PV Solar IE Solutions 2010


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PV Solar IE Solutions 2010

  1. 1. Manufacturing Integration, Productivity and Technology Services Tailored Solutions to Your Individual PV Operations Requuirements
  2. 2. As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, this page has intentionally been left blank to accommodate two-sided printing
  3. 3. Company Overview CH2M HILL has long been recognized as a leading employer and admired company. FORTUNE magazine consistently ranks CH2M HILL among its “100 Best Companies to Work for in America,” and a “most admired company.” CH2M HILL at a Glance Recognized for Industry At CH2M HILL, we strive to Founded in 1946 and headquartered Excellence “outperform,” exceeding near Denver, Colorado, employee- CH2M HILL earned 13 Number your expectations and our owned CH2M HILL is a global firm One rankings and multiple Top 10 industry’s standards. providing consulting, engineering, rankings from Engineering News- It’s not the exception here. construction, operations, and related Record in 2009. These rankings technical services to public and It’s the rule. include: private clients. Each of our clients demands and • #1 of Top 20 Manufacturing Design deserves a completely satisfying • More than 23,500 employees in Firms solution on every project, regardless offices worldwide • #2 of Top 100 Construction of complexity. • 100 percent employee owned Management Firms • Broadly diversified across 10 • #1 of Top Five Design Firms in business sectors: Semiconductor Industry » Energy & Chemicals Performance Excellence - » Environmental Recognized Across Industries » Government Facilities & As a result of our processes and Infrastructure systems, we have won many industry » Industrial & Advanced awards from our customers for Technology project quality, health and safety, and » Industrial Systems customer satisfaction. With an EMR of 0.74, our safety record is among » Nuclear the best in the industry. » Operations & Maintenance » Power Fortune Magazine ranked CH2M HILL » Transportation » Water • $6.3 billion in revenue (2009) 100 BEST www.ethisphere.com ranked Companies to Work For CH2MMost HILL 2009 World’s ETHICAL Companies 2009
  4. 4. CH2M HILL Manufacturing Solutions - Overview The CH2M HILL Manufacturing Integration (MI) group provides full-service solutions, from initial planning through design, optimization, and integration. We serve a wide range of manufacturing clients, including photovoltaic (PV), microelectronics, flat panel display, energy storage, consumer products, and other high volume manufacturers. Improving Performance and Profit Global solar/PV manufacturing is hypercompetitive, with companies aggressively seeking to establish market share through technological and operational advantages. In this dynamic environment CH2M HILL provides leadership in achieving these goals through: • Capacity planning, layout, analysis and risk mitigation to reduce capital factory costs for equipment and plant facilities • Application of simulation and modeling techniques to optimize manufacturing lines and increase factory yield • Focused programs in Manufacturing Operations Excellence to reduce operations costs • Business process re-engineering utilizing techniques such as value stream mapping and gap analysis to improve efficiency of business processes
  5. 5. Manufacturing Integration, Technology & Productivity Services Manufacturing/Facilities • Productivity studies Planning • Manufacturing excellence/lean • Strategic planning constraint analysis • Support area requirements Manufacturing Operational Systems • Flow analysis • Warehousing/logistics • Systems assessment, refinement, selection and integration • Utility requirements definition • Manufacturing execution system • Micro level manufacturing layout (MES) planning • Controls systems (PLCs, AB, GE, • Macro level manufacturing layout Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc.) planning • Motion controllers • Tool list development CH2M HILL Manufacturing • Vision systems Integration engineers enter the • Capacity modeling/planning • SCADA systems (GE Proficy, RS project early in the pre-planning • Manufacturing process definition View, Wonderware, etc.) phase, to define and integrate the • Manufacturing production plan • SQL, Oracle and other database facility, systems, process equipment, definition systems and operational activities. • Operating procedures • Ethernet networks • Staffing plans • Industrial PCs • Manufacturing/process simulation Automated Material Handling • Workplace design Systems (AMHS) • Microcontamination design • Turnkey solutions Strategic Planning/Risk • Automation simulation and Assessment modeling • Business risk analysis • Conveyors (belts, links, rollers) • Profitability analysis • Robots (SCARA, r- -z, Cartesian) • Asset management • Warehouse layout planning • Operational goaling • General material handling design • Financial modeling • Sustaining engineering • Cost of ownership model • Facility planning support • Facility cost model • Layout services Factory/Line Optimization/ • Construction modifications Modeling • Equipment installation and • Line/equipment layout integration • Static and dynamic modeling Equipment Install Planning • Production flow modeling • Production tools integration and • Failure mode and effects analysis production readiness (FMEA) • Line audit for factory acceptance • Production equipment layouts • Equipment source inspection • Layout optimization
  6. 6. Photovoltaic Manufacturing CRYSTALLINE SILICON polysilicon wafer cell module Mitsubishi REC Spectrawatt Trina Solar THIN FILM silicon CdTe CIGS CH2M HILL has worked with developers of solar/PV products in all cell various turnkey vendors and their customers First Solar Solyndra technologies and has more than 10 years of experience in both crystalline and thin CH2M HILL provides a single film technology. Our portfolio includes customers point of responsibility for the ranging from start-ups to companies complete life cycle of your in the top 20 list of manufacturers. project. We have provided design-build, design only, and consulting work in Engineers, designers, and technical Asia, Europe, and North America. specialists make up the core of Our experience base encompasses our firm — professionals with the full spectrum of PV unparalleled experience in all manufacturing processes, from the phases of the planning, design, and initial production of polysilicon, installation operations that support including monocrystalline, to the development of wafer and thin polycrystalline casting, amorphous, film manufacturing systems. cadmium telluride (CdTe), CIGS and multijunction technology.
