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Smart Property Developments

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Future Property

  1. 1. FUTURE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENTS: From World-Class to Smart Eco Standards
  2. 2.  SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INFASTRUCTURE  ECOHOMES AND INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS  GREEN AND/OR SMART DEVELOPMENT COMPLEXES  GREEN VILLAGES AND ECO-SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES  ECO-NEIGBORHOODS AND/OR SMART NEIGBORHOODS  ECO-POLIS  SMART CITY  ECO CITIES (Intelligent Green Communities and Municipalities)  ECO REGION (Districts)  SMART NATION  The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to IntelligentThe EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities:Cities: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototypehttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototype
  3. 3.  Smart Community Planning and Development (Smart ECO Polis Model, Smart ECO Polis Master Plan, green community strategy, digital community strategy, knowledge community strategy, integrated spatial digital city planning, local development planning, sustainable land use, eco community standards, cross-communal ecosystem)  Energy (eco village grid, urban renewable energy networks, clean energy systems, renewable energy technologies, biomass, solar thermal, ambient thermal, and geothermal applications; heat storage technologies, tri-generation and district heating/cooling systems; advanced metering infrastructure, energy management systems, smart domestic appliances, intelligent street lighting, solar parks/farms; EV and HEV charging and storage)  Water and Waste (environmental infrastructure, quality water supply system, sustainable community drainage systems, advanced biological sewerage systems, rainwater harvesting, grey water treatment, green roofs, balance with nature, reduction, re-use and recycling waste)  Sustainable Development, Real Estate, Buildings and Facilities (eco realty, green buildings, innovative insulation, net zero energy buildings, residential, commercial, public, special; smart community polycenter, leisure and health center, cultural center, financial center, business center, sports center)  Land and Environment (natural capital and resources, sustainable sites and urban landscape, productive land, living land, eco land, sea environment protection, coastal regeneration; green infrastructure, eco parks and zones, public spaces, integrated green areas)  Smart Transportation (eco-mobility, public transport system, bus routes, cycle lanes, sidewalks, plazas, eco streets, parks, car-free zones, clean transportation, sustainable road networks, intelligent transportation systems, bike installations, public benches, green parking)  Next Generation ICT (digital capital and resources, network-connected communities and eco-neighborhoods, optical Ethernet, Fiber-To-the-Home access, WiFi zones, smart appliances, urban operation systems, building integration platform, integration into global communication network, ICT clusters, smart digital services, new jobs)
  4. 4.  Smart Eco Developments & Future Property Complexes  Eco realty, green buildings, innovative insulation, net zero energy buildings, residential, commercial, public, special  Eco House  Smart Villa  Smart community polycenter, leisure and health center, cultural center, financial center, business center, sports center  Sustainable Recreational and Touristic Facilities: Golf Courses, Destination eco resorts, Smart Casinos, Green Resort Hotels, or Smart Marinas  Cultural Smart Settlements: China Eco Towns, Russian Smart Villages, British Green Communities, etc.  Intelligent Community Projects (human capital and resources, knowledge city, sense of community, social cohesion, community intelligence, innovative and creative community, education, knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge triangle, knowledge-rich living, knowledge-intensive jobs)
  5. 5.  Sustainable Green Design, Zero-Waste/Zero-Carbon Technologies, Green Energy Network, Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Geothermal and Biomass Technologies), Next Generation ICT Networks, Intelligent Property Infrastructure, Ecological Building Technologies, Smart/Intelligent Home Systems, Green Resort Facilities, Smart Tourism Facilities, Sustainable Golf Courses, Advanced Health Care Equipment and Smart Community Services  Sustainable Building, Green Building or Construction: Siting and Structure Design Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Materials Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality Enhancement, Operations and Maintenance Optimization, and Waste and Toxics Reduction
  6. 6.  BUILDINGS: Apartment, Apartment Building/House, Center, Farm Building, Government Building, Hall, Hotel, House, Library, Health Facility, Office Building, Plant, Restaurant, Retail, School, Skyscraper, Theatre, Outbuilding; Building Complex  Type I. SMART BUILDING: Intelligent Home: Smart Villa  Type II. GREEN BUILDING: Eco-Wise Home  Type III. BUILDING 3.0: A SMART AND GREEN BUILDING WITH INTELLIGENT BUILDING SYSTEMS, HIGH INSULATION, ECO-WISE TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATIVE SOLAR SYSTEMS  Regulations: ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS, Residential, Commercial, Public, Institutional, Industrial  On 18 May 2010 a recast of The Directive on energy performance of buildings (2002/91/EC) was adopted  Green Certification Systems  UK BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)  USA LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) (> 50,000 commercial and > 100,000 housing projects in 130 countries across the globe)  Germany DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Nachhaltiges Bauen/German Sustainable Building Council)  France HQE (Haute Qualite? Environmentale/High Environmental Quality)  Japan CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency)  Аustralia Green Star, etc.
