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SHAITAN is an interesting enigmatic character. Find out all about him. The presentation is based on my belief system.

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  1. 1. SHAITAN
  2. 2. A humble attempt to find an answer to the for ever perplexing question – WHY DID GOD HAVE TO CREATE SATAN ? WILL NOT THE WORLD BE A BETTER PLACE WITHOUT THIS DEVIL ? Before making a humble attempt to answer this question, I take the liberty of quoting from the Preface of a book by Seyyed Hossein Nasr : ‘wa ma tawfiqa illa bi Llah’ I am fully aware of the limit of my knowledge, and submit in humility to not understanding fully, the unfolding of Allah’s WILL, and although I am making an attempt, based on my readings to answer to some extent - ALLAH KNOWS BEST.
  3. 3. SATAN is a universal figure, finding place of prominence in all religions, and belief systems of the world, from early dawn of human history. He is like an empty vessel, but makes the most noise, over shadowing GOD and generating more TRP ratings, in many instances. The modern day Media is fully engrossed and occupied with the antics of the wily Devil. Open any News Paper in the morning, in any place around the world, and the wiles of the Devil will be having more coverage, the goodly work of God. !!
  4. 4. My niyat in showing the red rag to the raging bull, is to show the depth of knowledge, and Haqiqat Truths , contained in our DEEN. The DEEN of RasulAllah (SA) is complete in all its essence, till the day of Qayamah. Islam affirms the teachings of all the Prophets beginning from Nabi Adam (SA) which were complete in each Nabi’s particular Daur, but just like a child growing in a mother’s womb, getting nourishment and stated to be complete, say for the 1st month, growing and getting complete in relation to the 2nd month and so on. In the 6th Month the child is fully formed, complete in itself, nothing more need be added. Likewise , the Shariat of RasulAllah (SA) the 6th Ntiq is complete. Our DEEN thus provides an answer to the perplexing questions.
  5. 5. The word SATAN (one who opposes ) is of Hebrew origin, and in the Hebrew scriptures, is viewed, as one of the members of God’s inner council – type of a chief prosecutor. There are no passages within the older parts of the Hebrew Scriptures where Satan is portrayed as an evil devil - the arch enemy of God and of humanity. At most, he is described as a henchman who carries out God's evil instructions. Zechariah 3:1-7 Isaiah 45: 6-7 Job 9: 22-23 Chronicles 21: 1 There is no dualism here between two powerful supernatural entities: an all-good God and an all-evil Satan. God is portrayed as performing, directly and indirectly, both kind and evil deeds. ( Musa Nabi is the 4th Natiq – the shariat has to evolve, it has to grow to attend completeness, and when you will finally read about Shaitan in Islamic belief system, you will understand. How complete is our DEEN. This than is my main purpose)
  6. 6. In Zoroastrianism (although not a monotheism) a belief system predating Christianity, Ahura Mazda had all the attributes of Judaism’s Jehovah. However, Angra Manyu ( Ahriman – Satan) God of Evil was regarded as a twin brother of Ahura Mazda – Angra Manyu who with his legions of demons, was in perpetual fight with his brother. Now in Christianity – Isa Nabi (SA) the 5th Natiq the character and range of the activities of Satan (deceiver) is further developed. In the writings of Paul and other apostles, this can be seen. The duality between an all Good God and an all Evil Satan is firmly established Corinthians : 11 : 12-14 12:7 Revelation : 12:9 From being the henchman of God (Hebrew scriptures) he is regarded as a fallen angel - banished from heaven.
