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30.10 אנגלית

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30.10 אנגלית

  1. 1. Located in the heart of the eternal city of the Jewish people stands the 150-year- old Schneller Comound – a magnificent large plot of land that features many acres of idyllic green areas next to historical artistically designed buildings. It is adjacent to Malchei Yisrael Street, a center of religious life highly celebrated in Israel and worldwide. An island of peace and tranquility that is only minutes from the bustling streets and alleyways of Jerusalem. Here in the midst of this most desired location for Jews worldwide will rise Jerusalem Estates, the city’s most luxurious homes, a project of Valimer International and ISA. Residents will benefit from an unprecedented quality living experience and design that is embellished by the typical Jerusalem courtyard milieu. The progressive and modern theme was conceived and planned by the world class Feigin architectural firm. Jerusalem Estates living will include a full slate of premium amenities such as a business lounge, a shul, an events room for residents, as well as a wine cellar and fitness center. For the first time in the history of the holy city, outside of its ancient walls, a slice of Jerusalem history will combine with a deluxe lifestyle. J E R U S A L E M E S TAT E S
  2. 2. The residences of Jerusalem Estates are nestled in an area which captures the charm of ancient Jerusalem while playing a significant role in the city’s historic renewal. The complex consists of 13 structures built to the highest standards and arranged in an urban configuration inspired by the authentic Jerusalem courtyard. It affords residents the view of pastoral beauty of the surroundings combined with the celebrated Jerusalem environment. Positioned here is a breathtaking architectural wonder that preserves the character of historical buildings alongside luxury apartments constructed with the finest modern innovations for comfort and quality of life. In the center of this private development is a magnificent park lined with tall trees and luscious greenery, a fitting backdrop to the unique design of the complex. L U X U R Y R E S I D E N C E
  3. 3. S C H N E L L E R C O M P O U N D
  4. 4. To live in a location that intersects the old and the new is simply to enjoy the best of what Jerusalem has to offer. Alleyways and streets that are replete with historic renderings, cultural and spiritual sites alongside commercial life, Chasidic dynasties and some of the world’s largest Torah centers. In short, this is life in an environment that is unmatched in any other Jewish city in the world. It is a life of enjoying the aromas of Erev Shabbos, the markets stocked with foods of every taste, the melodies of the Shabbos and the humming of Chassidic tunes by passersby, watching the merchants, activists, and youth who are resuscitating an ancient culture with a new tune. Such is life in Jerusalem Estates. The Jerusalem Estates residences are accessible from all directions, including an exclusive tunnel for the residents that connects the underground parking to Malchei Yisrael Street. L O C AT I O N S E C O N D T O N O N E
