Sustaining or standard • Evolutionary or continuous • Revolutionary or radical or discontinuous • Disruptive, advances essentially transforming life, society, business, and economy at the large scale • • Innovation Ecosystem Agents: • creative mind, or homo innovatus • innovative people, or social intelligence • innovative corporations • national institutions • innovative territories (communities, cities, or nations) • transnational organizations • global innovation entities • Innovation Process • Inputs: Human capital and R&D; Infrastructure; Institutions; Market Sophistication; Business Sophistication • Outputs: Knowledge & Technology & Creativity (creative assets, products, services, processes) • Global Innovation Index 2013 Conceptual Framework EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. EIS PLATFORM: Emerging Technologies • Agriculture: Agricultural robot, Closed ecological systems, Genetically modified food, In vitro meat, Kitchen meat incubator, Vertical farming, or Urban Agriculture; genetic industries of renewable natural resources of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing, and natural processes • Biomedical: Artificial uterus, Body implants, prosthesis, Cryonics, Expressive augmentation, Genetic engineering, NG Genomics, Hibernation or suspended animation, Life extension, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence, Oncolytic Virus, Personalized medicine, full genome sequencing, Synthetic biology, synthetic genomics, Regenerative medicine, Robotic surgery, Tricorder, Tissue engineering, Virotherapy, Vitrification or cryoprotectant • Displays: 3D displays, Holography (Holographic display, Computer-generated holography), Organic light-emitting transistor, Screenless display (Virtual retinal display, Bionic contact lens), EyeTap, etc. • Electronics: Digital scent technology, Electronic nose, E-textiles, Flexible electronics, Memristor, Spintronics, Thermal copper pillar bump • Energy: Renewable Energy Technologies, Innovative Energy Storage, Generation and Transfer • IT, Computing and Telecommunications: Encyclopedic Intelligence (Ambient intelligence, Artificial brain, Artificial intelligence, Atomtronics, Augmented Reality, Cybermethodology, Virtual Reality); Mobile Internet and Wireless Web, Knowledge Work Automation, the Internet of Things or M2M Internet, Cloud Technology, Advanced Robotics, etc. • Manufacturing: Additive Manufacturing or 3D Printing, Claytronics, Molecular manufacturing, Molecular assembler, Materials science: Advanced Materials, Aerogel, Cloak of invisibility, Conductive Polymers, Femtotechnology, Picotechnology, Graphene, High-temperature superconductivity, High-temperature superfluidity, Metamaterials, Multi-function structures, Nanomaterials: carbon nanotubes, Programmable matter, Quantum dots, Silicene • Military: Smart Weaponry, Arms, Weapons Systems, Implements of War, or Munition, Intelligent Defence Systems • Neuroscience: Artificial brain, Brain-computer interface, Brain-reading, Neuroinformatics, Electroencephalography, Neuroprosthetics (Visual prosthesis, brain implant, exocortex, retinal implant) • Space: Asteroid mining, Moon mining, Domed city, Inflatable space habitat, Hypertelescope, Force field, Miniaturized satellite, Alcubierre drive, Propellant depot, Reusable launch system, Solar sail, Space elevator, Spaceplane, Nuclear Launch Cannon, High Altitude Platforms, Orion Nuclear Starship, Float to Orbit, etc. • Robotics: Molecular nanotechnology, nanorobotics, Powered exoskeleton, Self-reconfiguring modular robot, Swarm robotics, Unmanned vehicle • Transport: Alternative fuel vehicle, Autonomous Vehicles, Vehicular communication systems (Artificial Passenger,Dedicated short-range communications,Intelligent transportation system), Flexible wings (X-53 Active Aeroelastic Wing, Adaptive Compliant Wing), fluidic flight controls, Flying car. Hovertrain, Ground effect train, Maglev train, Vactrain, Pod Cars, Jetpack, Space Transportation Technologies • Other: Anti-gravity, Advanced Oil and Gas Exploration and Recovery, etc. EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. EIS PLATFORM: FUTURE ICT TECHNOLOGIES • Ambient intelligence, Artificial brain, Artificial intelligence, • Atomtronics • Augmented Reality • Brain-computer interface • Brain-reading, Neuroinformatics, Mind Uploading • Cybermethodology • Emerging memory technologies (T-RAM, Z-RAM, TTRAM, CBRAM, SONOS, RRAM,Racetrack memory, NRAM, Millipede memory) • Fourth-generation optical discs (3D optical data storage, Holographic data storage) • 4G cellular communication (Mobile broadband, mobile TV,Interactive TV, 3D-TV, holographic cameras) • 5G mobile communication (mobile smart