  7. 7. However, OUR DEEN provides a very satisfying answer to the questions – Why did GOD have to create Shaitan – Iblis ? The simple answer is GOD - the word God is very limiting in its meaning and essence (as shown in my Tawhid pptx) – OUR DEEN teaches that MUBDE HAQ SUBHANAHU who created the A‟lam from „nothingness‟ did not create Shaitan. Now this is Haqiqat. ALLAH is good personified , it is most improbable, that he creates Evil. So as the Shariat evolves – deputy of Jevovah in Judiasim Evil brother of Ahura Mazda in Zoroastrianism to deceiver - duality in Christianity, the true reality of Shaitan , stands completed in Islamic teachings. But the question remains - how come Shaitan ? From whence did he „pop‟ up ! He was not there when Mubde Haq Subhanu created the A‟lam e Roohani – Surah Ya Sin 36:82 “Be!” – and it is ! This should be believed – this is true TAWHEED
  8. 8. Before going further , let us just look at the pictures - Do they ring a bell The bread you bought was fresh - from where did the fungus come, the baker had not added it while baking !! The iron you purchased was perfect – from where did the rust come ? From where did the fungi come on a fresh plant ? How was a good living cell was attacked by bacteria in the same body ? Just think - think – think – THE ANSWER IS THERE WAITING FOR YOU The fresh bread you bought home Your fresh bread becomes stale
  9. 9. So if one has surely reflected it is crystal clear that Shaitan is not a creation of Mubde Haq Subhanu. In the Tawhid pptx I have referred to the Nashihat of Syedi Sadikali Saheband I feel in this context let me again refer to it, to make the point very clear that our DEEN teaches us that Shaitan is not the creation of ALLAH – Mubde Haq Subhanahu ‘lasai thakee awwal ma’ Khaliq yeh kari khilqat teh sarve barabar tha, thee sarve ni ek surat’ NOW Based on my readings and Bayan Mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) I will try to answer the question about the emergence – that is a better and more appropriate word of SHAITAN SIMPLY PUT SHAITAN EMERGES LIKE THE FUNGUS - RUST AND BACTERIA
  10. 10. So our DEEN our SHARIAT contains the Haqiqat truths , and if ones pursuit to acquire I’lm is true and pure , attending sabaks is the right path. The Spiritual Adam (Adam e Roohani) remains motionless in a state of amazed bedazzlement before himself. He refuses the ‘limit’ (hadd) preceding him of THE SECOND INTELLIGENCE Aqa Moula (TUS) farmave chhe ‘ ruthi gaya’ Sayedi Sadik Ali Saheb refers to this in his Nashihat and now let me refer to the bayan mubarak of Aqa Moula (TUS) just reflect - aa haqiqat na saheb taeed thi in very simple and understandable language farma ve chhe: ‘ghana barik gunah thaya – ishq ma gunahthaya, magar gunah to’ thaya how profound, just for a few seconds dwell on this Haqiqat –gunah but in the Ishq of attaining closeness. In order to reach the FIRST INTELLIGENCE So very easy to understand - Haqiqat in the most simplest of words.
  11. 11. Now on reading of Syedi Sadikali Saheb’s Nasihat we come to understand how the THIRD INTELLIGENCE becomes the TENTH ‘par khaam tassavur thi , teh aap rahya kaseer’ A’SHIR E MUDABEER - THE ANGEL ADAM the DEMIURGE ‘aa jismani duniya na A’shir ne hawala chhe’ Book Ref: The History of Islamic Philosophy – Henry Corbin ‘When the Tenth Inteeligence (Moulana A’shir) rouses himself from the stupor , winning victory over himself, he hurls away from him the demonic shadow of Iblis (Shaitan) into the lower world He threw away from him the derived sense of self – which is not the true self into the lower world that is the Total Body – the Jismul Mutlaq The priori of this manifested in Haris bin Murrah (Shaitan) – the forceful, compulsive and deeply unconscious need to be right. This reading has helped in my understanding of the emergence of Shaitan into the lower world of corruption and degeneration It should be understood that Shaitan is the false self – the deceiver, one who has a constant deep seated sense of lack or incompleteness , of not being whole
  12. 12. Now in several Bayan Mubaraks Aqa Moula (TUS) has made repeated references, to how this A’lam – Jismul Mutlaq – The Total Body - the world of degeneration and corruption came about. Kalemaat Nooraniyah from the 83rd Milad Mubarak Vaaz at Karbala Moulana A’shir ni dawat ne jawab na didho - ‘la’ ( no) kehta rahya to’ la’la (chamak- roshni- noor) chhinaee gayoo., woh A’lam to’ noor nu A’lam chhe – waha to’ roshni chhe – inkar kare to’ kem rehvai. Huboot (tenebrosity - darkness – murk and gloom) girti waqt jawab didho – Nadim Mustagfeer ( the repenters, who repented as they fell from the Pelorama) jo pehla jawab deta to’ girtaj nahee. zar zar roya ane Moula ne arz kidhi – Ay Moula A’shir hame jawab dai yeh chiye A’shir farmave chhe ke huboot waqe thase – the fallen souls will have to undergo the process – but the azeemehsan of Moulana A’shir is that he has become the demiurge – Moulana A’shir yeh tadbeer e a’kheer kari , aa Alam thee who roohani A’lam taraf pacha valse - this than is our Ma’ad and in this zaman Aqa Moula (TUS) is doing the tadbeer. In the Nasihat of Syedi Sadiq Ali Saheb he says: ‘laachaar thayee nakha a’a duniya na khara ma’ JUST REFLECT The bayan mubarak of taeed na saheb – so simple to understand - the knowledge gained by just reflecting is more that the knowledge acquired by reading volumes of Philosophy and Theology !!
  13. 13. In Islam – Iblis (Shaitan) and we also know his name Haris bin Murrah is not an agent of God as the Jews believe and is neither the fallen angel as the Christians believe He is the Jinn who had done Ibadaat for eons, but because of his EGO and FREE WILL he opted to disobey and transgress. Iblis became Shaitan for no other reason except for using this FREEDOM OF CHOICE for the wrong end. How he metamorphosed from good to evil is aptly described in QURAN E KAREEM Surah Al- Baqarah 2:34 Surah Al-Kahf 18:50 When the Spiritual Adam – the Third Arch Angel in Al’am e Ibda, who becomes the TENTH rises from his stupor, casting away the demonic shadow of Iblis - this demonic shadow in the A’lam e Jismani (Total Body) reappears in every cycle of occultation (satra – heptad) and with his offsprings (Zalimin) incites man to evil deeds, but he and his cronies, cannot force man to commit evil. The Awaliyah Kirams are fully aware of this demonic shadow, which manifests in each heptad in different human and demonic forms , and with their knowledge and sacrifices , the Awaliyah Kiram in all satra , protect the mumineen - those believers of Tawhid from coming to harm and becoming transgressors.