  7. 7. In-house Experience and Tools PV Automation Expertise Process Technology Experience Solution Evaluation and Optimization • Automated storage and retrieval • Mono- and polycrystalline silicon systems • Cadmium telluride (CdTe) • Lean planning for concept • Automatic guided development • Amorphous silicon vehicle (AGV) • Business process mapping • Copper indium gallium (di)selenide • Rail guided vehicle (RGV) supporting optimized methods (CIGS) • Stack and single wafer handling • Dynamic capacity models for Production Line Layout and production line evaluation • Wafer buffering Material Handling Applications (standardized models) • Raw wafer handling • Single, stack and cassette wafer • Material handling simulation • Manufacturing execution systems handling models to validate material • Cassette and stack • Inline and batch wafer processing handling solutions (standardized loading and unloading models) • Wafer buffering • Process tool loading and unloading Manufacturing Operations • Large glass thin film single sheet and Systems batch processing configurations • Alternate media applications (glass • Requirements definition – controls/ tubes, flexible media, wafer) manufacturing execution systems (MES)/material control systems • Raw materials and finished goods (MCS)/enterprise logistics • Business process mapping • Programmable logic controller (PLC), human machine interface (HMI) and instrumentation development for process and material handling equipment • System design/implementation/ start-up/ramp • Manufacturing execution systems (MES) – genealogy/process data/ recipe management/flow control/ advanced process control/yield management • Material control systems (MCS) • Enterprise/enterprise resource management (ERP)/product lifecycle management (PLM) • Supplier management • Ongoing support – software maintenance/equipment maintenance
  8. 8. Photo: Aleo Solar Approach CH2M HILL combines our process, Our approach includes the following material handling, and engineering activities, with the flexibility to tailor experience when evaluating and a solution to fit your needs and optimizing potential solutions. budget: The figure on the next page • Develop processing requirements • Develop alternate and potential demonstrates the execution of the as defined by the client team, solutions. basic evaluation process. creating a manufacturing • Evaluate potential solutions requirements document. This statically to eliminate options process utilizes Lean methods that will not support efficiency to quickly converge on the improvements. appropriate definition. • Perform dynamic evaluation of • Execute a baseline process where best case options as defined by the existing concepts are evaluated static process; rank solutions per both statically and dynamically, criteria. creating a validated baseline where alternative solutions and changes can be ranked.
  9. 9. Material Handling Modeling STATIC Simulation The hybrid approach of static and dynamic analysis offers a comprehensive evaluation of all possible options yielding optimal solutions while minimizing time From developing system and effort. requirements through the request for qualification, bid, selection and construction/integration, CH2M HILL Layout vendor management for both material handling and manufacturing system solutions minimizes capital expenses while optimizing PV facility operations. We deliver cost effective, OPTIMIZED turnkey automation systems to DYNAMIC material handling system design meet your needs, not a supplier Simulation Requirements specification sheet. Vendor Submittal, Review Requirements Concepts & Recommendation Equipment Validation and Concepts & Solutions Modeling Validation Management Approval Bid Package Construction Bids Award Contract Development & Integration Client CH2M HILL Install Construct Equipment Software Systems STARTUP Deploy & Integrate ramp factory Software Systems
  10. 10. Representative Client Projects The MI team has supported the Solar/PV thin film market in various planning, evaluation and optimization activities. This support included layout, simulation, and material handling system recommendations within the crystalline silicon, amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium telluride (CdTe), and copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) manufacturing technologies. A representative example list is provided below. Intellectual property (IP) is extremely sensitive in PV manufacturing; to guard our clients’ IP, we keep client names and project specifics confidential. The following projects were implemented in factories in North America, Asia and Europe. Manufacturing Material Handling Design Layout Design Amorphous Silicon Amorphous Silicon CH2M HILL developed CH2M HILL developed the manufacturing facility design options. manufacturing facility design and MI services were used to create and included the following MI services to test layouts adapted to support the validate the manufacturing space and site and facility constraints: production requirements: • Simulation modeling was used • Dynamic capacity modeling to evaluate potential material was used to evaluate delivery handling system approaches. and work in progress (WIP) • We developed alternate layout requirements affected by planned configurations that supported and unplanned production tool the selected material handling schedules. approach that supported facility • Simulation modeling was used to constraints. support evaluation of potential • Simulation and layout activities material handling solutions and included overlapping RGV their impact on production operation, ASRS stacking, batch capacity. transportation of WIP and single • Simulation included the use of sheet conveyor transport of WIP. six-axis robotics, glass conveyance, tool loading robots and bulk sheet buffering.