cities) • General-purpose computing on graphics processing units • Machine augmented cognition, exocortices • Machine translation, Machine vision, Speech recognition • Mobile collaboration • Optical computing • Quantum computing, Quantum cryptography • Radio-frequency identification • Semantic Web, Web X.0 • Smart Mobile Internet and Wireless Web • Three-dimensional integrated circuit • Virtual Reality, Immersive virtual reality (Virtusphere, 3rd Space Vest, haptic suit,immersive technology, simulated reality, holodeck) • Internet of Things • FUTURE INTERNET OF EVERYTHING, DIGITAL CITIES AND INTELLIGENT COMMUNITIES EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. EIS PLATFORM: Future Energy Systems • Airborne wind turbine • Artificial photosynthesis • Biofuels • Concentrated solar power • Energy harvesting • Fusion power • Generation IV reactor • Grid energy storage • Home fuel cell • Hydrogen economy • LED lamp • Lithium-air battery • Molten salt reactor, Nantenna • Smart grid • Solar roadway • Space-based solar power • Wireless energy transfer • Vortex engine • GREEN ENERGY COMMUNITIES, CITIES, COUNTRIES, CONTITENTS, GLOBE EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. EIS PLATFORM: Future Weapons • Airborne laser (Advanced Tactical Laser, High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System) • Antimatter weapon • Caseless ammunition • Directed energy weapon • Electrolaser • Electromagnetic weapons • Electrothermal-chemical technology • Particle beam weapon • Plasma weapon • Pure fusion weapon • Sonic weapon • Stealth technology, Plasma stealth, Stealth aircraft, Radar-absorbent material • Vortex ring gun • SMART WEAPONRY AND INTELLIGENT DEFENCE SYSTEMS EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. EIS PLATFORM: Future Space Innovation Platform • Asteroid mining • Moon mining • Domed city • Inflatable space habitat • Hypertelescope • Force field, Plasma window • Miniaturized satellite • Alcubierre drive • Propellant depot • Reusable launch system • Solar sail • Space elevator (Non-rocket spacelaunch, Orbital ring, Sky hook, Space fountain) • Spaceplane • Nuclear Launch Cannon • High Altitude Platforms, Aeroscraft • Orion Nuclear Starship • Float to Orbit • EXTRATERRESTRIAL SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES: Intelligent Domed Cities. EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. EIS PLATFORM: World War 3, or Cyber Warfare • With Advancement in Technology, Information Warfare could be the Next Domain of Conflict • Future War should could be conducted in five domains: in the air and in space, on sea and on land, and in the information environment. • Cyber warfare is becoming more and more powerful in today's battlefield. Effective use of cyber technologies can gain dominance on the battlefield or force the enemy to retreat by shutting down its command infrastructure or communication network. The role of Cyber Warfare is seen to be growing due to the digitization of conventional warfare technologies as well as using more complex devices to do more damage than they could in past. • Whilst discussing about nations, Cyber Warfare is not just limited to governments attacking governments. Any part of the critical infrastructure may be subject to attack, from banking and utilities to transport or the supply of essential goods and commodities. "Cyber Threats" include every threat that can be carried out over the internet. Cyber crimes cost countries billions of dollars every year. • By 2020, there will be approximately 927 Satellites (Communication – 405; Earth Observation – 151; Navigation – 85; Reconnaissance – 212 and R&D – 75) • Source: Top 20 Global Mega Trends and their Impact of Business, Cultures and Society. Frost & Sullivan EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. EIS PLATFORM: Future Industry Platform • Primary industry, or Eco-Sustainable Industry • It covers genetic industries of renewable natural resources of agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing, and natural processes as renewable energy resources (solar energy, hydroenergy, geothermal energy, airthemal energy, wind energy, bioenergy and landfill gas, LFG, and energy from sewage thermal technologies, WTE plants). • It is downsizing extractive industries of mining of mineral ores, quarrying of stone and extraction of mineral fuels, considering it as part of national infrastructure. • Secondary Industry, or Smart Manufacturing Industry • Secondary or smart manufacturing industry, heavy and light industries, takes the replacable raw materials and goods to economically process into resource-efficient consumer goods and products; building sustainable capital goods. • It is optimizing