  5. 5. OLD CITY ‫העתיקה‬ ‫העיר‬ KOMONA ‫קומונה‬ ‫גבעת‬ GIVAT MOSHE ‫משה‬ ‫גבעת‬ GEULAH ‫גאולה‬ REHAVIA ‫רחביה‬ SHAAREI CHESED ‫חסד‬ ‫שערי‬ SANHEDRIYA ‫סנהדריה‬ MAALOT DAFNA ‫דפנה‬ ‫מעלות‬ MATERSDORF ‫מטרסדורף‬ KIRYAT BELZE ‫בעלזא‬ ‫קרית‬ KIRYAT HA’MEMSHALA ‫הממשלה‬ ‫קרית‬ ROMMEMA ‫רוממה‬ BEIS ISRAEL ‫ישראל‬ ‫בית‬ YECHEZKELST. ‫ל‬‫א‬‫ק‬‫ז‬‫ח‬‫י‬‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ STRAUSSST.‫ס‬‫או‬‫ר‬‫ט‬‫ש‬‫ב‬‫חו‬‫ר‬ MALCHEI ISRAEL ST. ‫ל‬‫א‬‫ר‬‫ש‬‫י‬ ‫י‬‫כ‬‫ל‬‫מ‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ JAFO ST. ‫ו‬‫פ‬‫י‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ JAFO ST.‫ו‬‫פ‬‫י‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ JAFO ST. ‫ו‬‫פ‬‫י‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ YIRMIYAHU ST. ‫ו‬‫ה‬‫י‬‫מ‬‫ר‬‫י‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ BAR ILAN ST. ‫ן‬‫ל‬‫י‬‫א‬ ‫ר‬‫ב‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ MEAH SHEARIM ST. ‫ם‬‫י‬‫ר‬‫ע‬‫ש‬ ‫ה‬‫א‬‫מ‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ SHIVTEIISRAELST. ‫ל‬‫א‬‫ר‬‫ש‬‫י‬‫י‬‫ט‬‫ב‬‫ש‬‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ SHMUELHANAVIE ST. ‫א‬‫י‬‫ב‬‫נ‬‫ה‬ ‫ל‬‫א‬‫ו‬‫מ‬‫ש‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ SAREI ISRAEL ST. ‫ל‬‫א‬‫ר‬‫ש‬‫י‬ ‫י‬‫ר‬‫ש‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ SHAZAR BOULEVARD ‫שז”ר‬ ‫רות‬‫שד‬ SHAMGARST. ‫ר‬‫ג‬‫מ‬‫ש‬‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ MINCHAT YITZHAK ‫יצחק‬ ‫מנחת‬ KIKAR BELZ ‫בעלז‬ ‫כיכר‬ RAV SHEFA ‫שפע‬ ‫רב‬ OR ELCHANAN ‫אלחנן‬ ‫אור‬ BELZ ‫בעלזא‬ ‫ביהמ”ד‬ MUSEUMES ‫המוזיאונים‬ MAHANEH YEHUDA ‫יהודה‬ ‫מחנה‬ CHORDS BRIDGE ‫גשר‬ ‫המיתרים‬ BUS TERMINUS ‫תחנה‬ ‫מרכזית‬ BINYANEI HAUMA ‫האומה‬ ‫בניני‬ KNESSET ‫הכנסת‬ BOYAN BEIT MIDRASH ‫בויאן‬ ‫ביהמ”ד‬ SAKER PARK ‫סאקר‬ ‫גן‬ LIGHT RAIL ‫הקלה‬ ‫הרכבת‬ ‫החניון‬ ‫למנהרת‬ ‫כניסה‬ ‫החניון‬ ‫למנהרת‬ ‫כניסה‬ HADAVIDKA ‫הדוידקה‬ GUR BEIT MIDRASH ‫גור‬ ‫מדרש‬ ‫בית‬ BEIT TOVEI HAIR ‫העיר‬ ‫טובי‬ ‫בית‬ KIKAR HASHABAT ‫השבת‬ ‫כיכר‬ KIKAR TZION ‫ציון‬ ‫כיכר‬ YESHIVAT MIR ‫מיר‬ ‫ישיבת‬ KARLIN ‫קרלין‬ SHTIBLACH ‫שטיבלאך‬ KOTEL ‫כותל‬ ‫ממילא‬ MAMILLA
  6. 6. Eight buildings remain in the Schneller Compound built in the German architectural style of nearly 200 years ago. They were to serve as an orphanage and a vocational school. The entrance today is through a wooden gate which leads to old stone steps - a journey in time back to the 18th century. One Hundred and Fifty years have passed since Schneller was first constructed and a visitor today feels as if the area has been frozen in time. The impressive thick Jerusalem stone etched with the characteristic curvatures, high ceilings, artistic Jerusalem style floors, and typical artistic Jerusalem- style bars and original fixtures. The relative height of the building gardens affords a panoramic view of several Jerusalem neighborhoods depicting the overall stature of the compound to as far as the eye can see. The monumental buildings are designated for conservation and restoration, including the iconic main building of the former orphanage which will undergo major restoration work at a cost of approximately NIS 200 million for the establishment of an international Jewish Art Museum from Israel and the diaspora. This is what makes this exciting enterprise so unique: An upscale living environment intertwined with incredible nature and historic authentic culture alongside a quality lifestyle. S C H N E L L E R C O M P O U N D - T H E M A G I C O F T I M E
  7. 7. 1 8 5 0 - 2 0 2 0 ‫ר‬ ‫ל‬ ‫נ‬ ‫ש‬ S C H N E L L E R ‫י‬ ‫ר‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ט‬ ‫ס‬ ‫ה‬ ‫ע‬ ‫ר‬ ‫ו‬ ‫א‬ ‫מ‬ ‫א‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ה‬ ‫ש‬ ‫ם‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ק‬ ‫י‬ ‫מ‬
  8. 8. MALCHEI ISRAEL ST. ‫ל‬‫א‬‫ר‬‫ש‬‫י‬ ‫י‬‫כ‬‫ל‬‫מ‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ ‫ת‬‫ב‬‫ש‬‫ה‬ ‫ר‬‫כ‬‫י‬‫כ‬ ‫ן‬‫ו‬‫ו‬‫כ‬‫ל‬ YIRMIYAHU ST. ‫ו‬‫ה‬‫י‬‫מ‬‫ר‬‫י‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ BREINDES ST. ‫ס‬‫י‬‫י‬‫ד‬‫נ‬‫ר‬‫ב‬ ‫ב‬‫ו‬‫ח‬‫ר‬ ‫ב‬‫כ‬‫ר‬ ‫ל‬‫כ‬ ‫ת‬‫ר‬‫ה‬‫נ‬‫מ‬‫ל‬ ‫ה‬‫ס‬‫י‬‫נ‬‫כ‬ ‫ב‬‫כ‬‫ר‬ ‫י‬‫ל‬‫כ‬ ‫ת‬‫ר‬‫ה‬‫נ‬‫מ‬‫ל‬ ‫ה‬‫ס‬‫י‬‫נ‬‫כ‬1 2 3 4 5 6 7 SCHNELLER COMPOUND ‫שנלר‬ ‫מתחם‬ ‫תכנית‬ Assistence Residence ‫השוליות‬ ‫מעון‬ Turret ‫הצריח‬ ‫בית‬ Girl’s Residence ‫הבנות‬ ‫מעון‬ 5 6 7 Syrian Orphanage ‫הסורי‬ ‫היתומים‬ ‫בית‬ Management Center ‫הניהול‬ ‫מרכז‬ Inspectors House ‫האינספקטור‬ ‫בית‬ Red House ‫האדום‬ ‫הבית‬ 1 2 3 4 ‫ישראל‬ ‫תפוצות‬ ‫למוזיאון‬ ‫מיועד‬