  11. 11. Module Manufacturing Module Manufacturing Empty Container Return Wafer Manufacturing Material to Cell Cell Manufacturing Cell Manufacturing Ingot In Line Layout Optimization Manufacturing Layout Material Handling Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) Design & Implementation Flow Analysis CH2M HILL conducted detailed Polycrystalline Silicon Amorphous Silicon manufacturing efficiency studies Materials CH2M HILL conducted detailed to support the client’s analysis CH2M HILL developed the complete analysis of materials and production of potential manufacturing line manufacturing facility design for material handling requirements configurations. CH2M HILL further a multiphase polysilicon ingot and to resolve both traffic and space recommended potential material wafering facility, including the limitations associated with a retrofit handling solutions to support the following services: facility. recommended line configurations: • Evaluation of multiple sites in • Conducted logistics studies • Provided dynamic capacity support of the client’s production supporting general material modeling of production lines to process and manufacturing plans; handling between production lines. determine the most efficient line the resulting facility fit the client’s plan and accelerated the project • Simulated potential solutions combinations. schedule. and recommended changes to • Identified detailed production warehousing layout, production line layout testing to desired • Complete design-build activities for layout, and associated space production line configurations. multiple production lines, including requirements. vendor coordination, utility planning • Provided simulation modeling and modeling, equipment layout, • Simulation and layout activities of finalized material handling and material handling planning. included forklift transport of glass A configurations and production frames, conveors, ASRS, and logic • Significant coordination into layouts. supporting conveyor operation. facility and systems planning with • Simulation and layout activities the client’s Lean manufacturing included pick and place glass team for the new manufacturing robotics, conveyors and conveyor approaches. logic, ASRS, and sheet buffers. • Coordination of vendor design activities across different vendors and process steps, including automation transporting product between major process operations, process loading and unloading, and space management within the facility. • Vendor coordination and source inspections to validate production equipment performance to design.
  12. 12. Manufacturing Equipment & Operation Systems/MES Integration Amorphous Silicon CH2M HILL had total responsibility Photo: Solarworld for manufacturing operations systems, including equipment control, production tracking, maintenance management and quality control. Material Handling • Developed equipment Strategy specifications to drive standard operations and interface of vendor Copper Indium Gallium equipment. (Di)Selenide (CIGS) CH2M HILL supported the analysis • Worked with equipment vendors to ensure specifications were met. and identification of the corporate material handling strategy of the new • Developed equipment software production line as follows: to manage automated material transfer between production • Studied and recommended equipment. material handling strategy for the • Developed tool control software new production lines. to upgrade or replace vendor • Developed detailed layout options supplied software. supporting the new strategy and • Developed production tracking testing facility, including layout software for genealogy and constraints. production reporting. • Simulated final solution, • Developed production dashboards validating final hardware system and reports for operations requirements. management. • Simulation and layout activities included ASRS, AGV, six-axis robotics, and various conveyor configurations.
