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Eco World Commandments


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Eco World Commandments

  1. 1. 10 ECO WORLD COMMANDMENTS • Eco Community Cohesion or Green Unity, a whole systems convergence of government and administration, ecologically efficient industry, people’s interests, needs and aspirations, harmonious culture, and landscapes, nature, agriculture and the built environment as a single ecosystem. • Environmental Planning and Eco Design, comprehensive ecological planning and management and participation of people or citizens, private sectors and public authorities into planning and management processes; any national/urban/rural project is ecologically designed to enhance the health and quality of life of citizens and maintain the ecosystems. • Ecological Development, Environmental Infrastructure, Green Energy Networks, Clean Utilities, Eco Real Estate, Eco Buildings, Eco Facilities, Eco Parks, Eco Zones, and Eco Spaces • Ecological safety and security –clean air, and safe, reliable water supplies, food, healthy housing and workplaces, municipal services and protection against eco-disasters. • Ecological sanitation–efficient, cost-effective eco-engineering for collecting, treating, or utilization (reducing, reusing, and recycling) human excreta and blackwater and all sort of wastes and various classes of sewage, domestic or sanitary, commercial, industrial, agricultural and surface runoff (closed-loop sanitation systems, onsite wastewater treatment systems, sludge processing plants, and waste management systems) • Ecological industrial metabolism–resource conservation and environmental protection through industrial transition, emphasizing materials re-use, life-cycle production, energy efficiency, renewable energy, efficient transportation, and meeting human needs. • Ecological space integrity–unifying and harmonizing urban landscape, built structures, open spaces such as parks and plazas, connectors such as streets and bridges, and natural features such as waterways and ridgelines, to maximize accessibility of the city for all citizens while conserving energy and resources and alleviating such problems as automobile accidents, air pollution, eco toxicity, hydrological deterioration, heat island effects and global warming. • Ecological education, consciousness and awareness– understanding human’s place and role in nature, cultural identity, responsibility for the environment, and changing human’s consumption behavior, enhancing their ability to maintaining high quality urban ecosystems. • Environmental impact: ecological benefits/costs, economic benefits and costs, socio-cultural benefits and costs, triple bottom line account, or full cost accounting • Eco regulations, standards, and incentives - environmental policy, local, state and federal, nature conservation and protection, NATURA sites, green energy certificates, green buildings certification systems, etc. 1 10 ECO WORLD COMMANDMENTS | EIS Ltd Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013
  2. 2. ENVIRONMENTAL/ECOLOGICAL/GREEN/CLEAN/ZERO CARBON ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGIES Cleantech, Greentech, Envirotech for: Land and Environment and Landscape, Transport, Energy (Electricity, Heating, and Cooling), Water, Waste, Communications and ICT Renewable Energy Technologies: Bioenergy (Biomass, Biofuel, Biogas) Solar Power Geothermal/Airthermal/Hydrothermal/ Wind Power Ocean (Wave/Tidal) Power, Hydropower) Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies ENERGY Technology Enablers: T&D Network Management (Power Grids); Distributed Renewable Management (Smart Grids, Energy-Efficient Systems, Smart Metering; Intelligent Power Generation; Renewable Energy Management GREEN Solutions: Green Infrastructure Green Buildings Green Products and Materials RES Clean Transportation Water Management Waste Management Sustainable Land Management: Sustainable Landscaping, Organic Agriculture, Habitat Conservation, Urban Forestry and Parks, Soil Stabilization SMART LANDSCAPE AND ENVIRONMENT SMART LANDSCAPE/INTELLIGENT ENVIRONMENT/URBAN/REGIONAL INTELLIGENCE resides in the combination of I. natural environment and landscape (organism’s surroundings), II. eco infrastructure (skeleton frame), III. utilities, water supply, energy networks, and wastage (body processes, intake, respiration, digestion, excreting), IV. digital telecommunication networks (the nerves), V. transportation and mobility (locomotion), VI. sensors and tags (the sensory organs), VII. embedded intelligence (the brains), VIII. intelligent software (the knowledge and cognitive competence). Landscape diversity:= physical elements (landforms, mountains, hills, and water bodies and the sea); weather elements; biological elements (biodiversity, ecosystem ecology/complexity/diversity, terrestrial, marine, freshwater, atmospheric) and human elements (land use, buildings, structures, artificial water bodies, techno-ecosystems) 2 10 ECO WORLD COMMANDMENTS | EIS Ltd Azamat Abdoullaev All Rights Reserved 2013