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Busn412 week 6 quiz devry


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Busn412 week 6 quiz devry

  1. 1. BUSN412 Week 6 Quiz Devry PLEASE DOWNLOAD HEREDevry university BUSN412 Week 6 Quiz 100% Correct answers1. QuestionTechnical Computer Graphics uses small project teams and forms allianceswith its teams, customers, and suppliers to accomplish projects. This is anexample of ________________combining forms of organizational structure.outsourcing.horizontal systems and processes.democratic management control.2. QuestionOrganizations generally tend to become internally focused when faced with:Resource scarcityDeclining performanceExternal pressuresAll of the above3. Question All of the following except ___________ can be considered tools andtechniques used to achieve effective coordination and integration of keyactivities in an organization.communications and information technologieshorizontal organization structureshorizontal systems and processeshorizontal diversification4. Question
  2. 2. When______________, effective ambidextrous organizations havealignment.there is a clear sense of how value is being created in the short term and howactivities are properly integrated and coordinatedemployees are rewarded according to both profit and sales growthmanagers are focused on growth opportunitiesdivisional-level goals are consistent with overall corporate goals5. QuestionEffective ambidextrous structures, according to a study by OReilly andTushman, had all of the following attributes except:Managerial efforts were highly focused on revenue enhancementCross-fertilization among business unitsA clear and compelling visionEstablished units were shielded from the distractions of launching newbusinesses6. QuestionIt can be said that managers, when faced with ethical crises, should:Student Answer: Take the initiative to address the problemFocus on issues most relevant to stockholdersWait for the other party to make the first moveCover up as much as possible7. Question___________________is the only statement about ethical organizations thatis false."Ethical values shape the search for opportunities""Organizational ethics define what a company is and what it stands for""The potential benefits of an ethical organization are few but direct"
  3. 3. "Ethics provide a common frame of reference that serves as a unifying force"8. QuestionProactive measures to prevent organizational ethics problems include allof the following except:Student Answer: Instituting a reward system which considers outcomes as itsprimary criterion.Using leaders as role models of ethical behavior.Issuing statements describing the organizations commitment to certain standardsof behavior.Using the organizations information systems as a control system.9. QuestionThe statement "__________________" would least likely be found in acorporate credo.Provide secure and stable employment for employees.Establish an environment that enhances professional growth.Support community organizations and projects.Maximize financial benefits for stakeholders.10. QuestionAll of the following are elements of the Goolsby Leadership Model except:IntegrityCharismaCourageImpact11. Question Briefly discuss three interdependent activities that are critical for effectiveleadership.