energy-producing industries, aviation, construction/housing, automobile, chemical, coal, electronics, computer, steel trucking, oil, shipbuilding, fashion, film, show biz, fashion, and arms industries • Tertiary, or Smart Service Industry • It produces no tangible goods, provide services, intangible gains or generate sustainable wealth and prosperity, a mix of private and government enterprises. • The Smart Service Industry includes: • Smart banking, finance, insurance, investment and real estate services; smart wholesale, retail, and resale trade; Smart transportation, information and communications services; professional, consulting, legal and personal services; Sustainable tourism, hotels, restaurants and entertainment; Smart repair and maintenance services; Smart education and teaching; Smart health, social welfare, administrative, police, security, and defence services. • Future Industry Platform is the base for knowledge society and economy, marked by innovative economy, intelligent services, knowledge, research and innovation EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. EIS PLATFORM: Future Internet of Everything • The Internet of Everything (IoE) is broadly defined as networks of networks with trillions of connections to totalize People, Process, Data, and Things into a world-wide cyber-physical socio-economic ecosystem, supposedly to be run by the EIS Platform. • The Cisco® Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG) believes that the Internet of Things (IoT), where millions of new devices are regularly being connected to the Internet is the matter of fact now, and it is a subset of the coming Internet of Everything. (Joseph Bradley, Joel Barbier, and Doug Handler, Embracing the Internet of everything to capture your share of $14.4 trillion, Cisco Systems, February 12, 2013.) • The Big Science projects are all to contribute to the IoE development, like establishing a Planetary Nervous System as a global sensor network by connecting the sensors in today’s smartphones. • What is planned by the EU FuturICT projects, aiming to create a planetary nervous system to measure the state of the world and the interactions in it. • Real-time data mining, or “reality mining”, will be established, using data of the Internet and the semantic web, as well as the data collected by linking sensors which aggregate information about the technological, social, or economic activities around them. • The Internet of Things has the potential to create economic impact of $2.7 trillion to $6.2 trillion annually by 2025, with the largest impact in healthcare and manufacturing. • For example, the total operating cost of global manufacturing is currently about $25 trillion per year and could reach more than $47 trillion by 2025. Perhaps, 80 to 100 percent of all manufacturing could be using Internet of Things applications by that time. (McKinsey Global Institute. Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy, May 2013) • EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. EIS PLATFORM: Global Flows for Global Growth and Innovation • Global flows, the transnational movement of goods, services, finance, people and ideas, have been critical in economic growth for ages, since the ancient times of the Silk Road and the new time of the Industrial Revolution, creating the interconnectedness among economies and determining the fate of whole nations. • For all 195 countries around the world, the inflows and outflows of goods, services, capital, finance, and people, as well as the data and communication flows, are everything. • The world witnesses an ever-expending network of global flows of trade, goods, services, finance and data reaching $26 trillion in 2012, or 36 percent of global GDP, and $54 trillion to $85 trillion by 2025 due to the spread of the Internet and digital technologies. • Digital technologies, reducing the cost of production and distribution, are transforming physical flows, as capital, labor or knowledge-intensive flows, into digital flows of people, products, services, finances, and ideas. • Implementing smart strategies and policies and integrating the world economy, the EIS Global Flows Platform is to allow taking full advantage to participants of all types—countries, cities, businesses, governments, and individuals. • Global flows in a digital age: How trade, finance, people, and data connect the world economy. McKinsey Global Institute, April 2014 • • EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. EIS PLATFORM: i-Government Reference Platform • As a smart government reference framework, the i-Government Platform will be applied as 4i-Government, innovated, integrated, instrumented and intelligent, figured