What foods to avoid during the candida diet


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Here are many misconceptions on what you can or can not eat during a candida cleanse… should I avoid vinegar? Is it okay to consume fruits? What kind of oils can I use to cook with? Can I drink milk? kefir? Can I eat potatoes?! Here is an outline for you in plain English!

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What foods to avoid during the candida diet

  1. 1. WHAT FOODS TO AVOID DURING THE CANDIDA DIETPresented by http://www.yeastinfection.comHTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  2. 2. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS DIET? Key of this diet is to help your body heal. The following foods unfortunately don’t fall into this category as they feed yeast in one form or another. They either contain sugar which is not allowed on the Anti Candida Diet.Or they contain fermented produce which you should step away from, too, if you want to succeed with this diet. HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  3. 3. WHAT FOODS SHOULD YOU AVOID? All the following should be avoided Sugar Honey Fresh Fruit and Dried Fruit Chocolate & sweets Cakes, biscuits & other sweet bakery treats White flour (also white pasta) – the body breaks it down into sugarMushy starchy/ sweet vegetables (potato mash, beetroot, sweet potato, parsnip – not completely forbidden but better not eaten) HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  4. 4. CARBOHYDRATES DURING THE CANDIDA DIET? Carbohydrates are made primarily of starches and sugars.Starches and sugars break down into sugar that can become food for the yeast in your digestive tract. If your diet is rich in carbohydrates, you can worsen your candida infection and make it difficult to get rid of it.Gluten-containing grains like the wheat used to make pasta, breads, breakfast cereals, cookies and baked goods, can feed a candida infection. HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  5. 5. WHOLE GRAIN DURING THE CANDIDA DIET? Most whole grain breads contain wheat or other gluten-containing grains, which are not acceptable for the candida diet. If you have a candida overgrowth and want to get rid of this yeast or bettermanage your symptoms, avoid all breads, whether made from refined or whole grain flour. Avoid gluten-free breads made from potato flour or containing other nonacceptable ingredients for the candida diet, such as additives and preservatives HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  6. 6. VEGETABLES THAT SHOULD BE AVOIDED ON THE CANDIDA DIET?This group is very nutrient-dense, however they should be avoided until your Candida overgrowth is fully under control: Potatoes Carrots Sweet Potatoes Yams Beets Peas Parsnips Yucca All Squash (except zucchini) HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  7. 7. DAIRY PRODUCTS THAT SHOULD BE AVOIDED DURING THE CANDIDA DIET? All dairy should be avoid except ghee, butter, kefir and yogurt. This includes dairy products from sheep and goats.Milk contains sugar so should be avoided. Kefir and yogurt are better because most of the sugar disappears during the fermentation process. HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  8. 8. FRUIT YOU SHOULD AVOID DURING THE CANDIDA DIET? The high sugar content in fruit feeds Candida.Fruits like melon may also contain mold.A squeeze of lemon is OK: Fresh Fruit Dried Fruit Canned Fruit Fruit Juice HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  9. 9. ADDITIVES & PERSERVATIVES YOU SHOULD AVOID DURING THE CANDIDA DIET? The manufactured, additive form of citric acid is derived from yeasts.However the natural form, as found in lemons and limes, is OK on the diet).Chemicals can disrupt your friendly bacteria and allow the Candida yeast to flourish. Citric acid is often found in canned tomatoes. Non-organic food like meat or eggs can also contain residual levels of antibiotics and steroids that were used during the farming process. HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG
  10. 10. VISIT:HTTP://WWW.YEASTINFECTION.ORG As always consult a medical professional before starting any diet & visityeastinfection.org to find out more information regarding the candida diet. HTTP://WWW.YEASTNFECTION.ORG