  14. 14. Now this than is AT THE MACRO LEVEL However, at the micro level, and this concerns us, as individuals most, we should be aware and protect our selves , from his legions of more subtle, more cunning minions, who appear in many manifestations to beguile us , and to lead us astray . SHAITAN will never feel complete, he will never be able to rise to Al’am e Ibda - his mohlat – the space given to him, is the World of degeneration and corruption, resulting from the ‘huboot’ and he does all that is in his power, to keep the fallen humanity bogged down in this murk , but it is the azeem ehsan of MOULANA A’ ASHIR that in each present moment, there is MOULA to guide us and we only need to affirm the TAWHID of ALLAH and ‘valayat ‘ of our MOULA JUST DO IT AS SIMPLE AS THAT AND YOU ARE IN JANNAT
  15. 15. OUR DEEN teaches us that at micro level , our ma’ad (the return) is my own awakening and realization, albeit with the nazarat of my MOULA whose ‘valayat’ in incumbent upon me. Syedi Sadikali Saheb says: ‘ jameen thi a’smani tha’ HOW ? The Books by Eckhart Tolle have had a great influence on my understanding, and I have benefited a great deal in my day to day living. ’ is based on my reading of his best selling Book: THE POWER OF NOW CONCIOUS DEATH double click on the amr. voice file to listen or read my post /10/conscious-death.html C onscious Death amr .
  16. 16. Awakening and self realization of ‘I AM’ which is true self, is the death knell to the machinations of SAHITAN at micro level – our level Once we realize our false self – EGO which always lives in the past and future and never at the PRESENT MOMENT the stumbling block to our ‘ma’ad’ ( the return) is removed. The identification of your ‘false self’ which will never ever feel complete, will help in your understanding of your true consciousness, which lies behind your form . Ummaha-tul maa’si are 3 ( the mothers of all sins – Al- Akhlaq Mazmooha ) BECOME FULLY AWARE OF THEM Kibr (mohtai) EGO Hiras (lalach) COVETING Hasad (adekhai) JEAOULESY From these 3 PRIMERY SINS are manifested all the sins (in our Dawat Kita’ab a list of 128 sins are clearly listed)
  17. 17. EGO Eckhart Tolle : As long as the egoistic mind is running your life, you cannot truly be at ease; you cannot be at peace or fulfilled except for brief intervals when you obtain what you wanted, when a craving has just been fulfilled. Since ego is a derived sense of self, it needs to identify with external things. The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions, social status, recognition etc: None of this is YOU. Do your find this frightening ? You will know it at the latest, when you feel death approaching. Death is the stripping away of all that is not you. The secret of life is to "die before you die"- and find that there is no death.
  18. 18. COVETING - lalach Coveting is derived out of FEAR , which has its origin in the loss of AWARENESS (‘huboot’ – when we fell from the Roohani A’lam) resulting in the sense of incompleteness. The ‘false self’ tries to find completeness in coveting the material things, possessed by others, assuming that , this will resulting in the feeling of completeness. Though it does give satisfaction, for a limited period of time, but again more craving results. According to ECHART TOLLE : EGO – COVETING AND JEALOUSLY are all derivative of the Pain Body . Humans have been in the grip of pains for eons, ever since they fell from the STATE OF GRACE and lost awareness of the Being. At that time, they started to perceive themselves, as meaningless fragments of the Universe, unconnected to the source and each other.
  19. 19. JEAL0USY - hasad It results from insecurity, and it is among the most disturbing emotion or feeling, which a man may have , towards his fellow human being Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value. Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point - that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you. There is only one alternative - self-value. If you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved. You will always think it's a mistake or luck. Take your eyes off others and turn the scanner within. Find the seeds of your jealousy, clear the old voices and experiences. Put all the energy into building your personal and emotional security. Then you will be the one others envy, and you can remember the pain and reach out to them. ~Jennifer James
  20. 20. Hope I have been able to unmask SHAITAN to some extent. I conclude with a quote from my BLOG POST There are various methods of acquiring knowledge, one such is known as Socratic Method, the other is Philosophical method, but all these are very painstaking and laborious processes of acquiring awakening, and everyone is not competent to grasp and understand. The sure shot method with little effort and maximum positive result is what the mystics call the attachment with purified and perfect individual. OUR MOULA. 'If there is a desire for union in your head, O Hafiz You must become like clay in the craftsman's hand' In truth OUR DEEN has made us mumineen that supple clay in the hands of the master craftsman - OUR MOULA. ALHAMDOLILAH ! Abde syedna (TUS) asgar fakhrudin - M 09831242486