as a 4- tiered i-Government Pyramid Model. • I-Government succeeds smart government, transformational government, as well as e- government, with its subdivisions: m-government (mobile government), u-government (ubiquitous government), and g-government (GIS/GPS applications for e-government). • 4I-Government Platform provides an ultimate vision of an integrated portfolio of government activities and public projects, like optimal budgeting, smart civil technologies, natural resources protection, public space management, intelligent policing, finance control, transportation efficiency, etc. • SMART GOVERNMENT PROJECTS: Социально-технологический проект «Умное Государство»: • • • • • EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. EIS PLATFORM: Smart Urban World • Cities are “the world’s economic dynamos”, with the unprecedented speed and scale of expansion and urban sprawling. • Fast growing cities are to invest up to $30 trillion a year into the world economy by 2025. • The 600 cities, the City 600, will generate nearly 65 percent of world economic growth by 2025, of which 440 cities in emerging economies, the Emerging 440, will account for close to half of overall growth. [the McKinsey Global Institute, Urban world: Cities and the rise of the consuming class] • Understanding cities dynamics is critical to preparing for the urban challenges arising from shifting demographics, increasing demand for natural resources and for capital to invest in new housing, physical and social infrastructures. • China’s 12th Five Year Plan allocated 1,6 trillion Yuan for smart and green cities developments to build globally competitive cities. • India’s government is planning to attract $1,2 trillion for 100 smart cities over the next 20 years. • To perfect (optimize) the unprecedented global urbanization, avoiding diseconomies of scale and creating the basis for sustainable economic performance, EIS advanced Smart Urban World Plan launching Smart Cities Global Initiative. • It is aimed to transform the metropolises and global cities according to the Smart Eco Life Strategy to re-emerge them as: Smart Eco London™; Smart Eco Paris™; Smart Eco Rome™; Smart Eco Geneva™; Smart Eco Moscow™; Smart Eco New York™; Smart Eco Dubai™ ; Smart Eco Tokyo™ - スマートエコ東京; Smart Eco Shanghai™ 上海; Smart Eco Taipei™ 臺北; Smart Eco Singapore™ 新 加坡;Smart Eco Hong Kong™ 香港; Smart Eco Shenzhen™ 深圳, etc. EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  18. 18. EIS PLATFORM: A Model City for World Urbanization • At the PanEuropean Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel: Place Rogier 3, 1210 Brussels, the Smart City and Community Concept originated by EIS Ltd a specific green field locality in EU, Cyprus, has been advanced by the European Commission as a European Smart City Prototype for cities and communities: • 1. Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel, Brussels • 2. The Cyprus Presidency’s view on Smart Cities and Communities • 3. EU Smart Cities and Communities Prototype • 4. Abdoullaev, A., 2010, Neapolis Smart EcoCity™: A Development Framework for Sustainable Communities, ISBN 978-9963-9958-0-6; Cyprus, EU • 5. Abdoullaev, A., 2011, Smart EcoCity™ (Intelligent Eco City™): How To Build Smart Green Communities. ISBN 978-9963-9958-1-3; Cyprus, EU • Abdoullaev, A., 2011, A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities. Keynote. The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology; • • • Based on an all-encompassing and all-inclusive Master Development Plan of 3.0 City, the sustainable urbanization greenfield smart city is conceived to provide a network-integrated citywide infrastructure across all functional areas and aspect of urban life, distinguished with eco-friendly energy resources, environment-friendly smart living facilities and a self- supporting intelligent urban ecosystem. • The revenues are to come from the sale and/or rental of residential living space or office space, smart integrated services against payment, and vast replicating the general model or specific solutions across the world. EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  20. 20. EIS PLATFORM Smart City Industry Open Platform • EIS LTD (I-World Concept and Smart Sustainable City Strategy: • IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative) • Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities) • European Innovation Partnership (Smart Cities and Communities: ) • Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative) • Huawei (Smart City Initiative) • Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative) • Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative) • Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform) • Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform) • Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart) • Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative) • Hitachi (Smart City Initiative) • Smart City Planning, Inc. > EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  21. 