  7. 7. EUROPEAN SMART COMMUNITY AND CITY PROTOTYPE THE SMART ECO COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT  At the recent Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel: Place Rogier 3, 1210 Brussels, the Smart City and Community Concept originated by EIS LTD for a specific green field locality in EU, Cyprus, has been advanced by the European Commission as a European Smart City Prototype for cities and communities:  1. Smart Cities and Communities Communication Launch Event, 10 July 2012, Sheraton Hotel, Brussels: http://ec.europa.eu/energy/technology/initiatives/doc/2012_smartcities/20120625_agenda_smartcities_10july.pdf ;  2. The Cyprus Presidency’s view on Smart Cities and Communities: http://www.cy2012.eu/index.php/en/file/XnxLPbC7uSb2nxXo9+AUZw ==  3. EU Smart Cities and Communities Prototype: http://neapolis.com  Abdoullaev, A., 2011, A Smart World: A Development Model for Intelligent Cities. Keynote. The 11th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology; http://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/CIT2011/index.php?p=Keynotes  A. Abdoullaev. Smart EcoCity™ (Intelligent EcoCity™), ISBN 978-9963- 9958-1-3, 2011, Cyprus, EU  A. Abdoullaev. Neapolis Smart EcoCity, ISBN 978-9963-9958-0- 6,2011, Cyprus, EU  CONCEPT: The Trinity City; Smart Eco City, Intelligent Green City  STRATEGY: The most innovative urban development strategy, as integrating the Eco City Strategy, Digital City Strategy and Knowledge City Strategy  ARCHITECTURE: Integrated architecture of urban systems and services to achieve a fully sustainable “New City” of Eco-Intelligence  OBJECTIVE: Prototype Model for European Smart City for other cities and communities  SMART TERRITORIES OF THE FUTURE: The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities.  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototype
  8. 8.  EIS (Smart World Strategy)  IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative)  Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities)  Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative)  Huawei (Smart City Initiative)  Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative)  Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative)  Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform)  Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform)  Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart)  Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative)  Hitachi (Smart City Initiative),  LG CNS  SAP AG, etc.  Smart City Project  Smart City Planning, Inc. >
  9. 9. SUSTAINABLE Property GREEN Aquaculture and Agriculture GREEN Land and Environment GREEN Infrastructure GREEN Economy SMART Business and Job Creation ECO Tourism SMART Education SMART Healthcare SMART Governance SUSTAINABLE Communities SMART Cities GREEN Territories SMART Nation Smart Property Development Strategies fuel smart sustainable and inclusive growth, economic development investment, strong local economy, sustainable tourism, attractive commercial spaces, smart outlets, innovative business, new employment opportunities, and sustainable jobs.
