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Break the rules of presentations


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Good presentations violate rules, here's why.

Published in: Business, Technology

Break the rules of presentations

  1. This is Steve
  2. Steve is a Sales Engineer
  3. This is Steve’s boss Hi, Allan Clark, CEO of CSS Inc., nice to meet you.
  4. Selling complex software solutions is a tough job!
  5. You get only one chance…
  6. …to convince your customer to buy
  7. There is no room for error We have to avoid making mistakes at any cost!
  8. So CSS Inc. invested a lot of money and effort in presentations Good presentations are The key to success!
  9. They’ve developed a fancy slidedeck.. Made by the world’s top-designers
  10. …in company standards
  11. It contains standard slides to makesure Steve tells the important stuff…
  12. ..and some optional slides to fill in customer specific content
  13. CSS Inc. also invested inSteve’s presentation skills..
  14. …and sent him topresentation school
  15. Steve has learned all the rules about presentations.. “Standup straight with your feet slightly apart” “Do not cross your arms”“Hands out of yourpockets!” “Slow down and lower your voice when you make your point”
  16. According to presentations they will play it safe!
  17. But…
  18. Good presentations are not about safety!
  19. Presentations followingrules are destined to fail!
  20. When you look back in history..
  21. ..all great scientists..
  22. ..all great artists..
  23. ..and all great speakers..
  24. ..have one thing in common:
  25. They broke the rules!
  26. So here’s my message to Steve & Allan
  27. Rules might be necessarywhen writing great software..
  28. ..but when it comes to writing great presentations:
  29. Don’t ask yourselfwhich rules to follow…
  30. ..but ask yourselfwhich rules to break!
  31. Arthur
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