  13. 13. Manufacturing Basis of Design Manufacturing Layout Design CdTe, CIGS CH2M HILL supported this clients Monocrystalline Silicon in the process of scaling from a CH2M HILL developed the complete prototype line to the first high Gap Analysis on manufacturing facility design for volume manufacturing line. Manufacturing Operations a multiphase facility, including the • Performed industrial engineering Systems following MI services: analysis of the manufacturing line Amorphous & • Utility modeling, tracking and configuration and defined optimal Polycrystalline Silicon analysis to determine the effects layout. of different vendor selections on • Performed engineering analysis of This client had a polysilicon factory the overall design of the facility factory warehousing requirements; and an amorphous silicon (a-Si) and the start-up/commissioning proposed solutions including factory; CH2M HILL performed a gap ramp. warehousing sizing requirements, analysis on manufacturing operations systems: • Coordination of vendor design identification of storage and activities across different vendors handling concepts and selection • Studied each factory and and process steps, including criteria. documented existing production automation transporting tracking methods. • Established process equipment product between major process utility matrix and identified utility • Met with stakeholders to operations, process loading loading for the new building. determine priorities for and unloading, and space improvements and additional management within the facility. • Reviewed the logistical flows of functionality. raw materials and finished goods • Equipment layout and planning to to, from, and within the site/ • Developed gap analysis including ensure proper material, personnel, building, including comparison of development plan, priorities, and and maintenance activities. process manufacturing equipment investment requirements. • Warehouse design, layout and with process flow methodology, flow planning. identification of bottlenecks. ERP Application Server Production Quality Inventory Maintenance Management Management Management Management Equipment Interface Human/Machine Historian Interface Equipment Equipment Equipment Equipment Interface Interface Interface Interface consume consume consume produce produce produce consume produce process process material process control control storage control Process Equipment Process Equipment Material Handling Process Equipment
  14. 14. Summary CH2M HILL’s Manufacturing Integration group provides CH2M HILL’s extensive focused services to support the PV experience across the PV manufacturing industry. industry includes: • Facility design of monocrystalline These services include: and polycrystalline wafer, • Manufacturing planning amorphous silicon (a-Si), cadmium • Risk assessment telluride (CdTe), and copper indium gallium (di)selenide (CIGS) based The unique experience of the • Factory/line optimization systems. CH2M HILL Manufacturing • Material handling turnkey solutions • Manufacturing and optimization Integration team, with both • Manufacturing execution systems/ studies of various systems facility and manufacturing solutions including mono- and systems, provides a • Equipment installation and polycrystalline wafers. strong foundation for the integration • Simulation modeling of various development and evaluation By combining traditional industrial production lines and material of systems optimized for PV engineering and design with handling systems; material manufacturing. business process planning, handling systems studied include simulation, and Lean strategies, ASRS, AGV, robotics, conveyor, Manufacturing Integration develops sheet buggers, lifters, fork truck, integrated solutions and systems to and loading dock areas. optimize the production line.
  15. 15. As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, this page has intentionally been left blank to accommodate two-sided printing
  16. 16. About CH2M HILL Headquartered near Denver, Colorado, employee-owned CH2M HILL is a global leader in full-service engineering, procurement, construction, and operations for public and private clients. With $6.3 billion in revenue and more than 23,500 employees worldwide, CH2M HILL delivers innovative, practical, sustainable solutions—helping clients develop and manage infrastructure and facilities that improve efficiency, safety, and quality of life. The firm has long been recognized as a most-admired company and leading employer, including being named by FORTUNE magazine as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For (2009). Web Address: www.ch2m.com/solarpv Email: solarpv@ch2m.com CH2M HILL operates out of more than 200 offices worldwide. For a complete list of office locations in your area, please visit us at ch2mhill.com. Global Headquarters 9191 South Jamaica Street Englewood, CO 80112 USA Toll-free: 888.CH2M.HILL Tel: +1 303.771.0900 Fax: +1 720.286.9250 North America North Asia South Asia Europe 2020 SW 4th Avenue 8F, Tower 1, Grand Gateway 150 Beach Road, 34th Floor Optima Building, Level 1 North Third Floor 1 Hong Qiao Road Gateway West 58 Robertson Street Portland, OR 97201 Shanghai, 200030 Singapore, 189720 Glasgow, G2 8DU USA People’s Republic of China Republic of Singapore Scotland, U.K. Tel: +1 503.235.5000 Tel: +86 21.6113.2000 Tel: +65 6391.0350 Tel: +44 (0) 141.204.2333 Fax: +1 503.736.2000 Fax: +86 21.6113.2199 Fax: +65 6299.4379 Fax: +44 (0) 141.204.2033 Mexico Brazil Argentina Middle East/North Africa AV. Xola 535 Vila Olimpia Azara 841, 1 Floor Star Holding Building Piso 23 Col. del Valle Rua do Rocio, 351 - conj. Ciudad Autonoma de Ground Floor #2 Del. Benito Juarez Suite 11, 12, 21, 22, 52, 61 e 62 Buenos Aires, 1267 Dubai Internet City Mexico City, 03100 Sao Paulo, 04552-000 Argentina PO Box 500554 Mexico Brazil Tel: +54 114 309 0201 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +52 55 5999 0400 Tel: +55-11 3040 0800 Fax +54 114 303 3954 Tel: +971 4.427.7600 Fax: +52 55 5999 0410 Fax +55-11 3040 0802 Fax: +971 4.427.7601