  10. 10. A. Abdoullaev 2010-2013 EIS Intelligent Systems ltd  Sustainable Development Funds  World Bank  International Monetary Fund  Sovereign Funds (China, the Middle East, Russia)  Private Investment  Smart Nation/City Investment of Major Corporations:  Huawei (Smart City Initiative); IBM (Smarter Planet Initiative); Cisco Systems (Smart + Connected Communities); Siemens (Smart Mobility Initiative); Orange (France Telecom) (Smart City Initiative); Alcatel-Lucent (Smart City Initiative); Microsoft (Intelligent City Platform); Oracle (Intelligent Government Platform); Toshiba (Intelligent Energy and Smart); Schneider Electric (Smart City Initiative); Hitachi (Smart City Initiative), etc.  Smart City Planning, Inc.
  11. 11.  In today's world, every country/city must compete with every other country/city for the world's investors, talent, cultural exchange, tourists, businesses, media profile and international events, cultural, political, economic, and scientific.  In today’s world, every nation, intentionally or unintentionally, has its brand, brand name, trade name, marque, national branding, core message, logo, claim, the way the nation is perceived (brand perception) and imaged globally and locally, by the world (global image formation) as well as its subjects and nationals.  Intelligent National Branding is instrumental in attracting foreign direct investment, tourism, enhancing geo political influence, global national image, facilitating trade and private-sector competitiveness, supporting for exports, and creating internal pride.  Up to now, countries and states are building the national brand and global image, employing the standard approaches and old public diplomacy, antique public relations and aggressive advertising and propaganda, including the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Japan, China, South Korea, and some Western European countries  Sustainable Branding Strategy  Intelligent Nation Branding >  Destination Branding, Place Marketing, Place Promotion, holistic, interactive, ongoing, broad activities involving social, economic, political and cultural processes >  Intelligent Infrastructure, Smart Economy, Innovation Industry (Primary & Secondary & Tertiary) Branding >  Eco Region (Connected Urban and Rural Development) Branding >  Smart City (Polis, Municipality and Eco Community) Branding >  Sustainable (Public and Private Project) Development Branding >  Cultural Settlements Smart Branding (China Eco Towns, Russian Smart Villages, British Green Communities, etc.) >  Innovative Corporate Branding  Smart Nation Branding:Smart Nation Branding: http://http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-nationbrandingwww.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-nationbranding
  12. 12. Abdoullaev 2010-2013 EIS Intelligent Systems ltd  SMART WORLDSMART WORLD  CREATING THE FUTURE: Building Tomorrow’s World: http ://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/creating-the-future-tomorrows-world  3.0 WORLD, from Dumb to Intelligent World.3.0 WORLD, from Dumb to Intelligent World. [The Future World Investment Projects] :: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/x0-worldhttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/x0-world  Smart Nation Branding:Smart Nation Branding: http://http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-nationbrandingwww.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-nationbranding  SMART EUROPESMART EUROPE  Intelligent Europe Center Program:Intelligent Europe Center Program: http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/secretariat_general/eu2020/docs/intelligent_europe_center_en.pdfhttp://ec.europa.eu/dgs/secretariat_general/eu2020/docs/intelligent_europe_center_en.pdf  i-EUROPE Manifesto:i-EUROPE Manifesto: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i-europe-title-10150491http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/i-europe-title-10150491  The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities:The EU Smart Communities and Cities Prototype: 3.0 City, from Dumb to Intelligent Cities: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototypehttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototype  EU: black hole or star cluster:EU: black hole or star cluster: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eu-black-hole-or-star-clusterhttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eu-black-hole-or-star-cluster  SMART CYPRUSSMART CYPRUS  New Cyprus,New Cyprus, http://http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/new-cypruswww.slideshare.net/ashabook/new-cyprus ;;  Future Cyprus 2020:Future Cyprus 2020: httphttp://://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/future-cyprus-2013-2020www.slideshare.net/ashabook/future-cyprus-2013-2020  SMART MONTENEGROSMART MONTENEGRO  Smart MontenegroSmart Montenegro http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-montenegrohttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-montenegro  