21. EIS PLATFORM: SMART NATION OPEN INNOVATION PLAFORM • Eco-NATION/ • Region/ • City/ • Community • Digital NATION/ • Region/ • City/ • Community • Knowledge NATION/ • Region/ • City/ • Community • • NATURAL CAPITAL • Physical Capital • Ecosystems • Natural Resources • Renewables/RES • Eco Technologies • Green Infrastructure • Eco-Urbanization • Green Society • ECO-SUSTAINABLE GROWTH • INFORMATION/DIGITALCAPITAL • Smart Mobility , Smart Services • ICT Infrastructure,OTN, Optical Networks , NG Broadband • 3DTV, HDTV, CC, Intelligent Clouds • Internet of Things, u-Computation • Digital/Smart Society • TECHNOLOGICAL/SMARTGROWTH • SOCIAL/HUMAN/INTELLIGENTCAPITAL/I-Capital • Innovation Ecosystems • Smart Living • Smart Economy • Knowledge Infrastructure • i-Industry • Smart Governance • Equity, Wellbeing, QoL Knowledge Society • SOCIAL/INCLUSIVE GROWTH EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  22. 22. EIS PLATFORM: Innovation Territories of the Future • Sustainable World, I-WORLD Platform, offered for the UN • • i-Europe (i-Europe Platform and Smart Big Europe, i-Germany, i-Britain, i-France, i-Italy, i-Spain), offered for the EC • • i-Germany, offered for the federal government • • i-Britain, offered for the national government • • i-Cyprus (Smart Cyprus 2013-2020), offered for the national government • • i-Russia (Smart Russia and i-Government), offered for the federal government. • • i-America (Smart USA and i-Government), offered for the federal government • • i-City (Smart City of the Future, Intelligent Eco Cities and Smart Sustainable Communities), to be offered for transnational communities (EU), national governments, municipalities and/or global systems integrators and vendors or big real estate developers or large multinationals or group of multinationals as Smart City Planning, Inc. • • • EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  23. 23. EIS Intelligent Community Brands • I-WORLD™; Smart Eco World™, Smart Green World™; Smart Sustainable World™; Smart World™ • Smart Sustainable Communities™ , Smart Eco Community™ , Smart Green Community™ • X.0 World™; World X.0™; 3.0 World™; World 3.0; 3.0 City™; City 3.0™ • i-Europe™, Intelligent Europe™, Smart Europe™, Europe SkyNet™ • i-Russia™, Smart Russia™, Intelligent Russia™, Russia SkyNet™ • i-America™, i-China™, i-Japan™, i-Germany™, i-Britain™ • Smart America™, Smart China™, Smart Japan™, Smart Germany™, Smart Britain™ • Smart Cyprus ™, i-Cyprus ™, Smart EcoIsland™ • Умная Россия™, Интеллектуальная Россия ™, Умное Подмосковье™; • Smart Sustainable City™, Intelligent Eco City™; Smart Eco City™; iEcoCity™; Neapolis Smart EcoCity™ • Smart Eco London™; Smart Eco Paris™; Smart Eco Rome™; Smart Eco Geneva™; Smart Eco Moscow™; Smart Eco New York™; Smart Eco Dubai™ ; Smart Eco Tokyo™; Smart Eco Shanghai™; Smart Eco Taipei™; Smart Eco Singapore™; Smart Eco Hong Kong™; Smart Eco Shenzhen™ • iCITY™, i-City™, iCity, i-City™, Operating Systems™; Smart City Software™; i-Community Package™ • Intelligent Urban Operating Systems; Smart Eco Community Operating Systems, SECOS™ • Territorial Intelligent Platform™, TIP; Territorial Intelligent Systems™, TIS™ • Москва – Интеллектуальный Экоград™ • 3.0 City™; City 3.0™; Building 3.0; Здание 3.0™, Город 3.0™, Регион 3.0™ • Энциклопедический Интеллект ™; Encyclopedic Intelligence ™, Global Innovation Platform™ • Smart Internet™, Intelligent Cyberspace, Intelligent Internet™, iNet™, Smart Web™; Global SkyNet™ • NOTE. All Relevant Governments, National and Urban, are Kindly Requested to Respect our Brand Names and Trade Marks. This also addresses to the Smart London Board, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, planning the iCity Program, the ITU–T Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities, or the IEEE’s Smart World Congress. EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  24. 24. THE FUTURE WORLD ACTIONS • For more on the Future World visions, strategies, challenges and projects, visit the links as below: • BUILDING INTELLIGENT WORLD • • • • • • THE FUTURE WORLD ACTIONS • Smart Cities Global Initiative • Smart Nations Global Initiative • Smart Superpower Global Initiative • • CHINA-EUROPE SMART SILK ROAD • THE FUTURE EUROPE ACTIONS • European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities • Smart Urban Europe Agenda • Smart Green Europe Investment Project (Under Study by the President of the EC) • THE FUTURE RUSSIA ACTIONS • Smart Green Russia (to be submitted for funding from the National Well-Being Fund and Pension Fund): • THE FUTURE WORLD ECONOMY • • • • • EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  25. 