  9. 9. P R I VAT E R E S I D E N T I A L C O M P L E X The privacy of the residents of Jerusalem Estates was foremost on the minds of the planners and developers. The natural topography of the compound, towering high above the area, separates it from Malchei Yisrael Street and eliminates the noise of the hustle and bustle of city center. The ancient Jerusalem stone that envelops the compound further ensures the privacy of the residents, albeit still offering exclusive entryways and secure gates. The combined effect is to provide a sense of security, privacy, peace and equanimity.
  10. 10. The development of Jerusalem Estates ushers in a new era the likes of which have never been seen in any previous residential project. When completed, the residential complex will reflect the highest level of perfection and precision beginning with the sophisticated level of the strategic professional planning, the choice of construction materials used, the meticulous design, all without any compromise of quality and class. This includes the design and construction of the apartments as a whole, the rooms and halls of each unit, the living rooms, kitchens, as well as the lobbies and other shared space. H I G H E S T Q U A L I T Y
  11. 11. P R E M I U M A M E N I T I E S The unique concept of Jerusalem Estates ensures that every resident is provided with the highest level of services to meet their every need, Residents will enjoy a host of amenities such as a business lounge, an intimate private synagogue, an exclusive events room, as well as a wine cellar and fitness center.
  12. 12. ‫עסקים‬ ’‫לאאונג‬ ‫הדמיית‬ Business Lounge
  13. 13. ‫לובי‬ ‫הדמיית‬ Lobby
  14. 14. ‫היין‬ ‫מרתף‬ ‫הדמיית‬ Wine Cellar
  15. 15. B E H I N D T H E P R O J E C T Jerusalem Estates was conceived by a remarkable group of investors and developers whose revolutionary vision and far-reaching goals are responsible for the historic enterprise that will transform the historical Jerusalem landscape. The luxury residential complex will add a new chapter to the glorious history of the ancient city in the midst of its modern-day renewal.
  16. 16. The architectural design is the work of the international architectural artist, Yehuda Feigin. He and his firm have been at the forefront of some of the most dramatic and creative architectural designs in Israel and abroad. Among his award-winning works is the premier hotel “Bereshit” on the edge of the Ramon Crater in the Negev, the Waldorf Astoria near the famous walls of Jerusalem, and an array of prestigious hotels throughout the world. F E I G I N A R C H I T E C T S Le Meridien, Budapest Sharona Hotel ‫שרונה‬ ‫מלון‬ ORCHID RESORT – RED SEA Sharona Hotel ‫שרונה‬ ‫מלון‬ KARPAZ BAY RESORT, Cyprus Waldorf Astoria Hotel ‫אסטוריה‬ ‫וולדורף‬ Waldorf Astoria Hotel ‫אסטוריה‬ ‫וולדורף‬ Palace Hotel ‫פאלאס‬ ‫מלון‬ Kempinski Hotel and Residences
  17. 17. Z U R W O L F The landscape architecture including the interior courtyard gardens was planned by the award-winning landscape architectural firm of Zur Wolf. It was founded in 1953, by the landscape architects Lipa Yahalom and Dan Zur who won the prestigious “Israel Prize” for their contribution on the field of Landscape Architecture. With a multi-disciplinary approach to complex design issues, Zur-Wolf has extensive experience in large-scale urban master planning and design, urban parks, national parks, Institutions, campuses, landscape interventions, neighborhoods, streets, squares and gardens and hundreds of other projects throughout Israel. Kfar Saba Park ‫סבא‬ ‫כפר‬ ‫פארק‬ Sarona park ‫שרונה‬ ‫פארק‬‫הגדול‬ ‫הגוש‬ ‫שכונת‬ The largest bloc neighborhood ‫הסיטונאי‬ ‫השוק‬ Wholesale market Big Center, Ashdod ‫אשדוד‬ ‫ביג‬ ‫מרכז‬ ‫החורשות‬ ‫פארק‬ ‫שכונת‬ Hachurshor Park Neighborhood ‫למדע‬ ‫ויצמן‬ ‫מכון‬ Weitzmann Institute of Science Rothschild St. ‫רוטשילד‬ ‫מדרחוב‬ ‫הנגב‬ ‫שער‬ ‫חינוך‬ ‫בית‬ The Sha’ar Hanegev education