SMART RUSSIASMART RUSSIA  SMART RUSSIA: http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/2014-2020  SMART TAJIKISTAN  httphttp://://wwwwww..slideshareslideshare..netnet//ashabookashabook//ii--tajikistantajikistan  Smart KazakhstanSmart Kazakhstan  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/ikazakhstan-20142020  ENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORMENCYCLOPEDIC INTELLIGENCE PLATFORM  httphttp://://wwwwww..slideshareslideshare..netnet//ashabookashabook//encyclopedicencyclopedic--intelligenceintelligence  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-24260973http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-24260973  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-global-marketinghttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-global-marketing  http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-big-science-and-technologyhttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligence-big-science-and-technology
  13. 13. EIS INTELLIGENT COMMUNITY BRANDS EIS INTELLIGENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS  X.0 World ™; World X.0 ™; 3.0 World ™; World 3.0; 3.0 City ™; City 3.0 ™;  I-WORLD™; Global SkyNet™;  Smart Sustainable Communities™;  Smart Sustainable World ™;  Intelligent Eco City™; Smart Eco City™; Neapolis Smart EcoCity™;  i-City Operating Systems™; Smart City Software™;  i-Community Package™; Intelligent Urban Operating Systems; Smart Eco Community Operating Systems, SECOS™;  Territorial Intelligent Platform™, TIP;  Territorial Intelligent Systems™, TIS;  i-Europe™, Intelligent Europe™, Smart Europe™, Europe SkyNet™;  i-Russia™, Smart Russia™, Intelligent Russia™, Russia SkyNet™  Smart Cyprus™, Intelligent Eco Island™, i-Cyprus; http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smartworl-dabr http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/secretariat_general/eu2020/ docs/intelligent_europe_center_en.pdf http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/x0-world http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/30-cityeu-prototype http:// www.slideshare.net/ashabook/eu-black-hole-or-star-clus http://www.scribd.com/doc/40150243/i-Russia http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/ss-17463288 httphttp://://wwwwww..slideshareslideshare..netnet//ashabookashabook//encyclopedicencyclopedic-- intelligenceintelligence httphttp ://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligen://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligen httphttp ://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligen://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/encyclopedic-intelligen https ://www8.cs.ucy.ac.cy/conferences/CIT2011/files/SMART http:// www.slideshare.net/ashabook/smart-nationbranding http://www.scribd.com/doc/40320567/i-Cyprushttp://www.scribd.com/doc/40320567/i-Cyprus http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/new-cyprushttp://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/new-cyprus http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/future-cyprus-2013-http://www.slideshare.net/ashabook/future-cyprus-2013- 20202020 Azamat Abdoullaev EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems ltd
  14. 14.  VISION AND MISSION:VISION AND MISSION:  The big goal of the company is to give in in creating the tomorrow’s world of sustainable regions, smart nations, intelligent cities and green communities. The business target is marketing the smart world property product lines: integrated intelligent models, strategies, conceptual designs and master plans for smart eco territories of the future  SELLING POINTS  Sustainable Communities and Smart cities offer major market opportunities for the government, big business and innovative SMEs. Global systems integrators and technology vendors are spearheading smart city implementations across the globe, but missing to develop comprehensive smart development conception and integrated master planning for land and environment, smart buildings, info- and infrastructure.  EIS LTD is the conceptual leader in conceiving, planning and (re)developing future development properties, new communities and smart cities as well as regions and countries as the large smart eco territories of the future.  EIS Ltd is creating the future from the most fundamental and broad perspectives, integrating different scientific, technological and corporate views, with specific technical solutions for tomorrow’s world property  I-Property CREATORS and Promoters:  Dr Azamat Sh. Abdoullaev, Managing Director  EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (Cyprus, EU)/EIS Encyclopedic Intelligent Systems Ltd (Moscow, Russia)  Int.: + 357 99 683 849; E-mail: ontopaedia@gmail.com; Internet Sites: http://iiisyla.livejournal.com  ООО "Энциклопедические Интеллектуальные Системы“(Moscow/Russia)  Skolkovo Innovation Center Participant: http://community.sk.ru/net/1120292/  A. Abdoullaev 2010-2013 EIS Intelligent Systems ltd