25. SMART WORLD PLATFORM: Disrupting the World and Its Old Order • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •; • EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  27. 27. "Энциклопедические Интеллектуальные Системы" • Предметом уставной деятельности Общества является: • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация единой платформы интеллектуальных городов, инновационных кластеров, экоградов, умных эко-проектов и инновационных застроек; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация цифровых моделей интеллектуальных городов, виртуальных интернет и веб городов с умными системами, процессами, услугами; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация цифровых моделей умных интеллектуальных городов и регионов; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных моделей эко-градов, эко-полисов и эко- комплексов: жилых, коммерческих и промышленных; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных моделей и прототипов умных городов, регионов и стран; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация умных экологических городов, их основных комплексов, структур, систем, элементов и компонентов; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных инновационных систем, инновационных кластеров, исследовательских и технологических парков; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация экологичной инфраструктуры инновационных эко-городов, застроек, кварталов, комплексов и отдельных зданий; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальной инфраструктуры инновационного эко- города, высокотехнологичного городского комплекса; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интегрированных интеллектуальных инженерных, оптических телекоммуникационных и возобновляемых энергетических сетей; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация виртуального многомерного проектирования городского пространства, объектов гражданского и промышленного строительства, интеллектуальных инженерных сетей и коммуникаций; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных информационных моделей, систем, услуг и технологий; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных компьютерных моделей, систем, услуг и технологий; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация универсальных систем научного и технологического знания; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация интеллектуальных энциклопедически систем в форме физических роботов, виртуальных интернет систем и компьютерных программ; • исследование, разработка и коммерциализация будущих интернет технологий и семантических сетей.EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  28. 28. ABOUT US • Dr Azamat Abdoullaev, Director • Smart World Group/SEC “X” Consortium Founder • • • • • Author of Smart Communities Global Initiatives: • Smart Cities, Sustainable Nations, Intelligent Superpowers • “Smart Silk Road” International Project • EU Smart Cities Platform Stakeholder: • • Skype: EIS.Skolkovo; • • • • • ; EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  29. 29. The Prime I-World Contents: the best smart buys • USECS™, UNIVERSAL STANDARD ENTITY CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM: The World Entities Global Reference (The WORLD.Schema, Global Ontology of the World: Global Knowledge and Intelligence Base), ISBN 978-9963-8421-8-6; Volume: 18,2 MB; Pages: 1359; Price: EUR 2000.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I-DEVELOPERS • • Smart World Encyclopedia™, or Ontopedia™, Ontopaedia™: Intelligent World Encyclopedia™ (i-Encyclopedia, as the encyclopedic knowledge base for intelligent language machines and cognitive computing systems, able to collect, communicate and crunch Big Data to turn information into knowledge and actionable intelligence), ISBN 978-9963-2202-0- 5, Volume, 3,8 MB; Pages: 419; Price: EUR 1000.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I-DEVELOPERS • • SUPERGOOGLE™, SMART WEB ENGINE: Smart Search Engine GESS™ (i-Web Engine, which is to disrupt the traditional search engines and internet explorers; i-Engine Guidelines), ISBN 978-9963-8421-9-3 ; Volume: 3,48 MB; Pages: 434; Price: EUR 1200.00, for INSTITUTIONS, GOVERNMENTS and CORPORATIONS; Special Offer for SMART INDIVIDUALS AND I-DEVELOPERS • EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved
  30. 30. BUILDING FUTURE WORLD EIS GLOBAL INNOVATION PLATFORM Azamat Abdoullaev 2013-2015 All Rights Reserved