  18. 18. ISA Holdings, headed by Mr. Akiva Zuravin and Mr. Shalom Griva, is a 20-year old multi-faceted development group with an impressive track record of real estate accomplishments including residential, commercial, business, institutional, and hotel properties in Israel and Europe. The company employs teams of architects, contractors, project managers, and some of the best professionals in the industry that employ the lofty standards that ISA has set for itself. It is dedicated to completing every project within the time framework and budget of each endeavor while maintaining its commitment to quality, whether it be a large project, a public building or a private home. Amongst its successful projects is Sea Tower, Ramot Mirski and Mitzpeh Ramot. In the course of its many years of experience, ISA has secured an impressive track record of success with many returning clients who value the company’s devotion to detail from the early planning to the installation of the smallest stone. I S A H O L D I N G S Sea-tower ‫סי-טאוור‬ Rumania ‫רומניה‬ Mirsky - Ramot ‫מירסקי‬ ‫רמות‬ Havatselet ‫חבצלת‬ Beit Hakerem ‫הכרם‬ ‫בית‬ Bait Vagan ‫וגן‬ ‫בית‬ Mitzpeh Ramot ‫רמות‬ ‫מצפה‬ Rumania ‫רומניה‬ Mekor Chaim ‫חיים‬ ‫מקור‬
  19. 19. Valimer International mobilizes international financial resources for unique and highly successful real estate projects, under the leadership of Mr. Yaakov Reichenbach and Mr. Yisroel Gluck. The implementation of the projects is carried out by Rabbi Peretz Blau, a well-known Jerusalem figure in the real estate field, whose focus on the aesthetic beauty and holiness of Jerusalem is evident in every one of his residential and institutional projects. The Company’s experience is far-reaching, having coordinated and managed more than 20 real estate projects in Jerusalem, Beitar, Modiin Illit and Bet Shemesh as well as the Ridge neighborhood in Shu’afat with 1020 units. In an ambitious undertaking, Valimer built Ganei Romema, a luxury housing complex in downtown Jerusalem, which transcends the borders of the city as it developed into one of the largest and most successful projects in the city. Valimer’s imprint is noticeable in every one of its endeavors in Jerusalem. It is known for its commitment to detail, leaving nothing to chance. Valimer and Blau are the engines that drive the successful development of any property. Their professionalism and vast experience place them at the head of the class of real estate planners and managers. VA L I M E R I N T E R N AT I O N A L
  20. 20. ָ‫ה‬ ‫י‬ ֶ‫ת‬ ֹ‫ב‬ ְ‫ר‬ ָ‫ח‬ ‫ל‬ ָּ‫כ‬ ‫ם‬ ַ‫ח‬ ִ‫נ‬ ‫ן‬ ‫ֹו‬ ‫ּי‬ ִ‫צ‬ ' ‫ד‬ ‫ם‬ ַ‫ח‬ ִ‫נ‬ ‫י‬ ִּ‫כ‬ " " ' ‫ד‬ ‫ן‬ ַ‫ג‬ ְּ‫כ‬ ‫ּה‬ ָ‫ת‬ ָ‫ב‬ ְ‫ר‬ ַ‫ע‬ ְ‫ו‬ ‫ן‬ ֶ‫ד‬ ֵ‫ע‬ ְּ‫כ‬ ‫ּה‬ ָ‫ר‬ ָּ‫ב‬ ְ‫ד‬ ִ‫מ‬ ‫ם‬ׂ ֶ‫ש‬ ָּ‫י‬ ַ‫ו‬
  21. 21. The Pictures and simulations as well as the furniture and accessories are for illustration purpose only and subject to changes based on architectural, engineering and planning authority’s requirements. The Company will only be obligated by the final specifications listed in the signed contract along with any addendums between the company and the individual purchaser of each apartment. ‫פרונט‬ ‫פרסום‬ :‫והפקה‬ ‫עיצוב‬ ‫קריאיטיב‬ studio viz251 ,‫איקו‬ :‫הדמיות‬ ‫נוספים‬ ‫צלמים‬ ,‫לב‬ ‫תמרה‬ :‫צילום‬ SALES OFFICE: 16 KING DAVID ST. JERUSALEM 94101 IL. 972-2-502-5502‫‏‬ USA. 718-564-6656 SALES@JERUSALEMESTATES.COM WWW.JERUSALEMESTATES.COM