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SMSC Presentation October 2012

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SMSC Presentation October 2012

  1. 1. SMSC Pink and fluffy andnothing to do with me
  2. 2. The new frameworkNot quite so pink and fluffy!!Leadership and managementTeaching and learningBehaviour and achievementEffectiveness and judgement
  3. 3. SpiritualA readiness to challenge all that would constrain thehuman spirit: for example, poverty of aspiration, lackof self-confidence and beliefAn appreciation of the intangible – beauty, truth,love, goodness, orderAn expressive or creative impulseAn awareness of how they can develop and change.
  4. 4. MoralKnowledge of what is right and wrongConfidence to act within their principlesAn ability to think through consequencesA willingness to express their views on ethical issuesA considerate lifestyleA desire to explore their own and others’ viewsA respect for others’ needs, interests and feelings.
  5. 5. SocialAdjusting to social contexts by appropriate behaviourWork successfully as a member of a group or teamReflect on their contributions to society and the world ofworkUnderstand the notion of interdependence in anincreasingly complex society and worldAppreciate how societies function and are organised:family, the schoolShow respect for all living things, the environment andproperty.
  6. 6. CulturalAn understanding of the influences which haveshaped their own cultural heritage.An openness to new ideas and a willingness to modifycultural values in light of experience.An ability to understand and use language, images,icons in music, art and literature which havesignificance and meaning in a culture.A regard for the heights of human achievement in allcultures and societies.An appreciation of the diversity and interdependenceof cultures.Valuing race equality and challenging racism.
  7. 7. What do we haveto do?Think ‘outstanding’ –don’t be modest –what are you doingbrilliantly?Where could wedevelop another areato be outstanding?

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